Main Walkthrough

Olberic's tale begins in the Highlands, in the small, mountain-cradled village of Cobbleston. You'll see a bit of Olberic's history - clearly he's quite a mighty warrior, despite being at level one - and meet Olberic's young friend, Philip. Once you're done speaking to Philip and a pair of Watchmen you can have a look around Cobbleston, though there's not much to see besides the General Store. Outfitting Olberic with some better arms and armor can't hurt. 

Head south of Olberic's home and you'll see the Village Headman he needs to meet standing outside a house. Speak to him for another cut scene. The Headman will ask Olberic to train some of the village's men. Once the tale is done said men will wander over, and you'll be introduced to Olberic's special ability.


Similar to H'aanit, Olberic's Path Ability, Challenge, allows him to fight NPCs in one-on-one duels. Unlike H'aanit, though, Olberic fights them personally. Winning a Challenge will earn Olberic experience and the rest of the party some money. Losing will cost the party some Reputation in the current town. The two guys you need to Challenge now are a piece of cake and fold in seconds, though the Strength of future Challenges will vary from person to person, so try not to get Olberic in over his head.

Take down the two Watchmen, then watch another conversation with Philip. Once it's done Olberic will need to go on patrol. Check the Headman's house for a chest containing a Healing Grape (and Challenge him, if you feel like getting some more experience), then head east of the Headman's home. You'll immediately receive word of bandits on the prowl.

Run to the entrance of town in the northeast. Olberic will wind up in a fight with two Brigand Is and a Brigand II. Using Level Slash a handful of times will make quick work of the Brigands. One of the Brigands will escape, and in the fuss more of the bandits will make off with Philip. Watch the cut scene that follows, heal Olberic back in his home, stock up on some Healing Grapes, and follow the fiends to the northeast.

Mountain Pass

To track down the bandits you must first make your way through the Mountain Pass. Unsurprisingly, there are enemies to slay along the way:

  • Highland Ratkin I - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Bow, and Light. A simple enemy that will fall to Olberic's sword.
  • Highland Ratkin II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Bow, and Light. A stronger version of the Highland Ratkin I. No sweat.
  • Highland Ratkin III - Weak to Polearm, Bow, and Dark. Another version of the Ratkin with fewer weaknesses and the ability to buff itself. Can use Silencing Slash to lock away your Skills for a few turns. Switch to Olberic's spear for the best results.
  • Rockadillo - Weak to Sword, Axe, and Dark. A sturdy beast that can do decent damage with Body Bash. Use Boosted sword attacks to pick it apart.
  • Giant Falcon - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, Wind, and Dark. Fairly basic enemy that can use Wind Slash on one target. Olberic's spear will bring one down.
  • Dread Falcon - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, Wind, and Dark. A stronger version of the Giant Falcon that can also use Thousand Scythes, a version of Wind Slash that hits the whole party instead. Spears are still your best friend.
  • Highland Goat - Weak to Sword, Polearm, and Light. A beefy, powerful foe that can clobber a single character pretty easily if not kept stunned. Use sword and spear attacks to break the Highland Goat until you've taken care the rest of its entourage.

Head east from the entrance. There's a save point dead ahead, at an intersection. Go north and you'll find a short side path to a Healing Grape. Both of the eastbound paths from this intersection take you to the same point, though following the southern path will lead you past a chest containing an Inspiriting Plum.

Head east, then north and up the stairs. The path splits again. Take a right and you'll find a darkened path that leads to a chest containing a Light Soulstone. Take a left and you'll find a path up to the bridge over your head. Cross it to find a save point, and to the north an assembly of bandits. If you look on the path to the left of the bandits just before you reach them you'll find a purple chest. These chests can only be opened by Therion, another companion found elsewhere in Octopath Traveler. This chest contains an Old Coin.

Approach the Brigands and you'll wind up in another fight with two Brigand Is and a Brigand II. Exact same as last time, only now Olberic should be a fair bit stronger. Wipe them all out and head into their cave hideout.

The Brigands' Den

Of course these guys live in a cave. You'll run into a few new foes as you make your way through the Brigands' Den:
  • Brigand I - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Wind, and Dark. Simple attackers that you've seen before.
  • Brigand II - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Wind, and Dark. Less-simple attackers, but still nothing you haven't already fought as Olberic.
  • Brigand III - Weak to Sword, Dagger, Lightning, and Dark. Similar to the other Brigands, but can use Thrash to hit the whole party. Should be your first target when they appear, most of the time.
  • Scaled Viper - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Dark. Pretty standard enemy that likes to Bite you. Can use Venomous Fang to poison a character. Annoying, but still not that bad.
  • Dread Viper - Weak to Polearm, Axe, and Dark. An upgraded version of the Scaled Viper
  • Black Bat - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, and Ice. Can suck away your health for itself. Otherwise not remarkable.
  • Shadow Bat - Weak to Polearm, Dagger, Bow, and Ice. Can hit everyone in the party with Black Out, and uses Mass Slumberwave to potentially put the whole party to sleep. Fairly dangerous, and worth killing quick with spears.
The path splits at the entrance of this area. If you veer around the rocks just north of the entrance you'll find a path to the right that will take you to a chest containing a Healing Grape. If you check beside the torch to the right of this path you'll find a hidden path that leads down to a purple chest containing a Black Cap.

Head back to the entrance and go west. It will take you to the other end of the area, and you'll see a chest containing a Fire Soulstone. North of here is a small cache of crates, among which you'll find a purple chest containing a Copper Lantern. Continue following the main path north and east to find a save point and a Traveling Peddler. Buying some Healing Grapes and Inspiriting Plums for Olberic can't hurt. Just south of the Peddler you'll find a winding path to an Inspiriting Plum.

All that's left to check is the bridge to the east of the Traveling Peddler. You'll see a cut scene between the Brigands and Philip, and their leader, Gaston, will step in to fight Olberic personally.


Weakness: Polearm, Dagger, Staff, Ice, Lightning

Accompanied by a pair of Brigands, Gaston is no joke. Similar to Olberic in fighting style, Gaston uses a series of heavy physical attacks to decimate your HP. He can use Level Slash to hit the whole party, Bludgeon to potentially knock someone out for a few turns, and Mighty Blow to just do a ton of damage - and potentially kill a party member in one hit. Gaston grins and whirls his blade before using Mighty Blow, giving you a chance to break through the move before it goes off. His two Bandits will use Thrash to hit the whole party, and are more nuisances than terrible threats.

If you're fighting with just Olberic it's probably safer to concentrate on Gaston, ignoring the two Bandits. You want to keep hitting him with moves that will lower his defenses and keep him close to the breaking point so he can't use Mighty Blow to OHKO Olberic. A combination of Abide and Cross Strike will chew up Gaston's health pretty quickly, so long as you have Inspiriting Plums ready to restore your SP. This is still a relatively sound tactic if you have a party, though the Bandits are more dangerous to a group and you shouldn't neglect them altogether. Taking out one of them while keeping Gaston at bay will make the battle more manageable. Sword attacks will break the defense of the Bandits very quickly.

You'll earn a Healing Grape Bunch and a Handaxe for defeating Gaston. A cut scene will reveal Olberic's next destination, and after a change of clothes you'll need to trek out of Cobbleston. Everyone will bid him a sad farewell. Sniff.