Main Walkthrough

Located deep in the south of Orsterra, the Eastern Marsalim Sands connect the city of Marsalim to the rest of the continent. Getting to them is simple, if not a little bumpy: Simply head south through the desert, past Wellspring. It won't take long before you're trekking into the territory of some rather nasty monsters. You'll head through the Eastern Marsalim Sands if you're following H'aanit's storyline, as her final chapter takes place in Marsalim.

There are plenty of sand-blasted baddies for you to fight in the Eastern Marsalim Sands:

  • Sand Lizardking I - Weak to Sword, Bow, Ice, and Dark. Can buff its side and poison yours, among other things. Shouldn't be a huge problem by the time you can tackle this area.
  • Sand Lizardking II - Weak to Sword, Bow, Ice, and Dark. Not too different from the Sand Lizardking I, aside from some stronger attackers and more health.
  • Sand Lizardking III - Weak to Dagger, Staff, and Lightning. Dangerous foe that can beef up its physical attack strength and then do a ton of damage to single targets. Always go after these things first.
  • Fire Elemental - Weak to Ice and Wind. If you can't target the weaknesses, at least use elemental Skills. Physical attacks don't work all that well against these things.
  • Remnant Mk.II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Dagger, and Axe. Beefy canine that can buff itself and do a fair amount of damage to your party with physical attacks. Go after these things first.
  • Venomous Scorpion - Weak to Polearm, Ice, and Wind. Can poison your party, surprise surprise. Likely the weakest of the enemies in the Eastern Marsalim Sands.
  • Kartikeya - Weak to Polearm and Bow. Troubling bird that is good at targeting your whole party, and has few weak points. Do what you can to stun 'em.

Given that you'll enter the Eastern Marsalim Sands from its northern entrance on your first trip, we'll begin our (very short) walkthrough there.

Head south from the entrance, following the eastern boundary. You'll see a rock on your left. There's a chest snugged up against it that contains a Thunder Soulstone (L). To the left of this rock is a road sign, and beside that is another rock. Check behind this second rock and you'll find a purple chest. It contains 20,000 leaves.

Follow the rock formations to the south on a westbound trajectory and the desert will lead you to the entrance of the Marsalim Catacombs, a Danger Level 50 dungeon. If you can survive the desert you can probably survive the catacombs. Head northwest from here and you'll find a bridge; cross it and there will be an Inspiriting Plum Basket in a chest on the other side, beside a palm tree. Keep following the road north and you'll be in Marsalim in no time.

Main Walkthrough