Main Walkthrough

The conclusion of Primrose's story takes place in Everhold, a lonely city in the southeastern mountain range of Orsterra. You can reach Everhold by heading south along the West Stonegard Pass to the West Everhold Pass. The West Stonegard Pass is accessible from either the westbound road from Stonegard or the eastbound road from Wellspring.

Everhold is well off the beaten path, so it's worth looking around the city for a bit before getting on with Primrose's tale:

  • The Townsperson at the entrance of Everhold has a Shadow Soulstone (L), a Wisdom Staff, and a Sorcerer's Robe to Purchase / Steal. Inquire / Scrutinize her for the New Weapons for Sale info.
  • The Provisioner and Armorer are on the east side of the city. The Ardent Actor in front of the Provisioner has an Angel Saber, a Silent Cape, and a Grand Helm to Purchase / Steal, and the... Girl... next to him will reveal a Curious Antique when Inquired / Scrutinized. It's inside a house blocked by an Old Man, whom we'll get to shortly.
  • Up the stairs from the Inn is a Townsperson with two Purifying Seeds and a Rune Bow to Purchase / Steal. Scrutinize / inquire her for the Discount at the Inn info.
  • East of the Townsperson just mentioned is a house blocked by an Old Man. Beside the house is a chest containing a Healing Grape (M). He has a Primeval Robe and a Trinity Sword to Purchase / Steal. Inquire / Scrutinize him and a Rare Stone will appear in the empty house just east of here. Challenge / Provoke the Old Man - be careful, he's a powerful magic user - and you'll find a Townsperson inside the house. He carries a Deathly Blade to Purchase / Steal.
  • The Tavern is in the north. Check outside it, beside the save point, to find a chest containing a Rare Stone.
  • On the west side of Everhold is a bridge to an ominous fort. On the bridge is an Impresario who is part of a Side Story. You can Purchase / Steal a Sharp, Slippery, and Critical Nut (L) from him.
That's all from Everhold. Checking people over will give you the sense that this place is absolutely teeming with actors, which should hint at what's to come. You can trigger Primrose's story by speaking to the Tavern Keeper and choosing Hear a Tale.

Primrose's Chapter

Primrose arrives in Everhold on the heels of Simeon, her childhood friend and paramour - who also turned out to be her father's killer. Head to the Everhold Amphitheatre in the west of town and Simeon will welcome Primrose inside from a balcony vantage point, then begin a play that's clearly about Primrose's life. Jerk.

Once you regain control you can look around the amphitheatre a little. Tucked away beside the seats on the right is a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum Basket, and there are two Ushers here with a bunch of Soulstones that you can Purchase / Steal. The door on the left side of the amphitheatre will lead into the chapter's dungeon. Didn't waste any time getting there.

Amphitheatre: Arena

Despite the posh setting this area is filled with enemies who want to shank you and leave you to die. You'll run into the following foes as you make your way up to Simeon's balcony:
  • Obsidian Executive I - Weak to Polearm, Axe, Bow, and Dark. Favors strong melee attacks, but is, fortunately, rather easy to stun.
  • Obsidian Executive II - Weak to Sword, Ice, Wind, and Light. Harder-hitting version of the Obsidian Executive I. Night Ode will stun them easily.
  • Ice Sentinel Mk.II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Staff, and Fire. Group enemy that's easy to stun.
  • Ice Curator Mk.II - Weak to Polearm, Bow, and Fire. Favors Ice Skills. Pretty simple.
  • Light Sentinel Mk.II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Staff, and Dark. Same as the Ice Sentinel, just geared towards Light Skill.
  • Light Curator Mk.II - The Light equivalent of the Ice Curator.

The path splits in multiple directions as soon as you enter this area. Head north and into the door you find to enter a rear section of the amphitheatre. Up the stairs and in the room on the left is a purple chest containing an Unseen Saber. Head back to the first area and go up the stairs on the left. They'll take you to the second floor. Look on the right side of the balcony for a Fire Soulstone (L), and check the room to the left for a chest containing 30,000 leaves. 

Head back the way you came up and head west from the save point. The second door along the path contains a purple chest. Inside it is an Ethereal Dancer Garb. The last door to the west also contains a chest, and inside it are 20,000 leaves. Heading up the stairs will take you into the rear area of the amphitheatre again.

There are doors to the left and the right in the next area. They connect to the same room, within which you'll find a Refreshing Jam. Head up the stairs to the right, then take a left and go as far west as you can. The kitchen at the end of the path contains an Inspiriting Plum (M). The other two doors in this area before the save point connect into a useless dining hall, so you can skip them and check the room right beside the save point. Inside is a chest containing an Inferno Amulet.

The door in the east of the area will take you back into the main amphitheatre, where the play continues. Once you're back in control again you can Purchase / Steal the two Ushers on the upper balcony for a bunch of Soulstones, if you wish. The entrance to the next section of the dungeon is to the east. Check to the right of the save point for a chest containing a Light Soulstone (L), then take the plunge.

Amphitheatre: Balcony

The Obsidian Executives will disappear in this next area, replaced by two more elemental enemies:

  • Ice Guardian Mk.II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Bow, and Fire. Can use some strong Ice attacks that hit the whole party. A worthy first target.
  • Light Guardian Mk.II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Bow, and Dark. The Light equivalent of the Ice Guardian, though easier to stun, and thus less of a problem.
There's a door to the right of the entrance to this area. The room beyond seems empty, but there's a hidden passage in the top-right corner of the room that will bring you to a purple chest. Inside it is an Enchanted Rod. Keep heading east, bypassing the stairs, and at the end you'll find a room containing a Silver-filled Pouch.

Go up the stairs around the center of the passage. Past the save point you'll see a bit more of the play, then head into the rear section of this area. Straight ahead is a room containing a Bright Stone. Keep following the main path and you'll find a southbound passage leading to the balcony in the previous area. You'll find a Revitalizing Jam in the room on the left.

Head back to the main passage. There's a meeting room with a save point in the west. Check the north end of the room for an Energizing Pomegranate (L), then heal up, use the save point, and go through the western door. Simeon's waiting on the other side, and he will share his grotesque view of the world. Yeah, it's time for this guy to die.


Weakness: Polearm, Dagger, Staff, Dark
Weakness (Father Marionette): Axe, Fire, Lightning, Light
Weakness (Dancer Marionette): Sword, Axe, Staff, Fire

The battle against Simeon takes place in two parts. During the first Simeon is accompanied by a Father Marionette and a Dancer Marionette - wonder who they are - and he'll use primarily Dark attacks against one or more targets. The single-target attack, Rondo of Stillness, can silence a party member. When he uses Boost mode Simeon can hit your party with Serenade to the Darkness, which does a heavy amount of Dark damage. He can also improve the attack capabilities of the two Marionettes, allowing them to use two moves per turn. The Father sticks to strong physical attacks that may inflict debuffs, while the Dancer can buff their party. 

This part of the battle is pretty straightforward. Take out the Marionettes, then Simeon. Simeon's still the most dangerous enemy, but he will occasionally not take a turn, leaving you in the clear. Targeting either Marionette is fine, though the Dancer has less health and will make the battle a bit harder with its buffs, making it a wiser first target. So long as you can blow through Simeon's shields when he enters Boost you should be fine.

You'll receive a Mental Belt and a Shadow Soulstone (M) for defeating Simeon and his puppet pals. Did that seem a bit easy? Surprise! Simeon's not done yet!


Weakness: Polearm, Dagger, Staff, Wind, Dark or Sword, Axe, Fire, Lightning, Dark or Dagger, Axe, Bow, Ice, Dark or Sword, Dagger, Staff, Wind, Dark

The second half of the fight against Simeon is a four-on-one, and Simeon's abilities receive a substantial boost in power. He continues to focus on Dark Skills, and can silence your characters, but he can now attack multiple times per turn - up to three times late in the fight. Simeon will also use buffs on himself, and halfway through the fight he'll start to use debuffs on your party.  Early on Simeon will use Master of Silence to inflict silence on the whole party, and will use it again after he recovers from a break. Very annoying. Simeon will also obscure the turn timeline at the top of the screen, preventing you from seeing who's going next. Also annoying (though only if you make extensive use of the timeline - some players might not even notice).

Aside from the need to cure silence more often this second fight isn't that different from the first, though Simeon's rotating weaknesses - and ability to lock most of them away until he's broken - makes the process a bit tougher. He starts off with everything but Dagger locked, so focus your efforts on getting him broken so you open up more options. A Thief or two will make this process easier, and can use Armor Corrosive to make your physical attacks all the more potent. Master of Silence comes next, and Alfyn's Concoct is a handy way to get around it quickly and go back on the offensive. Otherwise, guarding your party members with Articulate Stones will keep them from losing access to their Skills, and Herbs of Clamor will bring Skills back online. Once you unlock most of Simeon's weaknesses the fight becomes a fair bit easier, so long as you can keep targeting his rotating weaknesses reliably with weapons or Soulstones. Heal as needed (Alfyn can cover this, too, if he's not silenced) and you'll take Simeon down soon enough.

You'll receive a Vendetta Coat for defeating Simeon, and once he's dealt with Primrose will end her journey back in Noblecourt. Storyline complete... though there's one last thing you should do before you leave town. Head to the east side of Noblecourt. Standing just outside the large mansion belonging to Revello is a young man named Jan. You can Purchase / Steal a Hypnos Crown and a Crystal Vest from him. (He's also a good summon, though having Primrose Allure one of her oldest friends is a bit... well. You know.)

Main Walkthrough