Main Walkthrough

Located to the east of Victors Hollow, the Western Stillsnow Wilds are a necessary evil for anyone looking to travel to the small, wintery town of Stillsnow. You'll reach the Western Stillsnow Wilds via the East Victors Hollow Trail, itself branching off of the S'warkii Trail to the south. We'll begin our exploration from the western entrance, via the East Victors Hollow Trail.

Lovely though these lands may be, there are plenty of enemies waiting to get in your way:

  • Ice Lizardman IV - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Staff, and Fire.
  • Ice Lizardman V - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Staff, and Fire. Will buff their party, then attack yours. A secondary target most of the time.
  • Ice Lizardman VI - Weak to Bow, Staff, and Dark. Can mess your team up with confusion, but, mercifully, they are easy to break. Keep 'em stunned.
  • Ice Lizardking I - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, and Fire. Uses buffs and debuffs, then hits your party with some powerful attacks. Stun these guys immediately.
  • Majestic Snow Marmot - Weak to Dagger, Lightning, and Dark. Can silence your party members. Worth killing early since they don't have a ton of health.
  • Portly Penguin - Weak to Axe, Bow, Lightning, Light, and Dark. Can confuse, silence, and render your team members unconscious. Quite powerful, and should be incapacitated quickly.
  • Hoary Howler - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Bow, and Wind. Likes to put your party members to sleep. A nuisance, but not a major one.
  • Hoary Bear - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Wind. Powerful foe that buffs itself, then mauls your team. Can also use Horrific Claw to inflict terror and lock away your Boosting. Stun these things first and foremost or you'll soon be in trouble.
  • Snow Yak - Weak to Polearm, Staff, and Lightning. Generally smashes your team around, though can also silence members. 

There's a bunch to explore here, and given the open nature of the area some bullet-point directions will be a little easier than a set path: 
  • Just east of the entrance to the area is a frozen pond with a heap of rocks on the right side. Check behind the rocks to find a chest containing an Herb of Revival.
  • If you wander along the northern periphery of the area, heading east past a save point, you'll come to an exit to the Southern Northreach Wilds. Head west from this road and you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M) near the edge of a cliff.
  • Follow the southern periphery of the area to the east. This route will take you up onto a rocky hill. Look to the northeast of a half-buried rooftop up here for a chest containing an Ice Soulstone (M).
  • A little ways west of the entrance to Stillsnow is a patch of ice with a chest on it. The chest contains a Healing Grape (M). Just north of here you'll find a cave entrance leading to the Tomb of the Imperator, a Danger Level 35 dungeon.
  • Wander along the hills south of the entrance to Stillsnow and you'll find a cave with a torch out front. This is the Shrine of the Flamebearer, and if you interact with the icon inside you'll gain Cleric as a secondary job for your party.

That's all for the Western Stillsnow Wilds. Stillsnow itself is in the east, and can't be missed if you trek that direction.

Main Walkthrough