Part 20: North City

Main Walkthrough

After the rather extreme failure of bonding the team to a Psynard, you'll be transported from North City to somewhere called Noel's Home. Check either side of the teleporter for chests containing Life in Nature and 20,000 FOL, then head south. You'll find another chest, containing three Pet Foods, as well as a cabin. This is, indeed, the home of a man named Noel, and he'll reveal why you're here: The capture of a wild Psynard, from the Cave of the Crimson Crystal.

Noel will join your party as a Guest, assuming you have room in your lineup - and it's possible to be full up by now. Noel is sort of a fusion between Rena and Celine, with a variety of restorative and offensive Spells. He's not as good at them as either character, nor is he great at physical combat, but Noel won't slow you down too much.

Leave Noel's Home and you'll be on the world map.

Cave of Crimson Crystals Region - Enemies

  • Hellhound - 31,500 HP - Resists Fire
  • Red Balloon - 22,500 HP - Weak to Light
  • Shockray - 30,000 HP - Weak to Fire

Your next stop, the Cave of Crimson Crystals, is a short walk west of Noel's Home. Not much to it, though there are a few things you can check out on this smallish island:

  • Check the beach just north of Noel's Home to find a fishing spot.
  • If you use the Bunny Call Super Specialty you can climb over the mountains that surround Noel's Home. The island narrows to a point if you head east over the mountains, and at the end you'll find a chest containing a Robe of Deception+.
  • West of Noel's Home you'll find another beach along the northwest of the island. There's a chest on the right side of the beach that contains a Saad Blade.
  • Climb onto the plateaus above the Cave of Crimson Crystals using Bunny Call. You'll find a chest up here containing five copies of Death of Originality.
  • Just south of the entrance to the Cave of Crimson Crystals is a chest containing two Amulets of Freedom. If you use Bunny Call to clear the nearby mountains you'll find a Raid on the other side, though at this point you still can't handle these monsters, so... maybe leave it alone.

Cave of Crimson Crystals - Enemies

  • Hellhound - 31,500 HP - Resists Fire
  • Red Balloon - 22,500 HP - Weak to Light
  • Peryton - 49,500 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Shockray - 30,000 HP - Weak to Fire
The home of the last remaining wild Psynard, the Cave of Crimson Crystals is teeming with enemies. This place feels a bit like the Sacred Grounds of Linga at first, though the layout is less annoying than it looks. The monsters hereabouts are nothing crazy, and you should know how they fight by now based on how they look. The one thing you should note is that enemies will spawn on the field seemingly out of nowhere, and you'll have to watch your back so you don't get caught by surprise.

Start by heading east from the entrance. This will bring you to a chest containing a Cinderella Glass. You'll also find a jump point that leads to a lower level. Head down and go west to find three chests, collectively containing a Dream Bracelet, seven ?MINERALs (Appraised as Moonstones), and six MINERALs (Appraised as Meteorites). Also here is the Crimson Prisms Unique Spot, which yields five Rainbow Diamonds when inspected.

In addition to all this you'll trigger a cut scene when you come down here, assuming you 'met' the red-haired woman outside City Hall in the Centropolis. On her way out of the scene she'll drop Chisato's Card, which you can retrieve by heading back east, then north, then west. You'll need this if you want to recruit her, because, yes, this 'Chisato' is a potential party member. We'll discuss her at the end of the guide. Whether you snag the card or not, check all the way west to find a chest containing an Amulet of Flexibility.

Head further north through the cave. You'll hit a crossroads with a bunch of spawning monsters. Ignore the northern path and head east, until you find a jump point. Hop down and take a left to find a chest containing a Theory of Symbology for Leon. Go back east and take the northern path to eventually wind up back at the crossroads, where you can again head east.

Go far enough east to hit a three-way split in the path, where you'll find a chest containing 15,000. You now have some choices, though the only thing you'll get out of taking the northern or eastern routes is a chest containing eight Spectacles. The southern route will take you down to a drop point, and at the bottom is a chest containing three Fruit Syrups (and another monster ambush).

The three routes eventually converge in the far east. If you walk north along the eastern-most route you'll find a path to a chest containing an Eagle's Shawl. In the southeast of this route you'll find a northwestern path leading to a Save Point. Heal up before proceeding past the Save Point, as you're about to find the Psynard - and the creatures bedeviling its rest.


HP: 84,000 HP

Similat to the spidery enemies you faced in Eluria Tower, the two Arachnovia in the Cave of Crimson Crystals have strong defenses, harsh melee attacks, and the ability to teleport just about wherever they like on the battlefield. The difference here is that one of them is an Enemy Leader, and her added effect gradually drains everyone's HP. 

Somewhat unsurprisingly, you want to go after the larger of the two Arachnovia first, so you can stop the added effect and stun both enemies. The problem here is that both of them are quite mobile, and tend to ignore slower attacks. Either stick to Special Arts that are quick or moves that hit an area of effect. Claude's Rock Explosion Special Art is great in this battle, as it covers both criteria, especiall after it has been Improved once or twice.

The team will debate engaging the injured Psynard after the battle, which is just what's needed to convince the creature to help. You'll also receive an offer of continued aid from Noel, who wants to join the battle against the Ten Wise Men. You know what Noel can do by now, so, it's your call. (Speaking personally, the last character is much better than Noel.) You'll receive The Kindheated Zoologist Achievement for recruiting Noel, and the Blue Wings Racing through the Sky Achievement for taming the Psynard.

Part 22: Exploring Energy Nede

Main Walkthrough