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Clearbrook Side Stories

A Sweet Reunion

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Alfyn's storyline

Location: Along the southern road of the South Clearbrook Traverse

Reward: 2,000 leaves

- Wander along the southern side of the river flowing through the South Clearbrook Traverse until you find a Lost Grandfather. He was headed to Clearbrook but lost his way.

- Allure / Guide the Lost Grandfather and take him to Clearbrook yourself. The Lonely Grandchild who's waiting for him is standing on the bridge near the General Store.

For Want of Fish

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Alfyn's storyline

Location: Small dock on the east side of Clearbrook

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Mighty Belt

- Speak to the Angler who's fishing off of the dock in Clearbrook. He can't seem to catch any plounder, and bewails his inability to feed his family as a result.

- Your first option for completing this quest is to head to the Tavern. On the left side of the Tavern is Magg the Cook, and he's holding Saucy Prawns that you can Purchase / Steal. Take them back to the Angler for a reward.

- The alternative is to head out to the West Clearbrook Traverse. Just downstream from Clearbrook - head west, then south across a bridge, then west again - you'll find a Fishmonger who's busy catching all of the fish with his nets. Provoke / Challenge and defeat the Fishmonger to end the quest.

Meryl, Lost then Found (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 1 of Alfyn's storyline

Location: Graveyard on the east side of Clearbrook

Reward: 1,500 leaves, Resistant Nut

Unlocks: Meryl, Lost then Found (II)

- Speak to Meryl in the graveyard of Clearbrook. She's standing to the right of the northmost gravestone. She says she found a bottle floating in the river, and the note inside claims to be from Meryl's mother - presumably her real mother. Meryl has parents already, however, and she's scared to hear the truth from them.

- You'll find Meryl's Father outside the Tavern. Inquire / Scrutinize him to learn about Meryl's Past. Take the info to Meryl to complete the quest, and send Meryl off on a journey to find her mother.

Zeph and Mercedes (I)

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Alfyn and Cyrus' storyline

Location: Zeph's house, in roughly the center of Clearbrook

Reward: None

Unlocks: Zeph and Mercedes (II)

- Speak to Nina, Zeph's little sister. She says that Zeph likes someone, but the object of his affection moved away several years ago. The someone just happens to be Mercedes, a librarian in Atlasdam.

- Zeph is holding a Letter from Zeph. Purchase / Steal it from him and take it to the library in Atlasdam. It's the building on the left in Atlasdam Palace Gate, in the north of the city. Mercedes is behind the desk.

Zeph and Mercedes (II)

Prerequisite: Zeph and Mercedes (I)

Location: Library in Atlasdam

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Memorial Axe

- Completing Zeph and Mercedes (I) will leave you in the library in Atlasdam. Purchase / Steal the Letter from Mercedes, from Mercedes. Take it back to Zeph to end their little tale. 

Saintsbridge Side Stories

A Corpse with No Name

Location: East Saintsbridge Traverse, south of the save point and on the road to the Farshore dungeon

Reward: 5,000 leaves, Gentleman's Charm

- Speak to the River Dweller who's standing near a body along the East Saintsbridge Traverse. He claims that the body washed up from the river, but nobody can figure out who it is. The man says that the body has a mole on its hand by way of ID.

- There are two ways to solve this conundrum. The first is to head into Farshore. A ways into the dungeon you'll come across an Unsavory Man who's fishing things out of the water. Purchase / Steal Hugo's Journal from him and take it to the River Dweller to settle matters.

- Your other option is to travel to Victors Hollow. Just south of the Provisioner is a Restless Woman looking for her lost husband. Guide / Allure her and take her to the River Dweller to conclude the sad story.

Daughter of the Dark God (II)

Prerequisite: Daughter of the Dark God (I)

Location: On the wooden bridge that stretches across the southern section of the river in Saintsbridge

Reward: 10,000 leaves

Unlocks: Alphas and the Impresario

- Speak to Lyblac, the woman from Daughter of the Dark God (I). She's still searching for that perfect someone, and you're not it. Alphas, the hapless man who fell in love with her, will enter just as Lyblac exits, and he still wants her attention - though Lyblac is not interested. Alphas despairs over ever finding the right woman.

- Inquire / Scrutinize Alphas and you'll learn Alphas's Poem. Head to Saintsbridge: Upstream and you'll find a woman named Flora outside the Saintsbridge Cathedral. Share the poem with her to give Alphas the companion he wants. (And it appears Lyblac has found the man she seeks... and it may not be a good thing for him, whomever he is.)

Friends Again

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Ophilia's storyline

Location: Small square in Saintsbridge: Upstream

Reward: Badge of Friendship

- Speak to Emil, the small boy from the second chapter of Ophilia's story, in Saintsbridge: Upstream. Emil and Derryl's friend Nate has been acting off of late, and they don't know why. Nate then walks in and makes it pretty plain that he has a crush on someone named Melanie.

- Head back to the southern half of Saintsbridge. There's a Bully standing near the Saintsbridge: Upstream entrance. Purchase / Steal the River Blossom from him, and take it to Nate to conclude the quest. Heartwrenching.

Meryl, Lost then Found (II)

Prerequisite: Meryl, Lost then Found (I)

Location: Outside the Provisioner in Saintsbridge

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Resistant Nut (M)

Unlocks: Meryl, Lost then Found (II)

- Look for Meryl in the southern half of Saintsbridge. She's being accosted by an Erstwhile Sellsword who seems to be blaming her for things that aren't her fault. You can quickly resolve the issue by Challenging / Provoking the man and beating him to a pulp.

The Pilgrims' Plight

Location: Saintsbridge Cathedral

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Refreshing Jam

- Speak to the Kindly Cleric in the Saintsbridge Cathedral. He says that a Ruffian has been busy extorting money from pilgrims who are trying to make their way to the cathedral. He wants the man driven away.

- Head to East Saintsbridge Traverse. You'll find the Ruffian just outside the city. Challenge / Provoke him, then defeat him in combat. The Kindly Cleric will offer the man employment after his butt has been kicked, and you'll earn your reward.

The Worrywart

Location: Along the wooden bridge in the south of Saintsbridge 

Reward: 6,600 leaves, Invigorating Nut, Resistant Nut

- Speak to the Worrywart who's standing on the wooden bridge in Saintsbridge. He's concerned that the water is rising, and needs assurances that Saintsbridge won't be swept away, or... something.

- Head to the East Saintsbridge Traverse. If you follow the path east to a save point and then swing south you'll find an Assiduous Scholar on the banks of the river, near the entrance to the Farshore Dungeon. Scrutinize / Inquire the man to learn the Early Ice Thawing info. Take it back to the Worrywart to set his mind at ease.

Riverford Side Stories

Hello Again, Harald

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Olberic's storyline

Location: Just south of the Tavern in Riverford

Reward: 8,000 leaves, Harald's Sword

- Speak to Reggie in Riverford. He speaks of his friend and boss Harald, who sacrificed much to free Riverford - including his mother's necklace. He sold it off to fund the restoration of the town, and Reggie wants to get the keepsake back.

- Head to Wellspring. To the west of the Tavern is a house watched over by a Guard. Challenge / Provoke him and defeat him and you'll find several Merchants holding a slew of good items. The one in the center has a Memorial Necklace for you to Purchase / Steal. Bring it back to Reggie to complete the quest.

Meryl, Lost then Found (III)

Prerequisite: Meryl, Lost then Found (II)

Location: By the water in Lower Riverford

Reward: 11,000 leaves, High House's Armor, Resistant Nut (L)

- Speak to Meryl in Lower Riverford. She's down two sets of stairs from the main thoroughfare. Meryl has tracked her mother down to Riverford, but she has no idea where the woman might be in the town.

- Go up the stairs. The first house to the north has a Sickly Woman inside who is saying Meryl's name. Guide / Allure Meryl into the house to speak to the woman to end her story on a sad note.

The Adventuring Life

Location: Outside the Tavern in Riverford

Reward: 11,000 leaves, Critical Nut (L)

- Speak to the Servant out front of the Tavern in Riverford. She claims to be the maidservant of one Sir Cervantes, who has wandered off in search of adventure. She wishes he at least had someone to keep him company.

- Cervantes is the Mysterious Knight in South Orewell Pass, and your first option for ending his adventure is to defeat him in battle. You'll find him by heading towards Dragonsong Fane, a dungeon to the north of the main path through the area. Challenge / Provoke the Mysterious Knight and he'll decide to head home.

- The alternative is to give Cervantes some company. Head to Atlasdam and travel to the Atlasdam Palace Gate. Out front of the library is an Enthusiastic Youth who wants to be a squire. Allure / Guide him to the Mysterious Knight and they will begin their journey together.

The Hidden Hoard

Prerequisite: Complete Chapter 4 of Ophilia's storyline

Location: East side of the square in Riverford

Reward: 15,000 leaves, Revitalizing Jam

- Speak to the Passionate Youth to the right of the raised platform near the entrance of Riverford. He's a treasure hunter, and he wants to plunder the lost loot of House Landar.

- There are two ways to complete this quest. The first takes you to Stonegard. Head up to Stonegard Heights and you'll find an Erstwhile Bodyguard standing near the fountain. Inquire / Scrutinize him for The Fall of House Landar. Return this info to the Passionate Youth to end the quest.

- The alternative is to travel to Atlasdam. A short walk south of the Inn, just to the left of an empty house, is an Erstwhile Retainer looking over a railing. Purchase / Steal the House Landar Records from him and take them back to the Passionate Youth.

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