Part 23: Birthday Banquet in Tianshui

Main Walkthrough

After an altogether catastrophic trip to the western lands, Yi has returned to Wudang Sect with a new... but not so new... task to complete: Raising his rank in the sect. The last few missions should have put your Affiliation Credits count around 5,000, and you need 6,000 to reach Discipline Disciple, the next tier of power. Time to get to work.

Per usual, your first step is to descend to the central area Wudang Sect from the Disciples' Dorm. As you do so one of the disciples will mention villages getting attacked by bandits to the west. This is a clue to an important series of side quests, starting with Sweet and Bitter Springs. You can technically handle these quests at this point in the game, but they're very difficult - and once you start, you can't stop until you finish them. May want to wait until Yi is stronger. Still, don't forget about this hint!

Eradicate the Evil

If you speak to Yuanqi, who is practicing away on the Swordplay Platform, he'll ask you to perform a rather dangerous task: Kill Earthshaking Dragon, a bandit who has taken up residence inside the Cave of Tribulations. This is an area we've already visited during the main quest, and it's entirely possible that you've fought and beaten Earthshaking Dragon already. If so, well... you have to do it again! He'll be there again, promise.

(Pro tip: Accept the quest Gather Coldiron from Yuanfeng before heading to the Cave of Tribulations. You can find Coldiron Ore deposits in the cave.)

Speak to Yuanqi after defeating Earthshaking Dragon to receive a Yuachang Sword, Martial Arts Perceptions, 5,000 coins, and 600 Affiliation Credits.

Affiliation Quests

Ever-helpful Yuanfeng has three more quick Affiliation Quests for you to undertake. He is, as always, standing to the east of Sanqing Hall.

  • Friendly match. Yuanfeng wants Yi to travel to Shaolin Temple and battle some familiar disciples. Travel to the northeast of the world map to find Shaolin Temple, then speak to Master Juan Jue, north of the entrance. Head to the northern half of the temple to begin the battles, where Yi will have to fight Hui Ping and Hui Kong, one-at-a-time. Neither is particularly difficult. You'll receive the Prajna Vajrapani Palms manual for beating them, and Martial Arts Perceptions, 1,500 coins, and 800 Affiliation Credits when you return to Yuanfeng. 
  • Gather coldiron. Yuanfeng wants two pieces of Coldiron Ore. You can gather it in the Cave of Tribulations, among other places. You'll receive Beast Face Armor, 1,500 coins, and 380 Affiliation Credits for bringing Coldiron Ore to Yuanfeng.
  • Assist demonstrations. Yuanqi requires assistance with swordplay demonstrations. Speak to him on the Swordplay Platform and Yi will have to battle Yuanqi and Moqi by himself. (It's not as difficult as it sounds.) You'll receive a Qingfeng Swordplay manual, 2,000 coins, and 580 Affiliation Credits for winning the fight.

All those quests should more than cover you, as far as Affiliation Credits go. Approach Master Daotong, in the east, and he'll put you to the test... again.


Let's be honest, Daotong is the same as usual in this fight - just a bit stronger. You've done this before, and you'll be fine.

Defeat Daotong to receive the Discipline Disciple's Nameplate. You'll then be sent off to speak with Master Qingxu, who will offer to teach Yi one of two techniques:

  • Tai Chi - A ranged, fist-fighting Unique Move
  • Tai Chi Swordplay - An AOE Unique Move

Both are powerful. Choose the move that better aligns with how you've raised Yi over the course of the game. Regardless of the move you choose, this ends the quest and begins the next.

Part 25: Trip to Nanjiang

Main Walkthrough