Part 19: The Centropolis

Main Walkthrough

The Centropolis / North City Region - Enemies

  • Dark Crusader - 61,500 HP - Weak to Light, resists Water, Dark
  • Otiph - 49,500 HP - Weak to Earth, resists Water
  • Red Balloon - 22,500 HP - Weak to Light
  • Rikka - 78,000 HP
  • Wizard - 80,000 HP - Resists Fire, Water, Wind, Earth

Upon leaving the Centropolis you'll be on a whole new world map. If you check the map it'll quickly become apparent that Energy Nede is not a world that you can traverse on foot. You'll need something called a Psynard to get around, and you can find one in North City. 

The journey from the Centropolis to North City is arguably the longest walk you'll need to make while on Energy Nede's main map, and even then it isn't long. Still, the enemies along the way can mess you up if you aren't careful, even if they aren't a huge deal strategically. There are things to pick up while you're exploring, as well:

  • If you check just west of the Centropolis before heading north you'll find a Unique Spot known as The Energy Field. Inspecting it will earn you a Mithril Coat+. You'll also find a fishing spot over here.
  • Use the Bunny Call Super Specialty to get up onto the hills flanking the central path to North City. On the north end of the eastern hills you'll find a chest containing three The Bestiaries. Just north of here, still accessible by Bunny Call, is a fishing spot.
  • There's a chest sitting right outside North City. It contains Slimy Gelatin.

North City

A pleasant little community more in line with what you saw back on Expel (though still way more advanced), North City is notable for its Psynard breeding program, in the building to the north. There are other things to see first, though, so we'll have a quick look around.

  • On the east side of North City is a Weapon / Armor Shop. This place leans more towards armor, though Rena, Bowman, and Ernest can all find weapons of interest as well.
  • The Inn is on the west side of North City. Expect the usual.
  • A grocery store sits in the northwest of North City. Nothing special here.
  • North City's Item Shop is also in the northwest. They sell more or less the same things as the Centropolis, along with a bunch of instruments. Stock up here if you want a full Orchestra.
  • As you head north towards your destination you'll see a path leading to a building on your left. This is the library. Speak to the blue-haired man near the front desk for topics on a wide variety of Nedian subjects. This place serves as part of a side quest that will teach you more about Energy Nede than you might have expected. Inspect the computer banks by the front desk to trigger the Nedepedia Unique Spot before you leave, which will earn you three copies apiece of Hermetic Philosophy, The Bestiary, Engineer's Handbook, and Operation Manual.
If you triggered an event with a certain redheaded woman in the Centropolis - she was standing to the west of City Hall's entrance - you'll find her out front of the Item Shop. She will, once again, flee.

Head to Home, the large building in the north, once you're done looking around. Inside the reception area you'll find North City's Guild, as well as Home's front desk. Speak to the woman on the left at the desk to gain entrance to the director's office, to the north. Here you'll find Artis, the director, and he'll put the team through the process of bonding the team to a Psynard...

... whiiiiich doesn't go so well.


HP: 255,000

Whoops. The Psynard is a very basic opponent, albeit quite nasty. Aside from some close-range melee attacks its primary weapon is its fiery breath, which can rip through the HP of any nearby characters. Your primary tactic here is surrounding the Psynard and smacking it around from both sides. Heal as needed, and immediately get out of the way if the Psynard begins to breathe flames. Despite the Psynard being an airborne enemy your normal attacks will reach it just fine, and you can rip it apart with a steady stream of Special Arts. Heal as needed.

You'll receive a Mind Ring for defeating the Psynard. Artis will decide that the normal way of doing things will not get you a Psynard of your own, and take you back to his office. Check the rear room to find a transporter. Step aboard and you'll be zipped away from North City.

Private Actions
  • Rena - Claude only. Check inside the library. Rena is messing with the computers, and... well, she doesn't know computers, so...
  • Celine - Claude only. Available before completing the four Fields. Look inside the Inn and Claude will find Celine getting her fortune told. Agree to join in and ask about Claude's compatability with Celine for the best results. Anything else is neutral or negative.
  • Ashton and Welch - Claude and Rena. Check inside the grocery store to find Welch buying a bunch of food - and Ashton commenting dourly in the background. You'll receive a random amount of Fruit, and Ashton and Welch will receive a relationship boost.
  • Precis - Rena only. Speak to Precis, in the small grassy area in the middle of North City. She discusses what it would be like to have a sibling. The first two options will improve Rena and Precis's relationship, while the third will include Claude in the mix as well.
  • Dias - Rena only. Enter the Inn. Rena will find Dias having a nightmare in one of the rooms. Wake him up for a relationship boost between the two.
  • Chisato - Claude only. Available when Claude's relationship with Chisato is high enough (three hearts did it for me). Check upstairs at the Item Shop to find Chisato speaking with her mother. As long as Claude doesn't ask what they were talking about he'll get a boost with Chisato, though the second option seems to have better results.

Part 21: Cave of Crimson Crystals

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