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Bolderfall Side Stories

Daughter of the Dark God (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Therion's storyline

Location: On the east side of Ravus Manor Gate, before you enter the manor grounds

Reward: 5,000 leaves

Unlocks: Daughter of the Dark God (II)

- Speak to Alphas, the Guardsman near the save point outside Ravus Manor. He's gawking at a nearby woman named Lyblac. Challenge / Provoke Alphas and defeat him in combat. 

Heathcote's High Jinks

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Therion's storyline

Location: Ravus Manor Gate, in Bolderfall

Reward: 12,000 leaves, Heathcote's Dagger

- Travel to the front of Ravus Manor in Bolderfall. Heathcote is near the door, and he claims that he's received a strange letter. It says that his 'greatest treasure' will soon belong to someone named Nighteye. Heathcote asks that you bring Nighteye - and his 'obnoxious laugh' - to him.

- Travel to Wispermill. Up near the windmill is an Old Man who knows Heathcote. Guide / Allure the Old Man and bring him back to Heathcote for your reward, as well as an explanation.

Kaia, Mother of Dragons (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Therion's storyline

Location: Just south of the entrance of Bolderfall, near the save point

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Light Nut

Unlocks: Kaia, Mother of Dragons (II)

- Speak to the Egg-Seeking Girl. She is, predictably enough, missing an egg. You need to go find it.

- Leave Bolderfall and walk south to the West Clearbrook Traverse. There's a river running through the middle of the Traverse, and on the northwest side of it is a Friendly Farmer, looking down into the water. She'll mention that she saw an egg float by.

- Inspect / Scrutinize the Friendly Farmer. This will reveal the Giant Egg to the south of the Friendly Farmer. Grab it and return it to the Egg-Seeking Girl in Bolderfall for your reward, and an explanation of just what is so special about her egg.

Sparks of Revolution

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Therion's storyline

Location: Outside the large house in the north of Borderfall

Reward: 2,000 leaves

- Speak to the Stern Guardsman outside the house. He'll talk of a plot by the poorer elements of Bolderfall to rebel against the highborn. At this point you need to choose whether you want to support the rich or the poor.

- If you like the rich more, head to the lower section of Bolderfall. Use Steal / Purchase to gather the Rebel's Axe, the Spear of Justice, and the Revolutionary Sword from the two Paupers and the Pauper Revolutionary loitering down here. Return these to the Stern Guardsman for your reward.

- If you like the poor more, head inside the house the Stern Guardsman is guarding. Inspect / Scrutinize the Enlightened Aristocrat inside and you'll gain the Project Plans information. Speak to the Pauper Revolutionary in the south of Bolderfall, just outside the Tavern, to broker a peace deal and earn your reward.

The Bandit's Code

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Therion's storyline

Location: Lower Bolderfall

Reward: 2,400 leaves, Blazon of Protection

- Speak to the Veteran Brigand in the south of Bolderfall. He'll speak about finding a replacement for himself in a gang.

- You can end this quest by going to Sunshade and using Allure / Guide to recruit the Faltering Youth. He's sitting on the left side of the stage in the Tavern, and he gloats about his prowess as a thief. Take him to the Veteran Brigand and he'll have his replacement, and you your reward.

- You can also end this quest by traveling to Victors Hollow. On the west side of town is an orphanage that resembles a chapel, and out front is the Orphanage Matron. She speaks of the orphanage receiving donations from a mystery donor. Inspect / Scrutinize the Matron to learn about Marta's Gang. Take what you've learned back to the Veteran Brigand for your reward.

Quarrycrest Side Stories

A Miner Dilemma

Location: Quarrycrest Mines, at the top of the wooden ramps

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Sharp Nut, Critical Nut

- Speak to the Miner along the northern cliffs of Quarrycrest. He needs something for sharpening his pick, which keeps getting dulled by the rocks.

- Travel to Goldshore, then head to the Goldshore Manor District. Outside the Armory is a Stonemonger with an Orewell Whetstone that you can Steal / Purchase. Take the Whetstone back to the Miner for your reward.

Kaia, Mother of Dragons (II)

Location: Quarrycrest town square, across from the save point

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Light Nut (M)

Unlocks: Kaia, Mother of Dragons (III)

- Speak to Kaia in Quarrycrest. She's looking for a man who knows a lot about eggs. 

- Head to Quarrycrest Mines, the upper half of the town. The Egg Man, the guy Kaia wants, is on the ramps leading up the cliffs in the northeast of town. Allure / Guide the Egg Man and take him to Kaia for your reward.

Revello and Odette

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Primrose and Cyrus' storylines

Location: Odette's house, up several ramps and overlooking the rest of Quarrycrest

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Revello's Helm

- Head up the ramps in the first half of Quarrycrest to Odette's home. Revello is out front, and he needs something of Odette - specifically, he wants her to visit the grave of Geoffrey Azelhart, Primrose's father. Odette refuses, however, and won't explain why.

- Enter Odette's house and Inquire / Scrutinize her. (Which isn't easy, even at high levels. You may need to try a few times.) Succeed and you'll learn Why She Doesn't Visit Geoffrey. Take the info to Noblecourt and visit Revello in his home, the large building in the far east of East Noblecourt. Doing so will reveal Odette's reasoning, and end the quest.

The Weaver's Predicament

Location: The market near the entrance of Quarrycrest 

Reward: 6,500 leaves, Weaver's Charm

- Speak to Gendy, the old man in Quarrycrest's market. He'll bemoan the fact that no one seems to need textiles anymore.

- Travel to Noblecourt. There's a Fashionable Traveler standing just west of the Provisioner, and he speaks to his fancy pantaloons. Inquire / Scrutinize him for the A Use for Textiles info. Return to Gendy and share what you know to receive your reward.

Orewell Side Stories

Kaia, Mother of Dragons (III)

Prerequisite: Kaia, Mother of Dragons (II)

Location: Near the Inn in Orewell

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Robe of the Dragon Princess, Light Nut (L)

- Speak to Kaia. She's hanging out just north of the entrance to Orewell, and she has bad news: The Dragon egg has been stolen from her. The thief is in Dragonsong Fane, a Danger Level 50 dungeon. It's located on the South Orewell Pass, to the north of the central save point.

- Once inside, follow the torchlit path to the east. Pretty quickly you'll come to a stone dais. A Curious Cleric is here, and he seems a bit nutty. Challenge / Provoke him - be warned, he's a tough opponent, though sending in Olberic with his Sword will get you places - and you'll receive the Dragon Egg when you win. Take the egg back to Kaia to see the end of her story.

On the Precipice

Location: Cliff edge in the northwest of Orewell

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Refreshing Jam

- Head to the northwest corner of Orewell. You'll find a Struggling Merchant up here, and he's threatening to hurl himself off of the cliffs... unless a deal comes along that he thinks will save his business.

- The fastest way to resolve this quest is to Challenge / Provoke the Struggling Merchant. He's easy to defeat, and will knock the man to his senses and convince him that death is not the way.

- Alternately, you can save the Struggling Merchant by heading to Atlasdam. Check the right side of the Royal Academy of Atlasdam's exterior. You'll find a guy named Know-it-all Milo, and you can Inquire / Scrutinize him for The Jellypeno. Take this info back to the Struggling Merchant and he will change his mind about suicide.

The Wayward Son

Location: Out front of the General Store in Orewell

Reward: 9,000 leaves, Olive of Life (L)

- Speak to the Miserable Mother in the southwest corner of Orewell. She speaks of her son, whom she drove away after an argument. All she wants now is for her son to come home.

- Travel to Marsalim. There's a Stern Knight on the lower floor, left side of Marsalim Palace who quotes his mother. Yes, this is the son. Guide / Allure him back to Orewell and reunite the two to earn your reward.

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