Main Walkthrough

H'aanit's third step towards returning her master safely home will take you to Stillsnow, an icy town in the far north of Orsterra. Your path there is via the East Victors Hollow Trail, north of the West S'warkii Trail, on the west side of Orsterra. Trek steadily east through the Western Stillsnow Wilds to reach Stillsnow.

There's a decent chance you've come to Stillsnow before, as Primrose's second chapter takes place in the chilly village. If not, you should have a look around before you get started on H'aanit's chapter:

  • In the northeast of town is a luxurious-looking home. Inside is a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum. Right next to this house is a path north to the Trail to the Whitewood, your destination during H'aanit's chapter.
  • Next to the opulent house is a chapel. Inside is a chest containing a Healing Grape (M). The Cleric who runs the chapel has a Jaguar Lance that's worth Stealing / Purchasing.
  • Next to the chapel is a home guarded by a Townsperson who won't let you inside. You can Steal / Purchase a Horned Helm, a Spiked Armor, and a Spiked Shield from her. Challenge / Provoke her and you'll receive a Spirit Sword for winning the fight. Inside the house is a chest containing a Swordbreaker.
  • Follow the southern path east through Stillsnow to find the Tavern. Inside is a chest containing an Olive of Life. The Ingenious Inventor in here has an Empowering Ring that's worth Stealing / Purchasing. The Pensive Girl just outside the Tavern has a Crescent Dagger that you can Steal / Purchase.
  • In the east of town is a house with a Shadow Soulstone (M) inside. The Dancer here has a Forbidden Dagger that is massively expensive to Purchase (72,000 leaves!) and nigh impossible to Steal early on, but you should keep her in mind for later. The Old Man out front has a Bishop's Hat that is much easier to Steal / Purchase.

That's all for Stillsnow. Time to see if H'aanit can do something about her petrified master. Head to the Tavern and speak to the Tavern Keeper, then choose Hear a Tale to trigger H'aanit's chapter.

H'aanit's Chapter

H'aanit's chapter begins with a bit of levity, as Linde, her snow leopard companion, seems very happy to be back in her native climate. She attracts the attention of some kids, and they tell H'aanit about Susanna, the woman Z'aanta bid H'aanit to find. She lives in a large house with a red roof, just to the north, and there's a crowd gathered out front. Susanna appears to be popular, though her bodyguard, Alaic, keeps most people from going in to see her.

H'aanit only has one option: Provoke. Challenge Alaic to a battle and he'll prove a decent foe, though not that difficult. He's weak to Sword, Polearm, Dagger, Staff, and Dark, and even if you only have Linde available you can hit his weaknesses every time. Once the battle is over Susanna will reveal that she's no oracle, but she can help H'aanit nonetheless. The only way to free Z'aanta is to kill the creature who petrified him in the first place - and the only way for H'aanit to protect herself from Redeye's gaze is a plant called Herb-of-Grace. It can be found nearby, in the Whitewood.

Heal up H'aanit, then head for the Trail to the Whitewood. You'll need to circumvent this little area before you can reach the Whitewood itself.

Trail to the Whitewood

A breezy path through the wilderness, the Trail to the Whitewood is subjected to constant, near-whiteout conditions at all times. Fun stuff. You'll run into the following foes as you wander through the area:

  • Majestic Snow Marmot - Weak to Dagger, Lightning, and Dark. Can silence your party members. Worth killing early since they don't have a ton of health.
  • Hoary Bear - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Wind. Powerful foe that buffs itself, then mauls your team. Can also use Horrific Claw to inflict terror and lock away your Boosting. Stun these things first and foremost or you'll soon be in trouble.
  • Snow Leopard - Weak to Bow, Fire, and Dark. Linde? Mainly annoying because they can heal other enemies with Grooming. Has high defense, so magic Skills are probably your best bet.
  • Ice Elemental - Weak to Fire and Lightning. Uses Ice Skills, and has high physical defenses. A pain in the butt if you can't target their defenses with a Scholar, though H'aanit at least has Thunderbird to do some decent damage.
Hug the right snow bank and go north to find a bridge. Cross it, then look just south of it on the west side to find a chest containing an Olive of Life (M). Follow the path that winds north and you'll find another bridge; to the right of it is a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum Basket. Keep going and pretty soon you'll find Alaic, who will show H'aanit into the Whitewood.

The Whitewood

Ahh, an appropriate winter wonderland. Despite its proximity to the trail, the Whitewood has a whole new set of enemies for you to fight:
  • Hoary Howler - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Bow, and Wind. Nasty owl that can put your party members to sleep. Not a huge menace, and fairly easy to stun to boot.
  • Snow Lizard - Weak to Bow, Lightning, and Dark. Quite rare enemy that can buff its speed and has some other fairly standard attacks. The chances that you'll see one are pretty small.
  • Winter Wanderweed - Weak to Sword and Wind. Can put party members to sleep, and can inflict a fair amount of Ice damage to boot. Worth targeting first.
  • Frostwing Serpent - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Fire, and Wind. Nasty creature that can poison you and hit the whole party with Wind damage. They are, fortunately, on the rarer side, and easy to stun.
  • Avalance Mushroom - Weak to Dagger, Fire, and Lightning. High HP enemy that can do a lot of harm to your party - silence and sleep are two painful contenders - though it's very easy to stun. Do your best to keep it that way.
Take an immediate right from the entrance and you'll find a purple chest containing 15,000 leaves. Head to the east and you'll come to a torchlit intersection. Go north and the path will lead you to a chest containing an Olive of Life (L). Go west and you'll come to another intersection. Keep walking west and you'll find a dead end with a chest containing a Healing Grape Bunch.

Northwest of the intersection is, you guessed it, another intersection. Keep going north and you'll find a Shadow Soulstone (M). Backtrack and take the right, then check just south after a short walk to find an Inspiriting Plum Basket. Continue east and the path will take you north. You can walk behind a rock on your right to get at a chest containing a Rock Cleaver.

In the north is what appears to be a patch of golden plants. Use the save point to the left, heal your team, and head on up. The gold is the Herb-of-Grace H'aanit needs - but before she can grab any, the herb's huge defender shows up.


Weakness: Sword, Axe, Bow, Ice, Light

Just a plain ol' Dragon, eh? Fair enough. A vicious foe, the Dragon requires careful timing of your attacks to defeat. The Dragon's own moves are not terribly fancy - a few normal attacks and a Fire attack that hits the whole party - with the one caveat that it can remove your characters from the party for a few rounds using Swept Away. Once the Dragon takes enough damage it will occasionally Boost, and if you don't interrupt it it will knock two of your characters away with Sweeping Storm. Add into this the fact that the Dragon can use two attacks per round and it becomes a potent enemy, capable of killing one of your characters in a single round even if they have full health. Any accessories you have that can deaden Fire damage will be useful in preventing a OHKO.

All that said, the Dragon's most irritating attribute is its ability to lock away its weaknesses, forcing you to use specific attacks to progress through the battle. Save up your Boost levels and try to get the Dragon to the point that it has ten defensive shields and all of its weaknesses unlocked, then start piling on the damage. Once it takes enough damage the Dragon will start using Boost, though by this point you should know how to quickly get around its defenses. So long as you never have to deal with losing more than one character at a time it's not an awful battle, though you'll want a dedicated Cleric to make sure the Dragon can't eat up too much of your health in a single round. H'aanit's Rain of Arrows is invaluable for getting rid of the Dragon's defenses once its weakness to Bow is unlocked, and Leghold Trap is pretty handy as well, so make sure someone else is playing healer.

You'll earn a Refreshing Jam for defeating the Dragon. In the aftermath of the battle H'aanit will collect the Herb-of-Grace, learn that Alaic has a bit of a crush, and receive ten Herb-of-Grace from Susanna to counteract the petrifying effects of Redeye's powers. Hopefully that's enough? Head for the edge of town and H'aanit will hear from a Knight Ardante that Redeye is near the desert city of Marsalim, the final stop on the hunter's journey. Onward!