Part 15: At Xungu Pass

Main Walkthrough

Having successfully made it through Xungu Pass, the party's next stop is supposed to be Li City - but, first, Yi wants to pay a trip to his uncle's home in Liao City. This is your first opportunity to explore the northern wastelands of Wandering Sword since the beginning of the game, so you might as well make the most of the opportunity. Head northwest from Xungu Pass to find Liao City.

Liao City doesn't exactly live up to the 'city' part of the name, alas, and seems more like a ghost town. There are a few things to check out before you push the story forward:

  • As you head east you'll run into a little boy named Douzi. Follow the path south of Douzi to find the front of a house. Out front of the house is a chest containing Lead Ore and Jade Ore.
  • In the southeast is an old woman named Ms. Bao. Check to the southeast of Ms. Bao to find a chest containing a Scuffed Coin, Danggui, and Chuanxiong.

Hunt the paths in the southeast and you'll trigger a cut scene in front of a ruined house. Mr. Chen, one of the locals, will explain what happened: Tianlong Gang. Mowen, Xue, and Ji will all temporarily leave the party. Head west through Liao City, back to the entrance and then some, until you see buildings and coffins to the north. Approach to trigger a few cut scenes.

When you regain control you'll be in a flashback. Guide Yi a little ways west, then down, to trigger a conversation with Ms. Bao. She's missing her five goats, and Yi offers to find them. She'll give you some Forage Grass to lead them home. The goats are in the following locations:

  • A little ways west of Ms. Bao, next to some northbound stairs
  • South of Ms. Bao
  • Southeast of Ms. Bao, near Mr. Chen and a tree
  • To the northwest, next to Li Jinzhong and the house where you found a chest earlier
  • Up the stairs to the north

When you go for the stairs in the north you'll trigger a cut scene with someone familiar. After a few more scenes you'll be pushed into a battle, back in the present, and there is not even a chance that you'll win. Fortunately, you don't have to - and the quest will end soon after the battle.

Part 17: Go to Li City

Main Walkthrough