Location: Fancheng City
Prerequisite: Complete Rainy Night in Gusu
Petitioner: None
Reward: Misty Swordplay manual, Dangshen-Bamboo Chicken Soup Recipe, Martial Arts Thoughts

In order to trigger this side quest you must first complete Rainy Night in Gusu, a main story quest. (More likely you won't bother making this trek until after you've completed everything in Gusu City, as the journey between these two locations is significant.) Once that's done, head to Fancheng City, far to the northwest of the map, and check inside the inn.

The cut scene that follows will introduce you to Huo Changqing, a bold swordswoman who promptly picks a fight with two soldiers. You'll have to jump up and help her take them out, which should be no problem between Li and Changqing. After the battle Changqing will learn that her target, a man named Wu A'Shun, has gone to Chengjia Village. Choose to follow Changqing her once she leaves, or you won't get a second chance!

Next you need to follow Changqing to Chengjia Village. It's a quick trek east to Beishan Village, south across the bridge from Beishan, and then west once you see a bridge on your left. As soon as you enter Chengjia Village you'll hit a cut scene, and a surprise villain will make his reappearance.

Bao Min

How many times are we going to run into this guy? Bao Min remains a powerful opponent, though this time you're expected to win. At least it's a two-on-one. Bao Min uses the following moves:
  • A short-range AOE attack in four cardinal directions
  • A longer-range AOE attack in four cardinal directions
  • A box-shaped AOE that can Incapacitate characters
The plus side of this fight is that Bao Min doesn't hit terribly hard, so you'll likely survive... though whittling his HP will take a while. Move the character with more HP in close to take most of the abuse while the other character stays just outside the range of most of Bao Min's attacks. This will reduce the effectiveness of his AOE, and prevent both of your characters from becoming Incapacitated.

You'll receive some nice items for beating Bao Min. (I got the Demon Polearm Technique manual, Cold Mixed Jellyfish, and a Fish-Dragon Dance.)

Changqing will leave after the battle, though she'll offer aid. Follow her back to Fancheng City and you'll find her on the main street, just east of the inn. Approach her to end the quest and receive your reward. Over the course of the quest your Affinity with Changqing rose to 60, meaning you can Invite her into the party on the spot.