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Sunshade Side Stories

Her Time to Shine

Location: Inside Sunshade's dancer dormitories

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Wind Amulet

- Speak to the Blue Dancer inside the dormitories, where you first met Primrose. She wants one last hurrah before she gives up dancing.

- The first way to solve this Side Story is to speak to the Star Dancer, who's on the upper balconies on the northwest side of Sunshade. You can Steal / Purchase a Diva's Dress from her and give it to the Blue Dancer for your reward.

- Alternately, you can Allure the Blue Dancer into following you, then guide her to the Sickly Girl and Pensive Mother who are standing just outside the dormitory. Apparently the Sickly Girl has been searching for the Blue Dancer without luck. (They must not have searched very much.)

Ria, Born to Roam (I)

Location: Northwest corner of Sunshade, up the stairs and near the balconies

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Magic Nut

Unlocks: Ria, Born to Roam (II)

- Approach the northwest of Sunshade and you'll see a Wayfaring Girl being harassed by a Ne'er-do-well. Challenge / Provoke the guy and beat the snot out of him. He can put your character to sleep, but is otherwise not a huge threat once your level is in the 20s.

The Adventures of Ali

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Tressa's storyline

Location: Just south of the Tavern in Sunshade

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Tradewinds Spear

- Speak to Ali along the central street of Sunshade. He acknowledges that it's time for him to head home to his father... then promptly finds an excuse not to go. Clearly he needs a kick in the butt.

- Go to Marsalim and Guide / Allure Maruf, Ali's father. He's standing on a small landing above the Inn, accessible by a small set of stairs on the south end of the main square. Take Maruf back to Ali to watch a nice little scene and end the quest.

The Bouncer

Location: Sunshade Tavern, by the bar on the right

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Fortifying Nut

- Approach the Hired Barkeep in the Sunshade Tavern. He'll tell you about the bouncer they've hired, who mainly drinks and does nothing to protect the place.

- Go outside and speak to the Drunken Bouncer on the right. Challenge / Provoke him and defeat him in combat. He's strong, but his drunkenness often prevents him from taking an action. It should be a manageable fight if you're close to level 30. 

Wellspring Side Stories

Back with Bale

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Olberic and Ophilia's Side Stories

Location: Barracks in Wellspring

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Captain's Badge

- Check out the barracks on the west side of Wellspring and speak to Bale. He's sitting behind the table. Speak to him again after a short cut scene and he'll tell you that he has a friend named Donovan who serves the Church of the Flame, though Bale has not seen Donovan in a long time.

- Donovan is the bishop of Goldshore Cathedral, in the north of Goldshore. He's standing right in the middle of the cathedral. Go there and Inquire / Scrutinize him for the Donovan's Condition info. Return to Bale for your reward.

In Search of Sweets

Location: Market stalls on the south side of Wellspring

Reward: 4,500 leaves, Gourmet's Charm

- Check out the Sweet Tooth on the south side of Wellspring. He's looking for sweets to satisfy his picky palate.

- Head to Stillsnow and check out the chapel in the northeast part of town. A Frostlands Farmer here has Beetroot that you can Purchase / Steal. Take it back to the Sweet Tooth for the reward.

Ria, Born to Roam (II)

Prerequisite: Ria, Born to Roam (I)

Location: South side of Wellspring, near the save point

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Magic Nut (M)

Unlocks: Ria, Born to Roam (III)

- Look for Ria in the south of Wellspring. A thief has stolen a letter from her, and she needs it back.

- Look for the Traveling Merchant on the left side of Wellspring's oasis. You can Steal / Purchase a Tightly Sealed Envelope from him. Take it back to Ria.

Shadow over the Sands

Location: Market stalls on the south side of Wellspring

Reward: 8,000 leaves, Transcendent Bow of Shadows

- Speak to the Staid Soldier on the south side of Wellspring. There are reports of a huge serpent in the nearby Quicksand Caves, and a scout that went out to prove them has gone missing.

- Head to the Northern Wellspring Sands, the connecting route on the east side of Wellspring. Just north of the save point outside town is an Injured Scout. Scrutinize / Inquire him for The Giant Serpent's Master.

- Head to Quicksand Caves, to the north and on the east side of the Northern Wellspring Sands. It's a Danger Level 40 dungeon, so make sure you come prepared. At the end of the dungeon, in the northeast corner, you'll meet a Suspicious Man. He will attack, forcing you to fight the Snake Charmer and the Giant Python.

Snake Charmer and Giant Python

Weakness (Snake Charmer): Sword, Bow, Staff, Lightning, Wind

Weakness (Giant Python): Polearm, Axe, Ice, Light

This is a surprisingly nasty fight for a Side Story. The Snake Charmer and Giant Python work as a time, with the Snake Charmer providing buffs and access to Boost mode while he's active. If you don't break the Giant Python while it's Boosted it will use Sweep and Soporific Breath, hurting everyone and potentially putting most of your party to sleep. The Python can also protect its owner's weaknesses, and the Snake Charmer in turn will restore some of the Python's defensive shields. If the Snake Charmer is defeated first the Giant Python will gain an extra attack per round, up to three, and start to use the very painful Big Bite. If the Giant Python is defeated first he'll start using Rampage to hit your whole party.

It's tempting to take out the Snake Charmer first since he has half as much health as the Giant Python, but you're better off killing the snake first. Not only is it much more dangerous than the Snake Charmer, dealing with an enemy that can put your characters to sleep and then hit everyone twice in a single round is horrifying. Keep the Giant Python broken as much as you can - you can break the Snake Charmer too, if you want, though it's much less of a priority - and work down through its health until it's dead. The Snake Charmer on his own only uses the occasional physical attack, and though you'll need to heal he's not that much of a threat solo. Having Alfyn along to heal sleep status will prove quite handy, as will protecting everyone from sleep in general with accessories and Skills.

You'll earn an Energizing Pomegranate (L) for defeating the Snake Charmer and his pet. This will end the Side Story and earn you your reward.

Marsalim Side Stories

In Search of the Unknown

Location: Central square in Marsalim

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Alluring Ribbon

- Speak to the Old Aristocrat in the middle of Marsalim. He yearns for new discoveries and delights in his old age.

- The first way to resolve this quest is to Challenge / Provoke Swordsman Yuri, the old man's bodyguard, who is standing nearby. Defeat him in combat and the Old Aristocrat will be happy to give you a reward.

- The second method is to head to Grandport. There's a Passionate Peddler outside the Provisioner who's holding Tales from a Faraway Land in his inventory. Steal / Purchase the item and bring it back to the Old Aristocrat for the reward.

King Khalim's Conundrum

Prerequisite: Complete the fourth chapter of all eight party members

Location: Throne room of Marsalim Palace, up on the second floor

Reward: 30,000 leaves

- Speak to King Khalim in his throne room. He says that he wants to bring new entertainment to the people of Marsalim, and wants to stage some plays. He and his advisors know nothing of plays, however, and need an expert.

- Travel to Everhold. Inside the Everhold Amphitheatre and on the right side of the ground floor is the Theater Manager. Guide / Allure him successfully, then take him to King Khalim for your reward.

Ria, Born to Roam (III)

Prerequisite: Ria, Born to Roam (II)

Location: North of the central square in Marsalim

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Magic Nut (L), Princess's Coat

- Speak to Ria. She's on the northern road towards Marsalim Palace. She speaks of needing to meet a chieftain in Marsalim, though first she needs an idea of his daily habits.

- Head to Marsalim Palace. The Chieftain is standing outside the left room on the second floor of the palace. Inquire / Scrutinize him for the Chieftain's Schedule. Shake the schedule with Ria and watch the end of Ria's storyline play out.

The Prisoner's Plea

Location: Marsalim Palace, in the cell on the left side of the lower floor

Reward: 300 leaves, Revitalizing Jam

- Speak to Kevin, the prisoner in one of the palace's cells. He says he's going to be put to death, and just wants to hear of his old love, Lara.

- Travel to Grandport. Check the beach on the west side of the Grandport Markets. A woman named Lara is here. You can Inquire / Scrutinize her for the Lara's New Life info. Return this to Kevin to complete the quest.

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