Early on in your time traveling through Energy Nede you'll visit North City. While here you can visit North City's digitized library, the Nedepedia, in the northwestern building. The Nedepedia provides a great deal of info on the history of both Nede and Energy Nede. The bottom entry is encrypted, however, and only appears as 'Classified information' on the menu.

This guide will help you decrypt North City's Classified Information in the Nedepedia. This quest isn't very difficult, but it does take a little while.

Step 1: Meet Chisato

Although this quest technically begins by visiting the library in North City, the first thing you can do to push events along is meet Chisato. When you first leave City Hall in the Centropolis you can find Chisato on your left, just after entering the city. She'll run off, though you'll see her a number of times after this, including in North City. We'll get back to her shortly.

Step 2: Visit the Nedepedia

Once you reach North City - which is soon after meeting Chisato - you'll want to visit the library. It's inside the building in the northwest of town, on your left as you head towards the building where they breed Psynards. Speed to the blue-haired man to access the Nedepedia, then attempt to access 'Classified Information', at the bottom of the list of topics that comes up.

Step 3: Retrieve Chisato's ID Card

Early on in the Cave of Crimson Crystals you can get down on a lower path and attempt to get some treasure. While you're down here you'll spot Chisato up top. She'll trip, drop her ID Card, and flee. Go up and grab the ID, then continue with the dungeon as normal. 

Head back to the Centropolis once you have a Psynard and check on the third floor of City Hall. Chisato's work desk is on the west side of this floor. At this point you can either recruit Chisato or tell her to stop following the party around. It doesn't matter which option you choose, so long as you make a choice regarding Chisato. If you recruit Chisato she'll come back to this desk during Private Actions; otherwise, you'll find her here for the rest of the game.

Step 4: Visit Princebridge University

Once you have the Psynard you can fly to the town of Princebridge, on the west side of the world map. Zip over and head to Princebridge University, in the north of town. If you climb to the second floor and check the laboratory in the west you'll find a man named Leifath, who wants to undo the security locks on the Nedepedia servers in North City. He's looking for an 'inside source' to help him.

Step 5: Visit Chisato

Revisit Chisato in her office in the Centropolis. Whether or not you recruited Chisato, she'll agree to help gather information on the Nedepedia in North City. Leave the Centropolis, do something to pass a bit of time - a few Fast Travels seemed to work for me, though getting into fights will probably do as well - then return to Chisato. She'll reveal that the classified info is related to Nede's defence forces, and give you a password that might work.

Step 6: Revisit North City

Take the password back to Nedepedia in north city. Your lead character will give the password to the computer operator, who will give it a try. The password works - to a degree. Apparently the terminal is not equipped to handle this level of information. You'll need to find something else.

Step 7: Revisit Princebridge

The next step of the quest requires you to progress through the story until you've visited Armlock and the Symbological Weapons Laboratory. Once you've gotten at least that far, head back to Leifath's lab in Princebridge University. Tell him that your group entered the Symbological Weapons Laboratory, then give him the access code.

Speak to Leifath after the first cut scene and he'll grant you access to six data files. The files are... revealing. Read through them to unlock two more entries. Alas, these get cut off before you can read any more. Leifath assumes that there's a decoder key for the remaining files, though he offers no hints.

Head downstairs and check out the east wing of the university. Here you'll find the office of Professor Parel. Parel will give you a Pandora's Box. Take the box back to Leifath and he'll set to decoding. This will take a while, so you'll need to occupy your time... though flipping in and out of Private Action mode seems to do the trick. (I also Fast Traveled and fought a few times, so I'm not 100% positive that just triggering a PA works.)

Speak to Leifath one final time. You'll now have access to six more files, revealing the full backstory of Nede and the Ten Wise Men. Enjoy.