Main Walkthrough

Location: Wutong Village
Petitioner: Dachui the Blacksmith
Reward: Tigerhead Pendant, 800 coins

As you explore the west side of Wutong Village you'll likely come across Dachui the Blacksmith, Wutong's resident weaponsmith. Dachui is distraught, as he fancies one of the village's women - but she has shown no interest in him. He needs help wooing her.

Agree to help Dachui and he'll give you a Tigerhead Pendant. You need to take this to Widow Li, who hangs out by the fishing pond in the southeast of Wutong Village. Li is... unimpressed, once you reveal who the pendant is from, and will tell you to get lost. Head back to Dachui to tell him the bad news, and to receive your... reward?

(Note that if you're doing this quest early in Wandering Sword - which is likely - you can equip the Tigerhead Pendant on Yi and remove the Toxicant Pendant with seemingly no ill-effects, despite his being poisoned.)