Location: Xungu Pass
Prerequisite: Complete Looking North and At Xungu Pass
Petitioner: Zhao Erlei
Reward: Varies; see below

In order to trigger this quest you need access to Xungu Pass, a fortified city in the north that will deny the party access for a sizable chunk of Wandering Sword. Completing the main story quest At Xungu Pass will open the city up and unlock several side quests - though for this one to be included you also need to complete Looking North, a simple side quest from way back at the beginning of Wandering Sword.

The petitioner, Zhao Erlei, is standing on the west side of Xungu Pass, not far from the gate into the game's northern wastelands. Speak to him and you'll learn that he's the father of Qizhi, the enthusiastic boy from Wutong Village. Erlei wants to get word back to his family, but he's too busy being a guard. You have two options by way of response:
  • I'll do it. Offer to take Zhao Erlei's Letter back to Wutong Village for him and you'll need to find his wife. She's standing just north of the village's entrance. You'll receive the Bamboo Fungus and Songrong Soup Recipe, a Refined Meridian Pill, and Beast Face Armor.
  • Take a leave. Erlei will decide to head back to Wutong Village. Yi will receive 200 Martial Points.
Either way, the quest ends here.

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