Main Walkthrough

The third chapter in Ophilia's tale brings her to Goldshore, a ritzy, almost resort town in the far northeast of Orsterra.. To reach the port you'll need to travel south from Rippletide to the North Cobbleston Gap, continue south to the North Stonegard Pass, head northeast to the Moonstruck Coast, and then keep traveling northeast to the West Goldshore Coast. Goldshore is east from here. 

Goldshore has a lot to see, so you should have a look in its three districts before you commit to Ophilia's tale:

  • The Old Man beside the Inn, right at the entrance of Goldshore, has a Dragon's Vest that you can Purchase / Steal. It's a costly, but very useful, piece of equipment.
  • The Fisherman's Sweetheart out front of the third building in Goldshore has a Starlight Hat to Purchase / Steal. The house behind her has a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum. Next to this home is the bridge to Goldshore's Manor District, which we'll visit in a moment.
  • There's a beach south of the bridge to the cathedral. On it is a Crest-bearing Ruffian who gloats about being strong, and if you Challenge / Provoke him he's certainly no slouch. Beat him and you'll earn a Mercenary Crest that's part of a Side Story.
  • The Tavern is to the right of the bridge leading north through Goldshore. There's a chest hidden behind the tree on the left side of the Tavern that contains a Thunder Soulstone (M). The Townsperson out front of the Tavern gives the Discount at the Inn info when Inquired / Scrutinized. Look inside the Tavern, in the bottom-right corner, for a chest containing an Olive of Life.
  • The Elderly Woman standing near the bridge to the Manor District will reveal a hidden Copper-filled Pouch near the Provisioner if you Inquire / Scrutinize her.

Goldshore Manor District

Ahh, some rich folks up this way. You'll find the following in the north of Goldshore:
  • The Townsperson standing at the entrance to the district has the Guide with Ease info if you Inquire / Scrutinize him.
  • On the left side of the Manor District is the Armorer. The Stonemonger out front holds an Orewell Whetstone that you can Steal / Purchase as part of a Side Story.
  • Just down the road from the save point is a Fledgling Fisherman who is part of a Side Story. He holds a Leviathan Egg that you can Steal / Purchase.
  • Up the stairs from the save point you'll find a chest containing 4,500 leaves. The Townsperson standing in front of the nearby house has a Copper-filled Purse that you can Steal / Purchase. Get him out of the way - Challenge / Provoke work nicely, as the Townsperson is quite weak - and you'll find an Old Man inside. You can Steal / Purchase three Cat's Eyes from him, each worth 20,000 leaves if sold. Yeesh. He is very powerful if Challenged / Provoked, and doesn't drop anything great for your trouble.
  • In the northeast of the Manor District is a mansion with a chest outside containing an Herb of Clamor.
  • There are three NPCs out front of the Goldshore Cathedral with good items to Steal / Purchase, though best among them are the Wizard's Rod from the woman on the left and the Imperial Armor from the Knight Ardante. Check behind the trees on the left side of the cathedral to find a hidden chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M).

Goldshore Cathedral

One last stop:

  • The Cleric standing right near the entrance of the Cathedral will teach you the New Weapons for Sale info if Scrutinized / Inquired.
  • The Cleric standing near the candlelit altar has an Inspiriting Plum Basket to Steal / Purchase.
  • There's an Olive of Life in a chest between the columns on the right side of the cathedral. If you look to the right of the Sacred Flame in the north of the cathedral you'll find a chest containing an Herb of Light.
  • There's an Inspiriting Plum Basket in the room on the left side of the cathedral

That's all for Goldshore. Let's check up on how Ophilia's pilgrimage is going. If you ignored her chapter prompt earlier, you can trigger it again by speaking to the Tavern Keeper and choosing Hear a Tale.

Ophilia's Chapter

Upon arrival in Goldshore Ophilia will immediately notice a familiar face: Mattias, the man who visited the cathedral in Flamesgrace at the beginning of her story. He seems... somewhat genuine... but there's just something in that tone that smacks of bad intent. Mattias leaves to attend to other business, and Ophilia can continue her journey to the Goldshore Cathedral, in the north of town.

Bishop Donovan, head to the cathedral, is happy to see her... though something's obviously amiss with the man. He leaves to complete the preparations for the Kindling ceremony, and Ophilia is immediately suspicious of his distracted manner. She's also suspicious of a young boy, who appears to be watching them - and immediately takes off. 

Check out the east side of the Goldshore Manor District, near the save point. The boy is staring at a large stone brazier. The boy will reluctantly ID himself as Daniel, and tell Ophilia that the bishop started to act weird after Daniel delivered a letter to His Holiness. The boy is clearly a key component of all this, so Guide him with Ophilia and take him back to the cathedral.

Approach Donovan in the cathedral, right where you last saw him. Daniel will attempt to apologize, but the bishop declares that everything is his own fault. He then hands over the letter, which reveals that Donovan's daughter, Lysa, has been kidnapped - and the kidnappers want the flame Ophilia carries. Donovan collapses out of grief, and Ophilia resolves to bring Lysa back unharmed.

Heal up your party, restock, and save, then head back to lower Goldshore. Mattias is standing out front of the Tavern, and speaking to him will trigger a conversation about faith... and immediately make Ophilia suspicious of him. Well done, guy. With Mattias out of the way, you'll find your destination to the south of the Tavern.

Road to the Seaside Grotto

Ah, what a pleasant jaunt along the shore. Or... not? You won't be on the Road to the Seaside Grotto for long, but there are still enemies of note along the way:

  • Dark Curator - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Staff, and Light. Uses Dark Skills to damage your party. Not too tough.
  • Flame Curator - Weak to Polearm, Bow, Staff, and Ice. Like the Dark Curator, but with Fire Skills instead. Also not too tough.
  • Scythe Crab - Weak to Dagger, Axe, and Wind. Can use Toxic Breath to poison the whole party. A fair nuisance that should be dealt with quicky.
  • Mossy Tortoise - Weak to Sword and Wind. Buff enemy with few weaknesses that likes to use Lightning Skills. Magic works best if you can't break it.
  • Azure Urchin - Weak to Polearm, Lightning, and Light. Likes to buff its team and poison your party members, and is fairly hardy - but also easy to stun. Ophilia herself can zap these things with Holy Light.
Head south from Goldshore. Once you find a save point the path will split. Head down to the beach on your right first to find a chest containing a Thunder Soulstone (M), then backtrack and go left. The path ahead splits to the north and south. Head north and you'll find a chest containing an Ice Amulet. To the south you'll see a beach on the right side of the path. Check the chest down here for a Bottle of Poison Dust.

Continue south along the main path and you'll find a slight side trip on your right that will bring you to a chest containing a Healing Grape Bunch. Continue west along the path and you'll see one final chest below you - this one contains an Herb of Awakening - before you reach the end of the road. Use the save point just outside your cave destination, then head inside.

Seaside Grotto

Something foul is afoot, and it's not just the plot at hand. You'll be fighting plenty of nasty beasties as you make your trek into the Seaside Grotto:
  • Believer I - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, and Light. Use Fire Soulstones / Greater Fire Soulstones to damage the whole party, along with normal attacks. Not too damaging, though the group attacks add up when you're facing several of them. 
  • Believer II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Axe, and Light. The same as Believer Is, though they use Dark Soulstones instead, and tend to do more damage.
  • Fire Elemental - Weak to Ice and Wind. Strong creatures that favor Fire Skills. If you don't have their weaknesses handy you can pummel them with magic.
  • Dark Elemental - Weak to Fire and Light. Same as the Fire Elemental, though you'll have Ophilia in the party, so you always have a weapon.
  • Flame Sentinel Mk. II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Staff, and Ice. Appears in groups and can use Fire Skills. Painful, but easy to stun if you bring the right people along.
  • Dark Sentinel Mk. II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Axe, Staff, and Light. The Dark equivalent of the Flame Sentinel.
  • Vampire Bat - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Bow, and Ice. Can use Mass Slumberwave to put the whole party to sleep if you're unlucky. They're easy to stun, so target these critters first.
  • Shaggy Spider - Weak to Dagger, Axe, Staff, Lightning, and Light. Can debuff your party and put them to sleep, but are not a massive threat.

To the west of the entrance the path will split to the north and the south. Go south and you'll find a dead end with a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum Basket. Go north, following the torches, and you'll come to a bridge in the west. Cross it and you'll find another intersection, though the bridge to the north is out, forcing you south. Check the rocks on your left before you leave the intersection to find a hidden path. It leads to a chest containing a Refreshing Jam.

Wander west along the main path until you see a save point to the north. If you check the big rock on the left side of the path up towards the save point you'll find a hidden passageway that will take you east, below the first bridge you crossed. Beneath it is a purple chest containing a Grand Helm

Return to the west and head to the save point. Carry on northeast and you'll find a bridge. Cross it to the east to find a chest containing an Energizing Pomegranate (M). This is a dead end, so head back across the bridge and go northwest. There's a chest sitting out that contains an Olive of Life.

Keep following the main path north, then east. You'll come to another bridge. Wander south before crossing the bridge to find an Inspiriting Plum (M), then make the journey. There's another save point over here, and next to the save point is a ramp that leads to a Silver-filled Pouch. Grab it, then return to the save point and head to the northeast corner of the cave. The bad guys are waiting up here - they will probably look familiar from a number of character chapters by now - and they're about to off Lysa. Ophilia to the rescue!

Mystery Man and Shady Figure

Weakness (Mystery Man): Polearm, Axe, Light, Dark
Weakness (Shady Figure): Sword, Dagger, Fire, Ice, Lightning

A pair of powerful mages who reflect many of the enemies leading up to this point, the Mystery Man and the Shady Figure are potent enemies. Covering one another's elemental weaknesses as soon as the battle begins, the two men will spend the whole battle bombarding you with almost the entire spectrum of elemental Skills, forcing you to use weapon attacks and Skills alone if you want to break them. The Mystery Man will focus on Fire, Ice, Lightning, and other such offensive Skills, while the Shady Figure provides some healing and buffing / debuffing support, as well as occasionally using Luminesence on your whole party. The Shady Man can use two moves per turn. Once you defeat one of the men the other will gain three more defensive shields and raise his number of moves per turn to three. Both will also use more powerful Skills to compensate for their newfound solo act, which become quite painful when used multiple times a round.

Though it's kind of awful to endure the attacks of both guys for the duration of the battle, you're better off trying to get both of them into the red before you kill either the Mystery Man or the Shady Figure. With enough weapon coverage it's not that difficult to break either one of them early on, and if you time your breaks well you can almost prevent them from ever taking their turns at the same time. Ophilia can keep everyone healed during those times when they slip attacks through. Get them both down into the red, then go to town on one of them once both are broken. With the one out of the way you can hopefully demolish the other before he can boost his defenses and attacks per turn. If not, well, you're almost at the finish line anyway.

You'll receive a Black Staff and a Stimulating Bracelet for defeating the Mystery Man and the Shady Figure. One suicide later you'll be back in Goldshore, and can return her to the bishop in the cathedral. The Kindling will commence - but bad news will arrive shortly after it's done, and one of Ophilia's friends will do something very, very dumb. Long story short, Ophilia is headed to Wispermill to complete her journey.