Location: Xungu Pass
Prerequisite: Complete At Xungu Pass
Petitioner: Pu Shiren
Reward: 20,000 coins

In order to trigger this quest you need access to Xungu Pass, a fortified city in the north that will deny the party access for a sizable chunk of Wandering Sword. Completing the main story quest At Xungu Pass will open the city up and unlock several side quests, includng this one.

The petitioner, Pu Shiren, is the same medical practitioner whom you met briefly during At Xungu Pass, and he's standing in front of a house on the west side of Xungu Pass. The soldiers of Xungu Pass are hurting after the last attack, and Shiren needs a bunch of different items - mostly herbs - to heal their wounds.

You'll need to track down five of each of the following items to satisfy Pu Shiren:
  • Chuanxiong. This herb can be found in Petalsfall Forest, a lengthy walk south of Pingkang City.
  • Narcissus. This herb can be found on Mount Wanzi, back at the beginning of the game.
  • Buguzhi. This herb can be found in the Murkwood and Wild Boar Woods, both of which are relatively close to Pingkang City.
  • Tiger Bones. You'll receive these for defeating White-Headed Tigers, over on Mount Tigeroar. The mountain is west of Gusu City.
Bring five of each item back to Pu Shiren to complete the quest.