Star Ocean The Second Story R Steam Page

The second instalment in a galaxy-spanning franchise with a hearty dose of medieval warfare, Star Ocean The Second Story R is a classic anime tale of plucky adventurers who need to save the world. Set on the planet Expel - at least for a little while - this Star Ocean puts you in either the shoes of Claude, a cadet who stumbled into the wrong situation, or Rena, a small-town girl with extraordinary abilities. They join up to investigate the Sorcery Globe, an enormous structure that is wreaing havoc on Expel. Can they save the day? And who will join them along the way?

Star Ocean The Second Story R is a remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story. Although the two games play similarly and follow the same story beats, some of the particulars will vary. If you're looking to play the original Star Ocean: The Second Story, this guide may not be for you. (Though it can still help with a lot of things.)

Star Ocean The Second Story R's plot varies a bit based on who you choose as your main character. Pay close attention to the moments in the guide where the plot diverges, as Claude and Rena occasionally face dangers apart from one another.

Main Walkthrough - Expel

Main Walkthrough - Energy Nede

Side Quests

Side Areas - Expel

Side Areas - Energy Nede