Location: Xungu Pass
Prerequisite: Complete At Xungu Pass
Petitioner: Secretary-General Chen Xiu
Reward: Martial Arts Perceptions, 10,000 coins

In order to trigger this quest you need access to Xungu Pass, a fortified city in the north that will deny the party access for a sizable chunk of Wandering Sword. Completing the main story quest At Xungu Pass will open the city up and unlock several side quests, includng this one.

The petitioner, Chen Xiu, already knows of Yi and his friends, and he asks a favor: The city needs replenishing. The last attack has sapped their supplies. Xiu asks for five of three different items to get things back on track:
  • Raw Meat. You'll get this by defeating animals throughout the game, in outdoor dungeon areas. Note that you want to fight weaker animals, as you'll otherwise wind up with Fine Raw Meat. Wild Boar Woods is a good place to hunt.
  • Iron Ore.  Another plentiful resource, you can find Copper Ore spread throughout Wutong Village and Mount Wanzi, among other places.
  • Copper Ore. Usually found with Iron Ore, n Wutong Village and Mount Wanzi.
All of these items are pretty common, so there's a better-than-good chance that you'll already have them in your inventory. Return to Xiu with five of each item to end the quest.