Main Walkthrough

The connecting route between Atlasdam, Noblecourt, and ultimately Wispermill, the Western Noblecourt Flats are a lovely countryside pathway with a lot of enemies. You'll need to wander through here as both Therion and Primrose if you want to do their chapters in Noblecourt, so don't let the pleasant scenery fool you. 

You'll run into the following enemies while exploring the Western Noblecourt Flats:

  • Flatlands Froggen IV - Weak to Dagger, Ice, and Light. Basic melee unit. No big deal.
  • Flatlands Froggen V - Weak to Dagger, Ice, and Light. Melee fighters that can blind party members. Relatively strong, but very easy to break and stun.
  • Flatlands Froggen VI - Weak to Axe, Bow, and Ice. Can buff its side, then help out with normal combat moves. Not a huge deal unless you're underpowered.
  • Flatlands Frogking I - Weak to Dagger, Staff, Ice, and Dark. Buffs its party members and can do a lot of damage on its own. Break these guys quickly before dealing with their minions.
  • Night Raven - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, and Wind. Can use Blinding Mist to, well, blind the party. Otherwise fairly weak, but still worth killing quick since they don't have much health.
  • Dire Night Raven - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, and Wind. Upgraded - but more or less the same - version of the Night Raven.
  • Antagonistic Ant - Weak to Dagger and Staff. Can inflict blindness on party members. Pretty standard melee combatant otherwise.
  • Wanderweed - Weak to Sword and Fire. Can confuse your party members. Should be a priority target most of the time.
  • Mammoth Sheep - Weak to Bow and Dark. Hits hard and can put your party members to sleep. A strong enough enemy that stunning it should be a high priority.
  • Bloody Bull - Weak to Sword and Light. Can silence a party member, but is most dangerous for its extremely high damage output, against single targets and the whole party alike. Stun quickly if you see one.

We'll start exploring the Western Noblecourt Flats from its southern entrance, via the North Atlasdam Flats. This area is relatively open, so rather than doing a step-by-step investigation we'll explore it with some basic cardinal directions:

  • To the east of the entrance, up a small hill, you'll find an Awkward Boy who is part of a Side Story. Up the steeper hill to his right is a chest containing a Wind Amulet and a cave. This cave is the Shrine of the Sage, and interacting with the icon inside will unlock Scholar as a secondary job for your party. Even if you're below the recommended level, slipping into the Western Noblecourt Flats just to get these isn't a bad idea.
  • Just north of the aforementioned hills is the eastbound path to Noblecourt. Standing on the side of the road by a pavilion is an Impresario who is part of a Side Story. He has, among other things, an Oasis Hat to Purchase / Steal. Behind the pavilion and a little ways to the left is a chest containing a Healing Grape (M).
  • In the northeast of the area in general is a chest containing a Light Soulstone (M).
  • Follow the western line of rocky hills from the southern entrance. As they turn north you'll find a chest containing 5,000 leaves, partially hidden behind a tree. If you keep following the western periphery to the north you'll soon come across the Hollow Throne, a Danger Level 25 dungeon.
  • In the northwest corner is a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate, huddled near a rocky ledge.

That's all for the Western Noblecourt Flats. If you want to proceed into tougher territory, head almost straight north through the area from the entrance. You'll find a path to the Western Wispermill Flats.

Main Walkthrough