Main Walkthrough

Danger Level: 30

Location: South side of East Saintsbridge Traverse

A dungeon of middling difficulty, Farshore is a good place to tackle once your team is most of the way through the chapter twos and ready for chapter three. The majority of the enemies inside are skeletal by nature, so bringing along a Cleric - or just Ophilia - is a wise idea, since most of your fights will involve Light as a weakness. A Scholar can't hurt either. You'll run into the following baddies in Farshore:

  • Wind Elemental - Weak to Ice and Lightning. Tough foe that specializes in Wind Skills. Use magic, even if you can't target its weakness.
  • Light Elemental - Weak to Ice and Dark. The Wind Elemental, but Light-flavored.
  • Ambling Bones - Weak to Staff, Wind, and Light. The weakling of the skeletons. Easy to wipe out.
  • Marionette Bones - Weak to Staff, Wind, and Light. Pretty standard skeleton. Doesn't pose much of a threat compared to the other skeletons in Farshore.
  • Puppet Bones - Weak to Staff, Fire, and Light. Very similar to the Marionette Bones.
  • Davy Bones - Weak to Dagger, Staff, Lightning, and Light. Can confuse your characters. Get 'em stunned.
  • Buccaneer Bones - Weak to Dagger, Stagg, Lightning, and Light. Can confuse your party members. A pain, but easy enough to stagger.
  • Warrior Bones - Weak to Axe Staff, Fire, and Light. Can inflict terror, and just hits hard in general. Worth targeting early.
  • Brigand Bones - Weak to Axe, Staff, Fire, and Light. Powerful melee striker that can be broken very quickly. Make doing so your first priority.
  • Bandit Bones - Weak to Axe, Staff, Lightning, and Light.

There's a save point straight ahead from the entrance. Follow the eastbound path to the end to find an Inspiriting Plum Basket, then ignore the nearby northbound path and backtrack to the save point. Take the bridge leading north and pop open the obvious chest on your right to receive a Healing Grape Bunch. North of the bridge is another chest, this containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M).

Head east a short ways, dipping south for a moment to grab an Olive of Life (M) from a chest. To the north you'll see an NPC on a bridge. Run to the west of him to find a chest containing an Ice Soulstone (L). The NPC himself, an Unsavory Man, is part of a Side Story, and you can Steal / Purchase Hugo's Journal from him.

Just east of the Unsavory Man the path splits to the north and south. Go south and you'll find what looks like a dead end... unless you check the wall on your right. There's a path here leading to a purple chest that contains 30,000 leaves.

Head north and keep following the path until you come to a bridge on your right. It and the continuing path south lead to the same place, though if you go south you'll spot another purple chest containing a Clarity Stone. To the north of here is the end of the cave, and there's nothing waiting for you, so... warp out? Yes, warp out.

Main Walkthrough