Location: Jinli Village
Prerequisite: Complete Departure Test
Petitioner: None
Reward: +5 Affinity with Sima Ling

In order to trigger this side quest you need to complete two prerequisites:
  • First, you need to complete all of Shangguan Hong's storyline quests. This will allow you to begin the recruitment quests for Sima Ling, which end in Departure Test. At the end of that quest Ling will mention this quest in passing.
  • Second, you need to have both women in your party. Don't forget to recruit them after you're done with their quests.
Your destination is Jinli Village, a small settlement to the southeast of Wudang Sect. Follow the paths from the sect until you see a waterfall. Walk a little ways south past the waterfall and you'll see the village on your left.

Ling is eager to see the 'Wishing Fish' that's rumored to live in Jinli Village, which is likely just another type of koi. Cross the bridge on the east side of Jinli Village to trigger an extended conversation between Yi, Hong, and Ling, at the end of which Yi's Affinity with Ling will rise a bit.

... aaaaand that's it. Quest complete. What this quest really accomplishes is allowing you to raise Yi's Affinity with Sima Ling to 80. This triggers another side quest, A Dance in Gusu, which wraps up Sima Ling's storyline.