Part 18: Eluria Tower

Main Walkthrough

After the apparent destruction of Expel, the party will be transported to a mysterious garden. Rena seems to know where they all are, and they're beckoned into a teleporter by a strange voice. You'll wind up in a place of metal, and can leave to the south... 

... though before you exit this room, hop back in the teleporter and return to the garden. You can find the Otherworldly Garden Unique Spot out here, about halfway along the path. Inspect it to receive five Revival Cards.

Return to 'City Hall' and leave the teleporter room. Through the south door you'll find a posh office, and inside is a man named Nall, and he introduces himself as the mayor of 'the Centropolis', a city on the artificial planet of Energy Nede. Nall will more or less explain the game's plot - the actual plot - and put it upon the group to defeat the Ten Wise Men, those guys who appeared in Eluria Tower. If you're playing as Rena Nall will have a few more things to say to her before setting you loose.

Once you regain control you'll officially be on Energy Nede. This is a new planet with new towns and cities to visit, Private Actions to watch, characters to recruit, dungeons to trounce, and items to collect. This also means that you are, at least for now, entirely cut off from Expel. If you did something specific on Expel you'll get the chance to go back, but that's a topic for another time.

At the moment you are in the Centropolis, one of the larger settlements on Energy Nede. Better get exploring. We'll start with City Hall and work our way down.

City Hall

There's not a whole lot more to City Hall than what you've already seen, aside from a bunch of NPCs who will help acclimate you to Energy Nede (or discuss things that will confuse you even more). You should nevertheless take note of a few things:

  • Nall remains in his office on the fifth floor. You'll need to come back here a number of times.
  • There's a publishing house on the fourth floor. Speak to the guy on the east side of the floor and you can sell him novels written by your party members, via the Publication Super Specialty.
  • A newspaper operates on the third floor. This floor is no use to you now, but in the not-too-distant future you can recruit the game's final party member here.
That's all for City Hall. Time to explore the Centropolis.


The city center of the Centropolis is smaller than it looks at first glance, though there's still plenty to check out before you head to the world map. Let's have a quick look around:

  • At the bottom of the stairs from City Hall and on your right is the Guild. All of the Missions you accepted on Expel can be turned in here.
  • At the bottom of the stairs from City Hall and on your left is an Item Shop. In addition to the usual stuff, you can buy a Lezard's Flask and a Beret. Both are useful for Item Creation, though Lezard's Flask in particular unlocks a great deal more options, as it allows you to create more advanced types of minerals when using the Alchemy IC.
  • Next to the Item Shop is the Weapon / Armor Shop. You can upgrade virtually everyone at this shop, assuming you aren't heavy into Customization, though you will need a lot of FOL to afford weapons and armor for the whole party.
  • There's a Restaurant on the west side of the Centropolis. Ingredients abound, as well as a few food items.
  • In the northwest of the Centropolis you'll find the Inn. Several party members hide out in the rooms during Private Actions.
  • The fountain in the center of the Centropolis serves as the Faded City of the Future Unique Spot. Inspect it to receive Amoeba Soup. You can also use the fountain as a fishing spot, which seems... very illegal.
In addition to the various stores of the Centropolis, there's a mystery woman who is clearly stalking you in the north, to the west of the entrance to City Hall. When you approach she will run off. You'll see her again, so make sure you trigger this cut scene before leaving the Centropolis.

And that's the Centropolis. You'll need to return here a number of times over the course of your journeys through Energy Nede, so don't worry too much if you missed anything. Head south out of the city to find the world map, and the path to your next destination.

Private Actions
  • Claude and Rena. Available if you witnessed the PA with Philia and Kurik, and if you've beaten the game at least once. You'll find Philia again in the lobby of City Hall. This meeting earns you the Tear of Israfel. It also removes a power limiter from the final boss, making the battle significantly more difficult.
  • Claude - Rena only. Available after the first, unsuccessful visit to Phynal. Claude is brooding over the loss outside the Weapon / Armor Shop. Leaving him alone results in no change, while the other two options boost Rena's relationship with Claude.
  • Leon and Opera - Claude only. Available after visiting Phynal for the first time, but before training in Fun City. Leon is mourning the loss of his parents at the Inn, and Opera is trying to comfort him. Opera and Leon will come out of the exchange with a better relationship regardless, though saying 'No, you won't!' will hurt Claude's friendship with both characters.
  • Leon and Chisato - Claude only. Check the third floor of City Hall after obtaining the Psynard. Whether you recruited Chisato or not you'll find her interviewing Leon. Intervening will improve everyone's relationship, while asking Chisato for an interview will damage her relationship with Claude.
  • Noel - Claude and Rena. Available after visiting Phynal for the first time, but before going back for the final battle. Noel is on the second floor of the Inn, and he's unhappy about life in the city. For Claude you want to choose the first option to boost their relationship, while Rena gets a positive result with either the first or second options.

Part 20: North City

Main Walkthrough