Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 35

Location: Cave to the northeast of Stillsnow, in the Western Stillsnow Wilds

Tucked away in the frozen hills of the Western Stillsnow Wilds, the Tomb of the Imperator is a dangerous dungeon to approach the first time you're likely to head through this region. In all likelihood you won't want to try coming through here until you're ready for the Chapter 3s of Octopath Traveler. Tread carefully. You'll run into the following foes in the Tomb of the Imperator:

  • Ice Lizardman IV - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Staff, and Fire. Can silence your party, but generally just attacks. Not a big deal.
  • Ice Lizardman V - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Staff, and Fire. Will buff their party, then attack yours. A secondary target most of the time.
  • Ice Lizardman VI - Weak to Bow, Staff, and Dark. Can mess your team up with confusion, but, mercifully, they are easy to break. Keep 'em stunned.
  • Ice Lizardking I - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, and Fire. Uses buffs and debuffs, then hits your party with some powerful attacks. Stun these guys immediately.
  • Ice Elemental - Weak to Fire and Lightning. Exclusively uses Ice Skills. Is resistant to physical moves, so your magic will have to suffice.
  • Carnivorous Bat - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Bow, and Ice. Like most bats can use Mass Slumberwave to put your party to sleep and Drink Blood to drain your health. Can be quickly stunned, fortunately, which is exactly what you should do when the fight begins.
  • Accursed Armor - Weak to Axe, Staff, Fire, and Light. Powerful enemy that's filled to the brim with buffs and debuffs. Can use Horrific Claw to inflict terror and block off Boosting. Powerful enough that it should take precedence. (Though you won't see them often.)

Straight ahead from the entrance to the dungeon you'll find a save point, sitting at a split in the path. Go north and take a right to find stairs leading to a purple chest. It contains a Wakeful Stone. Double back to the save point and go right this time, to the east. Take a right at the next split.

You'll wind up at a north-south intersection. Head north to find an Olive of Life (M), then wander south and take a right. The chest to the right of the next set of stairs contains a Healing Grape Bunch. Wander along the stairs until they try to steer you north, then head south, east, and north. There's a dead-end over here with a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum (M).

Return to the torch in the middle of the path and head north. Take a left. There's a Refreshing Jam in the visible chest to the south, and if you check the wall to the north you'll find a hidden path leading to another chest. This one contains a Silver-filled Pouch.

Head east and you'll see a side room flanked by pillars. Approach it and your party will sense overwhelming danger. You know what that means!


Weakness: Dagger, Staff, Light

One of the most straightforward bosses in Octopath Traveler, the Behemoth loves its physical attacks. Boar Rush, Charge, Stampede, Extreme Charge... all are strong physical attacks against one or more party members. It can heal itself a bit with Hydration and buff itself with Gather Strength, but for the most part this fight is all about smacking your party with mighty, elephantine muscles, and danged if those hits don't hurt. A lot. Expect close to 2,000 points of damage for moves like Boar Rush. The Behemoth is also strong against physical attacks, which kinda sucks since two of its three weaknesses are to weapons, not magic.

It shouldn't be any surprise that your goal here is to break the Behemoth, then smash it with your strongest attacks while it's defenseless. Buffs that protect against physical attacks will help your survivability, and a dedicated healer (Alfyn or Ophilia) can bring characters back from the brink of death. Only Therion (or other Thieves) can hit the Behemoth twice in a row with a Skill, given its weaknesses, so bringing him along is highly advisable for getting through the defensive shields. The Behemoth only has 12,000+ HP, so it shouldn't take that long to kill once you get to the break point.

Once the Behemoth is gone you can reach the final chest, which contains a Gaolbreaker, a solid weapon for the aforementioned Therion. Collecting this will bring your time in the Tomb of the Imperator to a close, so feel free to warp out to a town and heal up.

Main Walkthrough