Location: Yanfu Town
Prerequisite: Complete Joining Wudang
Petitioner: Ge Yan
Reward: Xuanhuo Cultivation Method, Martial Arts Thoughts, 2,000 coins

In order to trigger this side quest you need to travel to Yanfu Town. One of the earlier locations you're likely to visit in Wandering Sword, Yanfu Town is located northeast of Wutong Village. Follow the road that meanders east from Wutong and it will take you to Yanfu Town.

The petitioner for this side quest, a shady man named Ge Yan, is standing in a small alleyway to the east of the entrance of Yanfu Town. Speak to him once Yi has joined Wudang Sect and he'll try to convince Yi to join the Church of Xuanhuo, an institution that is... not much loved in these parts. If you agree to join up you'll have a battle on your hands.

Ge Yan

Ge Yan is a tough, but fairly basic, saber fighter. His moves are exactly what you would expect:
  • Three-square slashes
  • A six-square slash, giving him some range
  • Thunderclap Slash, a diamond-shaped AOE attack
You're not safe in front of Ge Yan, no matter where you are, so get on his sides or rear and beat him down. This will also protect you from the worst of Thunderclap Slash, which comes out every few turns. Use Lightness and retreat if he's doing too much damage. (And don't worry about losing, you won't get a Game Over.)

Defeating Ge Yan will earn you your reward, and end the quest.