Main Walkthrough

Location: Sweetspring Village
Prerequisite: Complete Birthday Banquet in Tianshui
Petitioner: None
Reward: None

In order to trigger this quest you need to complete the main story quest Birthday Banquet in Tianshui, as well as Countless Good and One Evil Deed, a short addendum to the previous quest. Once that's done you'll be back in Wudang Sect, and as you head to the lower, main area of the sect one of the disciples will mention that villages are being raided to the west. This is the clue which will lead you to this side quest.

The quest takes place in Sweetspring Village, in the northwestern, autumnal area of the world map. To reach the village you'll need to head through Fancheng City, walk west through the mountains a ways, then head northwest once you see a village. This is Sweetspring Village.

Along the path you'll be warned that there are difficult fights ahead, and that you won't be able to reenter the Great Plains until you complete this quest. Take this warning seriously. It's possible to get locked into this area and not be able to leave again if you aren't strong enough. At the absolute minimum you should create a save before entering Sweetspring Village, and not overwrite it until you're done with everything involving the village.

Upon entering you'll watch a cut scene involving the villagers and a band of raiders, and Yi will jump in to save the day. You'll have to fight a fellow named Wang Tiechui and his two Badlands Raider buddies. By this point in the game you should have no trouble absolutely stomping the trio, as the best move they have between them is Tiechui's Salvation Staff, which is a simple AOE. Immediately after this fight you'll get into another one, which adds a man named Shensuan and another Badlands Raider to the bad guys, though you'll receive help from two NPCs who more than balance things. Easy peasy.

You'll receive Coldiron IngotsWrought Iron Ingots, the Exorcism Staff Advanced Blueprint, and the Flying Yaksha's Mask Advanced Blueprint. The remaining bandits will be imprisoned after the battle, and if you have Leng Wuqing and Li Yuanxing in the party they will offer additional insights. 

At this point you can explore Sweetspring Village for a bit, speaking to NPCs. Most everyone has something of value to say, including the captive bandits, who have been stowed in the northeastern Cottage. (Lü Xian'er will speak up if you talk to Pei Qing, the guy in the south with the silver hammer.) There are three things of particular interest:
  • Speak to Xiao'e, in the southeast, to trigger the Treating Pei Qing side quest. Speak to Pei Qing about his potential injuries, then speak to Xiao'e again to end the quest. You'll receive a Shu Brocade Robe and Master's Notes. (If you have Shangguan Hong and Sima Ling in the party they will gossip a bit after this side quest.)
  • If you look in the northwest, west of the man named Wei Bilai, you'll see a chest beneath an awning. It contains Green Jade, Jadeite, and Coal.
  • Check to the right of the door where the bandits are being held, in the northeast of the village. There's a chest hidden behind the fencing that contains Gold Ore and Fine Hide.

Speak to the Village Head, on the west side of Sweetspring, to push the plot forward. As Yi is speaking to the old man news will come that a woman in purple is trying to free the prisoners in the northeastern Cottage. On your way up you can stop to help Wan Biao, who's standing next to the Cottage.

Head inside and you'll find Frosty Condor, whom Yi fought during the Sword Appreciation Assembly earlier in the game. She's not interested in talk.

Frosty Condor

This is a one-on-one between Yi and Frosty Condor, and not an easy one. Frosty Condor has a lot of HP, and some strong attacks:
  • Ranged attacks that can inflict Bleeding
  • A line attack that can inflict Incapacitate
  • Rain of Flowers, a ranged AOE attack
Frosty Condor will likely get in the first attack, so you're already off to a bad start. Get in close and wallop her from the rear or sides, and do your best to stay that way. Incapacitate can really mess this fight up if you're trapped in one spot. Use Lightness early on so you can flee and heal, if needed. Anything that can stop Frosty Condor for even one round, such as the Frosty Palm Strike, will make this battle much easier.

(Expect to reload your game a lot if you want to beat Frosty Condor. I think I played this battle about a dozen times before luck went my way.)

Fortunately, you don't have to win this fight - though you'll receive the Condor Claw manual if you do. Afterward Yi will chat with Frosty Condor for a bit, and Ye Fei will chime in once she leaves, assuming you have him in the party.

Speak to the Village Head again after Frosty Condor leaves. Yi will offer to travel to the surrounding communities and look for help with the bandits. You'll need to visit the following places and speak to the following NPCs:
  • Chengjia Fortress, in Tianshua, to the south - Approach the front gates, beat up the five Chengjia Disciples, watch the cut scene (Lü Xian'er will speak up if she's in the party) - You'll meet Ouyang Hai on the way out of the city, and he'll agree to help
  • Pingyang Fortress, to the east - Approach Wang Daoming, in the northeast - He'll agree to help you if you complete the side quest Wing Family in Pingyang
  • Condor School, in Valley of Eagles' Sorrow, to the south - Head through the valley to Condor School, head north, fight Crimson Condor and his two disciples (easy battle) - Head east and climb up to the Main Hall to speak to the leader, Yin Wujin, who will agree to help
  • Canglan Village, also in the south - Speak to Yang Liutu, in the northeast

And that's that. Trek back to Sweetwater Village and you'll find everyone assembled and ready. They will discuss what to do, settling on a recon mission to the bandits' camp. Frosty Condor will be joining Yi's group on this one. Before you leave, speak to Yin Wujin to receive the Condor Lightness Skill manual and Martial Arts Perceptions, Wan Biao for an Affinity boost, and the other NPCs for assorted info.

Speak to Frosty Condor to begin the expedition. (Note that she can be Invited. Not yet, but... yes, she's a permanent party member.) This will shift you over to a new side quest, Badlands Stronghold.