Location: Tancheng City
Prerequisite: Begin Soulwrecking Song - Overture
Petitioner: Wu Tianliu
Reward: Two-Time Refined Meridian Pill, Martial Arts Perceptions, 5,000 coins

This side quest is part of a series of side quests that focus on the Beggars' Sect, headquartered in Tancheng City. In order to trigger these quests you need to travel to Tancheng City after completing Siege of Mount Windless, then speak to the Beggars' Sect in the north of the city and agree to help them with their problems.

Wu Tianliu, the disagreeable petitioner for this quest, is standing in front of a house on the west side of the Beggars' Sect HQ in Tancheng City. He's prepping for the fight against Soulwrecking Bird, and wants equipment for his men - preferably at reduced cost. He asks Yi to travel to Gusu City and speak to the Ouyangs on his behalf, to see if they'd be willing to oblige. (Bai Jin will have some things to say about Tianliu if he's in the party.)

Tancheng City is a bit of a ways away from Gusu City, so here are some directions:
  • Travel north of Tancheng City to the first crossroads
  • Head east from the crossroads until you see a bridge, on the east side of Mount Greenturnip
  • Travel north across the bridge, then head east
  • Follow the road east until you reach Gusu City

Use the pier to travel to Mingjang Manor, home of the Ouyangs, then look for Ouyang Xiangong. He's an old man who's sitting in the southwest of the grounds, at a table with another Ouyang. Speak to Xiangong and he'll agree to Tianliu's proposal. Then all you need to do is trek back to Tancheng City and report your success to Tianliu, and collect your reward.