Part 22: Prepare Birthday Gift

Main Walkthrough

With a Gift in hand it's time for Yi to head to a birthday party. Your next destination is Tianshui City, located in the autumnal, northwestern section of the world map. To reach Tianshui City you'll need to travel to Fancheng City - which is now fully open - and go out the western exit. Continue west once you're on the main map and you'll reach Tianshui City in no time.

Upon entering Tianshui City you'll be treated to a cut scene between the guards and the brother of the castellan whom you're here to meet. Enter the front gates and you'll catch another cut scene, and Yi and Mowen will be treated to some Sugar-Coated Haws for saving a girl from a horse. Several more cut scenes follow, and by the time you'll need to explore a bit.

Head east from where you regain control to watch another cut scene. Follow the castellan east after this cut scene for yet another scene. When it finishes night will turn back to day, and the birthday banquet will begin.

A mixture of familiar and unfamiliar faces are seated around the banquet tables. You can have a few conversations if you take the time to speak to everyone. Check the small side area in the east where you spoke to the castellan the previous night and you'll find a chest containing the Sea Cucumber with Quail Eggs Recipe and the Minced Ice Carp Recipe.

Interact with the top-right table once you're done mingling. The banquet becomes very dramatic from this point on, and you'll have to pursue a villain named Gray Condor (remember him?) onto the rooftops of Tianshui. You can do that right away...

... or you can take this opportunity to have a look around Tianshui, as this is your first opportunity to check out the entirety of the city. (If you just want to fight, skip down a little ways.) We'll begin with the services available in Tianshui:

  • Right by the city's entrance are the blacksmith and the tailor. Both have items that will expand your forging options. The blacksmith also has a side quest for you.
  • North of the blacksmith and tailor are a Merchant and Waiter with a small variety of food items. nothing too special here.
  • On the west side of the Outer City section of Tianshui is the inn. Outside the inn is Anthony the Foreign Merchant, and he has a variety of valuable forging items on display.
  • In a small nook on the east side of Tianshui's Outer City section is a physician. He has a few healing items available.

There are also a few chests to open in Tianshui:

  • On the north end of Tianshui's marketplace is a wooden framework, to your right. Check behind it to find a chest containing Coldiron Ore, Jadeite, and the Innerpeace Talisman Advanced Blueprint.
  • In the physician's small nook is a chest containing Squirrel Fish, Musk, and Fuling.
  • On the east side of the Outer City is a woman named Hongxing. Next to her is a well-hidden chest containing Cinnabar Ore, Martial Arts Thoughts, and Black Jade.

That's all for Tianshui, as there's nothing to see further north, within the Inner City. Climb onto the walls on the north end of the Outer City, and be ready to fight.

Gray Condor of the Thirteen Condors

Ahh, some payback. Gray Condor is a bit stronger than the last time you fought him - but Yi is way stronger, and can now take this guy down, albeit with some help from Mowen. Gray Condor can use the following attacks:
  • Close-range claw attacks that can inflict Bleeding
  • A ranged claw attack that can inflict Bleeding and Incapacitate
  • Divine Blood Claw, a ranged AOE attack that can inflict Grievous Wounds
This fight isn't terribly difficult, but Gray Condor can prove annoying if he Incapacitates either of your characters. Get right in his face from the start to avoid the worst of Incapacitation, then surround him and pummel him. Both Yi and Mowen should be strong enough to weather Gray Condor's hits by now, and so long as you don't bunch them too close together you should avoid his AOE strikes.

You'll receive some random items after Gray Condor goes down, though he won't remain defeated for long. The assassin will flee, and you'll need to leave the city to catch him. Head west of Tianshui to find your next destination.

Skylinemont - Enemies
  • Bighorn Sheep
Skylinemont - Drops
  • Fine Raw Meat
  • Premium Hide
  • Top-Quality Hide
A nice trek through the wilderness, Skylinemont would be nicer if you weren't chasing a murderer at the same time. The path is straightforward, with some things to find along the way:
  • You can harvest Songrong Mushrooms, Lingzhi, and Cordyceps.
  • West of the entrance is a fishing spot. Next to the fishing spot is a chest containing an Exquisite Coin and some Fine Hide.
  • There's a stretch of greenery as you enter the Valley section of Skylinemont. Head west from the entrance and the path with bend north. Check the tree on your left before going north to find a chest containing Wood, Dark Wood, and The Horse Herding.

Proceed north and west through the Valley and you'll hit a cut scene. Once it ends you'll be facing off against a Holy Guard and a bunch of Xuanhuo Cult lackeys. The fight isn't terribly difficult, though you will be outnumbered. Carve a path through one side of the battlefield from the beginning so you can avoid attacks from the other side, at least for a round or two.

More cut scenes follow, and a mystery will be explained. You'll be booted out of the Valley, though if you make the trek back to the spot where you fought the Xuanhuo soldiers you'll find a chest containing Bear Gallbladder, a Yi Wood Pill, and High-grade Yangelixir. South of here you can find an NPC who is important to one of your party members, if you've been following her storyline. Otherwise, you need to return to Tianshui City.

Head north through Tianshui to trigger a few cut scenes. By the end of them you'll be adding Cheng Yu, 'son' of the former castellan, to the party... though you can't deploy him, so he's just a guest. Head south through Tianshui to trigger more cut scenes, which will eventually send you back to Wudang Sect. Here you need to make a choice:
  • Ask for Cheng Yu to join the sect. Yi's Affinity with Qingxu will rise, and Cheng Yu will give Yi a Letter from Du Qianqian and the Pure Yang Finger Strike manual. Go to the Kitchen, next door to the Disciples' Dorm, and inspect the food sitting in the top-left corner of the room to trigger the next few cut scenes.
  • Say Cheng Yu shouldn't join the sect. Yi's Affinity with Master Qingxaio will rise, but Cheng Yu leaves without a word. Climb to the uppermost areas of Wudang Sect to trigger cut scenes that will explain a few things.
In either case you'll receive 1,200 Affiliation Credits. I highly recommend you recommend that Cheng Yu join Wudang Sect, as you'll miss out on an opportunity to recruit another character if you say he should leave. (And no, it isn't Cheng Yu.) The quest ends here.

Main Walkthrough