Main Walkthrough

Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Zhao Qizhi
Reward: 500 coins

As you explore Wutong Village for the first time you'll come across a boy named Zhao Qizhi. Qizhi is busy polishing his martial arts skills, and in the process he'll mention that his father left several years ago. Most likely the dad is in the military, and where he went is... not great.

During the conversation you'll receive two options for pushing the story forward. Both will earn you the same reward, though one takes up a little bit more of your time.

'Of course, the war ended'

If you choose this option you'll make Qizhi think that his father is coming home any day now. He'll eagerly insist that you tell his mother, who hasn't been feeling so well of late. Head west through Wutong Village and you'll find the mother, Mrs. Zhao the Merchant, standing a little ways southwest of the inn. Speak to her to resolve the quest and earn your reward.

'The war never ends. I'm afraid'

If you choose this option Qizhi will be inconsolable... for a few seconds, anyway. Then he brightens up and goes back to normal, and you'll receive a nice little reward for your troubles.

Main Walkthrough