After visiting Liao City - or what's left of it - Yi and his team will have a new destination: Li City, to the east. Head back southeast to the Xungu Pass, spend the night at the inn (Yi and Ji took mortal damage in their last fight), then look to the east of the fortress. A bitterfly familiar location stands in your way.

Valley of Dragons' Slumber - Enemies
  • Yuan Soldier
Valley of Dragons' Slumber - Drops
  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckles
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Featherless Arrow
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Linen Satin
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword
Yep, we're back here. Valley of Dragons' Slumber is as barren as the last time you visited, at the very beginning of Wandering Sword, though now you're more than equipped to handle what awaits. And, in truth, very little awaits, if you don't care to stop - you can run straight through to the east and ignore this entire area, if you like.

Should you? That's up to you, ultimately, though if you stop to have a look around you'll discover that Valley of Dragons' Slumber is a bit larger than you might have guessed, assuming you check the hills in the area beyond the entrance. There are no treasure chests to open up here, and only one type of enemy to fight, but the hills are filled with Coldiron Ore, Black Gold Ore, and Jade Ore deposits. If you're looking to forge some new equipment, this is a good place to stop for raw materials. Otherwise... not much to see.

Head far enough east through Valley of Dragons' Slumber and you'll return to the world map. Li City is a short walk to the east from here.

Li City

Upon entering Li City you'll be greeted by Moqi, who will just as quickly dash away. You'll also be forced to part with Yao Ji, who needs to return to her own sect. You'll be seeing her again, don't worry. Head east and you'll meet Master Qingxiao, standing in front of an executioner's platform, and the conversation will go in Yi's favor. You'll receive 300 Wudang Sect Affiliation Credits, a boost to your Affinity with Qingxiao, and Royal Jelly, Mineral Drugs Powder, and Martial Arts Perceptions.

Continue east and you'll run into another familiar face, though they will immediately run off. Head inside the inn, which is the last building in Li City, and the team will shack up for the night. The next dead word will come of a battle in progress, which marks the end of this quest. We're off to Mount Windless!

... though, first, you should have a quick look around Li City. This won't take long.
  • There's a tailor in the first market square, a blacksmith about halfway through the city, and the innkeeper acts as a merchant. You won't find anything special on any of them.
  • Climb the stairs to the left of the blacksmith. Next to the highest home in Li City you'll find a chest containing a Fanyang Straw Hat and Fine Hide.
  • On the left side of the innkeeper's front desk is a small chest. Check it to receive Songrong Mushrooms, Fine Raw Meat, and Ginger.
That's all. Leave Li City and travel east. The path will split in two, and the segment winding northwest will terminate beneath a bridge and in a mountain range. This is Mount Windless, and you'll be warned to be fully prepared before entering. At a minimum you should save your game, as things are about to get dicey.