Main Walkthrough

A grassy land in the west of Orsterra, the Clearbrook Traverse is a pleasant pathway that connects the small, pastoral town of Clearbrook to the Seedier towns of Bolderfall and Sunshade. It is the first path you'll walk if you chose Alfyn as your starting character, and you'll have to walk through here eventually if you want all eight characters. This guide will assume you're starting out from Clearbrook.

There are plenty of monsters along the Clearbrook Traverse that you'll need to fight:

  • River Froggen I - Weak to Sword, Axe, Ice, and Dark. Pretty basic melee enemy that Alfyn can take out with his axe.
  • River Froggen II - Weak to Sword, Bow, Ice, and Dark. Slightly stronger River Froggen that you'll need to defeat with Ice.
  • River Froggen III - Weak to Sword, Bow, and Ice. A buffer version of the River Froggen that can heal its allies. A priority target for your team.
  • Giant Slug - Weak to Dagger, Ice, and Dark. Heals self to prolong the battle. Otherwise not a big threat.
  • River Wasp - Weak to Sword, Polearm, and Axe. Can use Numbing Needle to incapacitate one character for a few turns. Otherwise pretty weak.
  • Warrior Wasp - Weak to Sword, Polearm, and Axe. Their Mandible Crush attack can do a fair amount of damage to one target. Still not a huge deal if you use Alfyn's axe.
  • Salamander - Weak to Dagger, Ice, and Light. A powerful melee foe that can one shot weaker characters. Keep it stunned until you wipe out the rest of its entourage.

West Clearbrook Traverse

As with every character's starting town, when you first leave Clearbrook you'll see a young man at the side of the road. He's been injured, and needs a Healing Grape. Hand one over and he'll identify himself as Kit. He's on a trip to find his father. Helping him out here will complete the Kit, the Traveler Side Story and earn you 1,500 leaves. Not a bad start. 

You'll hit a crossroads pretty quickly after you leave Clearbrook. If you take the northbound path you'll soon cross a bridge, in front of a scenic waterfall. Head south from here and you'll find a Friendly Farmer who claims to have seen an egg floating down the river. If you Inquire /Scrutinize her you'll find the Giant Egg she mentioned further south. Sitting beside her is a chest containing an Odds and Ends. If you follow this path all the way north it will take you to the North Bolderfall Pass.

Head south from the intersection and you'll come to a Fishmonger. Near him is a chest containing an Olive of Life. West of the Fishmonger the path takes you south; check the left side of the road for a Healing Grape. Trek east of the chest to reach the South Clearbrook Traverse.

South Clearbrook Traverse

Follow the path east a ways until you see the shoreline expanding. You can walk off of the road to find an Olive of Life at the bottom of a rocky wall. Continue to follow the path east and it will bring you to a split in the road. If you follow the road north of this split it will take you to the entrance of Twin Falls, a Danger Level 20 dungeon that's worth tackling early in your journey.

Follow the pathway south from the split and you'll cross a bridge. Look to your left as soon as you cross the bridge to find a small, hidden path to a purple chest containing 500 leaves. Following the path to the right and then south will bring you to a save point and another roadside intersection. Going across the bridge to your right will take you to the Southern Sunshade Sands, the road to Sunshade.

Take a left from the bridge and you'll be on the road to another area as well. Halfway across the screen you'll come to a bridge just off the beaten path. Follow it to find a Healing Grape. Further down you'll come to a Lost Grandpa, and speaking to him will trigger the A Sweet Reunion Side Story. Just past the lost old man is a chest containing a Soothing Seed, and beyond that is the path to the East Saintsbridge Traverse. You'll need to travel this path if you want to continue Ophilia's storyline in Saintsbridge.

Main Walkthrough