Main Walkthrough

Connecting the rocky Highlands to the sandy Sunlands, the Stonegard Pass is one of the longer mid-game passages you'll face in Octopath Traveler. Connecting the villages and cities of Cobbleston, Stonegard, Everhold, and Wellspring, the pass is a lengthy, dangerous trip that you should only undertake once you're ready to try out some of the chapter twos. 

You'll run into the following monsters as you trek along both sections of the Stonegard Pass:

  • Highland Ratkin IV - Weak to Sword, Bow, Wind, and Light. Basic melee enemy.
  • Highland Ratkin V - Weak to Sword, Bow, Wind, and Light. Can silence your characters. Still not a big deal.
  • Highland Ratkin VI - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Dark. Still a melee enemy, though its Desperation attack really stings. Stun this one first in a crowd.
  • Highland Ratking I - Weak to Polearm, Staff, Lightning, and Light. Hard-hitting foe that can lower your party's defense, making its moves all the more potent. A priority enemy to break.
  • Shaggy Aurochs - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Fire. Can silence your party members and heal itself. Not a huge deal.
  • Highland Goat - Weak to Sword, Polearm, and Light. Fairly basic melee enemy, though on the stronger side when you first pass through the area.
  • Mountain Goat - Weak to Sword Polearm, and Light. Upgraded version of the Highland Goat that can put party members to sleep. Worth stunning early.
  • Dread Falcon - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, Wind, and Dark. Wind Skill enemy that should be a total pushover by the time you're coming through this area.
  • Wild Weasel - Weak to Axe, Ice, and Lightning. Powerful - but somewhat rare - melee-oriented foe that can boost its critical rate. Target this thing first on the odd occasion that it pops up, as they can quickly do a lot of damage.

You can enter the Stonegard Pass via North Cobbleston Gap, to the north, and Eastern Wellspring Sands, to the west. We'll start from the North Cobbleston Gap entrance, as this is most likely how you'll first enter the area.

North Stonegard Pass

Head east from the Cobbleston entrance and you'll wind up at a crossroads. If you head west from here you'll find a side road to the Shrine of the Thunderblade. If you check the icon sitting inside you will unlock Warrior as a secondary job for your party. Be sure you grab this while passing through the Stonegard Pass, if nothing else.

East of the crossroads you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate - check along the rocks on your right just as the path curves south - and another intersection. To the south is the West Stonegard Pass, which we'll ignore for now. There's another southern path, just to the right of the obvious one, that will lead you to a chest containing a Light Soulstone (M)

Take a right at the intersection and you'll be faced with another choice. If you head north you'll find the path to the Moonstruck Coast, which ultimately leads to Goldshore. Check along the left side of this path for a chest containing a Healing Grape (M). To the east is a save point, and past that is the city of Stonegard.

West Stonegard Pass

If you're following the guide you'll enter the West Stonegard Pass through the north. Head south and stick to your right to find a westbound path. This leads to a chest containing a Copper-filled Pouch. Head back to the main path and go west and you'll wind up at a bridge with a save point on your side. Head south and take a right and you'll be headed towards the West Everhold Pass, a much more dangerous area; take a left instead and you'll find the Tomb of Kings, a Danger Level 25 dungeon that's probably more your speed.

Cross the bridge in the north. On the other side you'll see a chest down a dead-end alley on your left. Loop around the rocks and you'll find that it contains an Inspiriting Plum (M). Head south of the bridge and you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate, in a small nook amongst the rocks on your left, and the path to the Eastern Wellspring Sands.

Main Walkthrough