Main Walkthrough

The final leg of Alfyn's story takes place in Orewell, a remote mining town in the far west of Orsterra's Cliftlands region. It's located on the north end of the South Orewell Pass, west of the South Quarrycrest Pass. There's a strong chance you've never visited this town before, so we'll have a quick look around to see if there's anything of interest before letting Alfyn do his thing:

  • There are several NPCs right at the entrance of town. The Villager on the right has the More Plentiful Provisions info that you can Inquire / Scrutinize, and the Oblivious Townsperson to the left of him has an Enlightening Necklace to Purchase / Steal.
  • If you've been pushing her along her quest path then Kaia will be outside the Inn. She has a bunch of decent stuff to Purchase / Steal, if you haven't already.
  • North of the Inn is an Elderly Woman who's blocking the entrance to her house. Challenge / Provoke her to gain access to her home. The Old Man inside has an Invigorating, Fortifying, and Magic Nut (M) to Purchase / Steal, and if you Inquire / Scrutinize him (which is not easy if you're coming here around level 50, which is already overleveled) a Hill Cleaver will appear near the entrance of town. The chest next to the Old Man contains a Scrap of Rope.
  • In the northeast of Orewell is a large home with a save point out front. There's a chest with Soothing Dust inside.
  • On the west side of town is a home with two NPCs outside. The Affable Merchant on the right carries a Rare Stone to Purchase / Steal, and he'll teach you the Dragon of the Cliftlands info if Inquired / Scrutinized. This info is part of a Side Story. The Villager blocking the house to the left has a Fire Amulet to Purchase / Steal, and a Revitalizing Jam will appear in her home if she is Scrutinized / Inquired. Challenge / Provoke her to get inside her home and you'll find a chest containing Weathered Boots. (Ever get the feeling that you're robbing some very poor people blind?)
  • On the left side of the Tavern is a chest. It contains... 68 leaves. (Yes, these people are very poor.)
  • There are three NPCs in the northwest of town, up on a ridge. The man on the left has the Discount at the Inn info to Scrutinize / Inquire, the Lazy Loafer on the right has... nothing great... and the Struggling Merchant up top has an Olive of Life (M). This last is part of a Side Story.
That's just about it for Orewell. Head to the Tavern and speak to the Tavern Keeper. Hear a Tale will get the ball rolling on Alfyn's chapter.

Alfyn's Chapter

Plagued with doubt over what happened in Saintsbridge, Alfyn finds himself in the dried-up town of Orewell, asking for advice and receiving none. He does, however, discover that the people of Orewell need him, as a plague is sweeping through the community. Ogen arrives just as Alfyn is inspecting the patients, and the pair tend to the sick.

Alfyn needs a drink once he's done. Head to the Tavern and Alfyn will drown his sorrows in booze a bit. Ogen comes in, and the pair commiserate over the difficulties of their profession. On his way out of the Tavern Alfyn meets one of Ogen's patients, who confesses that he saw Ogen having health problems of his own. A little side cut to Ogen confirms that, yes, he is quite ill.

Cross the southern bridge and Alfyn will spot Ogen. The two will bicker for a moment... and then Ogen will collapse. Alfyn diagnoses Ogen... or tries, anyway... but the older Apothecary has no interest in cures, and takes off. Alfyn needs more details before he can properly figure out what's wrong with Ogen, and a patient on the left side of the house filled with sick people has the Ogen's Mutterings info that Alfyn needs.

Head to the Inn to trigger a cut scene with Ogen, and he'll confess his sins - which includes why he's so sick. Alfyn agonizes over what he should do, but a surprise letter from his buddy Zeph puts Alfyn back on the right track. Head back to the Inn and Alfyn will declare his intentions to brew up an elixir that will set Ogen to rights, and a quick flashback will allow you to Inquire Alfyn's role model for the Elixir Recipe. Not sure memories work like that, but... whatever.

Head to the northwest corner of Orewell. There's a path up here leading to the Forest of Rubeh, where Alfyn suspects he can find the key ingredient for brewing up a cure.

Trail to the Forest of Rubeh

Another clifftop path, the Trail to the Forest of Rubeh is short and fairly straightforward. You'll run into the following enemies on your way to the titular forest:

  • Creepy Fledgling - Weak to Sword, Axe, and Lightning. Pretty basic melee unit that can buff itself.
  • Woolly Spider - Weak to Sword, Axe, Staff, and Lightning. Hearty opponent that can put your characters to sleep. A bit less of a menace than it appears.
  • Bloody Rhino - Weak to Sword, Axe, Staff, and Ice. Hefty enemy that will buff itself and then assault your party with strong physical attacks. Prioritize stunning and killing these things before they can wreak havoc.
  • Dreadwing - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Lightning, and Light. Can debuff your party, but otherwise isn't a huge menace.

Walk west through the area until it sweeps north, towards a save point. Keep going west and down a ramp to find a chest containing Purifying Dust. Head back up the ramp and trek past the save point until the path splits. Take the lower path and it will lead you to a chest containing 20,000 leaves. Head back north and continue west; you'll cross a bridge, under which you'll find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M). The end of the area, and the beginning of the Forest of Rubeh, is a short trip further to the west.

Forest of Rubeh

The final dungeon of Alfyn's story, the Forest of Rubeh is filled with a contingent of new enemies for you to tackle:

  • Wind Elemental - Weak to Ice and Lightning. Uses Wind attacks. Should be pretty weak compared to your party by the time you reach the Forest of Rubeh.
  • Menacing Manticore - Weak to Sword, Bow, Staff, and Wind. Can blind your characters, and is generally an annoying melee fighter. 
  • Giant Eagle - Weak to Polearm. One weakness? Eesh. Mainly annoying because of that, but if you have a Polearm they're easy to stun and kill.
  • Devil Deer - Weak to Axe, Staff, Lightning, Wind, and Dark. Can buff itself and dish out lots of damage, but is also vulnerable to a lot of different attacks. Make killing these a priority.
Follow the trail east from the entrance. Sitting beside the path as you walk is a purple chest containing an Inferno Amulet, and if you take the side path just as the main path veers north you'll find a chest containing a Wind Soulstone (M). There's a save point across from the entrance to the area, and from here the Forest of Rubeh branches off in a few different potential directions.

Start by heading straight north. You'll wind up enter the second half of the Forest of Rubeh, where different enemies roam, though this spot is a dead end. There's a chest here containing a Conscious Stone. Swing back to the previous area and check the rock wall on your left as you head back south. You'll find a chest containing an Herb of Clarity down a side path. There's a similar side path closer to the save point that will lead you to another chest, this one containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M).

Back to the save point. Cross the bridge to the left of the save point and check just south of your position to find a chest containing a Purifying Seed. Northwest of here and on your left is another chest containing an Inspiriting Plum (M), and if you look just south of this treasure chest you'll see a darkened side path leading west. 

There's a Silver-filled Pouch hidden behind a rock on your left just as the path is turning north. Partway up this path you'll find a Ruinous Dust on your right and down a hidden path, and if you keep checking the right as you go north you'll find an Energizing Pomegranate (M) down another righthand path. Go all the way north you'll wind up in the second area of the forest again. Here you'll find 30,000 leaves, down a semi-hidden passage on your right, and an Augmented Bow of the Falcon, all the way down the northbound path.

Return to the previous area yet again and head back to the torches. Go north and you'll find a save point, as well as a more official entrance to the second half of the Forest of Rubeh. New enemy formations, along with new enemies, will begin to appear as you enter the deeper sections of the forest:
  • Ettin Snake - Weak to Dagger, Axe, and Ice. Strong melee enemy that can quickly eviscerate your party members. Quick to stun, so get on it.
  • Killer Chameleon - Weak to Axe and Ice. Can confuse your characters and is a bit difficult to hit at times, but overall is more of a nuisance than a threat.
Follow the main path north until it splits. Hang left and you'll find a chest containing a Healing Grape Bunch. Check behind the chest and you'll discover a hidden path that will eventually lead to a Revitalizing Jam. Get back on the main path and head east.

You'll reach a three-way intersection ahead, with a save point on your right. Head north, open the obvious chest behind the rock on the right for a Healing Grape (M), and follow the path as it curves west. It'll take you to a chest containing an Imperial Armor. Wander back to the intersection, check the save point, look down the path beside the torchlit ramp for an Herb of Healing, then head up the ramp. Alfyn's prey is waiting.

Ogre Eagle

Weakness: Sword, Bow, Ice, Lightning, Dark

Hoo boy. For a creature that arrived on the scene with so little fanfare, this thing is tough. The Ogre Eagle begins the battle by locking away all of its weaknesses but one - Ice - and will only unlock the others as you break its defenses. While you're busy making the beats vulnerable the Ogre Eagle will use a combination of Wind Skills which hit multiple times per turn, Swept Away, which temporarily removes a character from combat, and physical hits. The physical hits are capable of inflicting most of the status ailments in the game, as well as debuffs, all at random. Eesh. Once the Ogre Eagle hits half of its health it will use Toxic Rainbow, which reduces each party member's total HP by a small amount at the end of each turn. Sounds fun, right?

Alfyn is key to this fight. Not only can he clear up status ailments with Concoct and Rehabilitate, he can use Injurious Seeds to quickly get rid of the Ogre Eagle's defensive shields and break it. This is especially important if you didn't bring along any Scholars who can target the Ogre Eagle's Ice weakness as the fight begins. Equip items and Skills that block status ailments on everyone that you can before the fight begins (particularly anything that can stop confuse), then work to keep the Ogre Eagle stunned. Having a particularly fast party member can help you bypass the first stage of weakness locks, making the whole affair easier. Luck plays a role in this fight, but if your team is fast enough - and equipped with the right Skills, such as elemental spells or Rain of Arrows - you can mitigate the damage and bring the Ogre Eagle down quickly enough.

You'll earn a Refreshing Jam for defeating the Ogre Eagle, and Alfyn will grab a pinion from the beast and rush back to town. Alfyn will work his magic, and, well... watch for yourself. At any rate, Alfyn's story is done, and he's off to keep healing people as best he can. (And split them in half with his axe from time to time.)

Main Walkthrough