Location: Gusu City
Prerequisite: Complete Joining Wudang
Petitioner: Lü Fengxian
Reward: Demon Conquerer Advanced Blueprint, Wuyue Spearplay manual, Martial Arts Perceptions

In order to trigger this quest you must first join Wudang Sect, which happens early in Wandering Sword. Once that's done, head to Gusu City - it's in the far southeast of the world map, accessible by heading east from the starting areas - and travel as far east through the city as you can.

At the far end of Gusu City is a dancing stage with a bunch of people listening to an old man. Approach and you'll discover that the old man, a Mr. Lü, is looking for a husband for his daughter. He'll stage a quick tournament to see who wins her hand... and for a little while, it looks like the daughter, Lü Xian'er, will be winning her own hand - that is, until a tougher opponent steps in. 

If you choose to stay back the quest will end without a fight, and that will be that. If Yi decides to stop the interloper, however...

Night Owl

In other battles Night Owl can prove to be a pushover, but right now he's a reasonably tough opponent, given that Yi needs to face him alone. Night Owl uses the following attacks:
  • Several ranged hidden weapon attacks
  • Raining Needles, a ranged AOE that can inflict Bleeding
  • Swift Switch, a long-range line attack
Unless your Yi is also a ranged attacker your best bet is to move in on Night Owl immediately and try to rip through his HP before he can whittle and Bleed you to death. It's difficult to get away from him, even with Lightness, so try to end this battle quickly. 

Cut scenes follow the battle, and Lü Xian'er will pretend to marry Yi... then use the excuse to flee Gusu City. She's headed to Wutong Village, and if you follow her there you'll find Xian'er standing next to the well outside the inn. Speak to her and she'll ask to join the party, which will trigger a new side quest, Four Martial Arts Families.

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