Main Walkthrough

One of the more picturesque starting areas in Octopath Traveler, Rippletide Coast connects the south of Orsterra to the north, providing a highway from the city of Atlasdam to the remote hamlet of Cobbleston. If you choose Tressa as your starting character you'll get used to this coastline, as her home town of Rippletide is along East Rippletide Coast. We'll proceed into these two areas assuming that you're starting from Rippletide.

The scenery hides the dangers of the Rippletide Coast, and there are plenty of monsters you'll have to face as you trek through the region:

  • Sea Birdian I - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Fire, and Lightning. Fairly basic melee attackers that Tressa can stab or blast out of the sky.
  • Sea Birdian II - Weak to Sword, Polearm, Fire, and Lightning. A slightly stronger version of the Sea Birdian that can use Double Shot to hit twice. Meh.
  • Sea Birdian III - Weak to Sword, Fire, and Wind. In addition to the normal attacks of its type, this Sea Birdian can also boost the Critical Attack rate of other enemies, making it quite dangerous.
  • Hermit Conch - Weak to Sword, Polearm, and Ice. Buffs its defenses, then goes on the attack. A bit sturdy, but will lose its cool to Tressa's spears.
  • Flying Fish - Weak to Sword, Bow, Lightning, and Dark. Uses pretty basic, damaging attacks.
  • Sailfish - Weak to Sword, Bow, Fire, and Lightning. Can inflict confusion on a character, which is understandably annoying. Not a ton of HP, fortunately.
  • Rock Tortoise - Weak to Sword and Wind. A beefy beast that hits hard with normal attacks, and can use Spark to hit everyone. Keep it off-balance with its weaknesses until you can take out any other monsters.

East Rippletide Coast

As with every character's starting town, when you first leave Rippletide you'll see a young man at the side of the road. He's been injured, and needs a Healing Grape. Hand one over and he'll identify himself as Kit. He's on a trip to find his father. Helping him out here will complete the Kit, the Traveler Side Story and earn you 1,500 leaves. Not a bad start. 

Just past the bridge to Rippletide you'll find a save point, and the path will split to the north and south. Head south to start. There's a bridge ahead. Check on the left side of the bridge for stairs down to the beach, upon which you'll find a chest containing a Magic Nut. To the right of the bridge is a side path to another beach, at the end of which you'll find an Inspiriting Plum

If you cross the bridge and follow the path south you'll find a Wind Soulstone on a side path to the left. At the far end you'll come to North Cobbleston Gap, leading to Cobbleston. Go this way if you want to recruit Olberic, a powerful melee character.

Follow the road north of Rippletide and you'll quickly reach North Rippletide Coast.

North Rippletide Coast

Go north. The path will split into an upper and a lower path. Take the lower path and you'll find your way down to a beach on your right. There's a chest here containing an Olive of Life. There's a big rock in the middle of the sand, and if you look behind it on the left side you'll find the hidden entrance to Undertow Cove, a Danger Level 45 dungeon. Assuming you're relatively new to the game you want to stay well clear of Undertow Cove. Come back once you're in the Chapter 3 range.

Double back and take the upper path, heading west. There's a save point ahead. Check the beach just south of the save point for a Healing Grape. If you keep following the westbound path you'll wind up on grassier terrain, and the road will soon take you to the East Atlasdam Flats. Atlasdam is in this direction, and you can recruit Cyrus, a Scholar, by heading to the big city. Check the chest on the right side of the road for a Fortifying Nut before you leave.

Main Walkthrough