Main Walkthrough

Princebridge Region - Enemies
  • Dark Crusader - 61,500 HP - Weak to Light, resists Water, Dark
  • Hellhound - 31,500 HP - Resists Fire
  • Red Balloon - 22,500 HP - Weak to Light
  • Rikka - 78,000 HP
  • Shockray - 30,000 HP - Weak to Fire
Situated on a small island on the west side of Energy Nede, Princebridge is a scholarly town with a similar feel to Linga. You don't need to come to Princebridge to accomplish any main-game actions, though a side quest involving the archives in North City will send you here late in the game. It's nevertheless worth visiting Princebridge, as this is a great place for Item Creation. You'll also find some Private Actions out this way, depending on your party. Check it out once you have a Psynard.

There are a few things to note about Princebridge's island, before we move on to the town:
  • Check out the southwestern tip of the island and you'll find the Islands Shrouded in Ice Unique Spot, which earns you three Resurrection Mists and three Faerie Mists when inspected. There's also a fishing spot over here.
  • If you fly over the mountains to the south of Princebridge you'll find a chest containing five Goddess Statuettes.
  • Northeast of Princebridge is a Raid, right next to a fishing spot. You'll get slaughtered if you approach this Raid without a post-game level of power, so be careful if you decide to fish.


Princebridge is relatively small. It won't take you long to explore the whole town. We'll start with the buildings in the south, surrounding the city square:
  • The Item Shop is on the right side of Princebridge. It sells a ton of items related to Item Creation, along with some handy accessories for warding off status ailments.
  • There's a Bar in the northeast of the square. Private Actions and some Pickpocketing will bring you here, but not much else.
  • The Inn is on the west side of the square. Speak to the old man by the fireplace to stay the night.
  • In the northwest of the square is a Restaurant. Meat lovers (ie Claude) will love this place.
  • To the north of the square, before you reach the university, you'll find Noel's House. If you recruited Noel you can trigger an event here.
In addition to everything above, you'll find the Big White Neighbor Unique Spot on your left as you enter Princebridge. Inspecting the snowman will earn you five Cream Stews.

Princebridge University

In the north of Princebridge you'll find its university. There are a few things to note inside:
  • Right by the entrance is a merchant. He sells an odd assortment of equipment and Item Creation materials.
  • In the east wing of the second floor is a library. You'll find a ton of books up here with tidbits of information that inform the game's lore.
  • Check the laboratory in the west wing of the second floor to find a chest containing a Faerie Elixir.
Arguably the most important thing you'll find in Princebridge University is Leifath, a researcher in the laboratory on the second floor. Leifath is dedicated to studying the history of Nede - not Energy Nede, the original civilization - and he's perpetually stymied by the classified information blockade set up in North City's library. You can help Leifath get around this problem as part of a multi-step side quest that will send you all over Energy Nede.

Private Actions
  • Whole party - Claude and Rena. Bowman, Ernest, and / or Noel must be in the party, and there must be five or more total party members. Check the classroom on the right when entering the university. The whole party is here, and they discuss what role each would have in their own school. Everyone's relationship with each other gets a boost.
  • Claude - Rena only. Only available if Rena's relationship with Claude is higher than any other male character. Look for Claude in the east wing of the university. He wants to tell Rena something, but can't quite find the words. The first option has mixed results, while pure silence prompts Claude to leave. Speak to him outside the university for the best results.
  • Ashton - Rena only. Ashton is inside the Inn, and he's concerned about astrology. Tell him that you're familiar with horoscopes and he'll wonder about his official birthday, now that he has two dragons welded to his back. As long as you don't say 'That means your birthday's gone for good', Rena's relationship with Ashton will improve.
  • Ernest - Claude only. Ernest is in the first classroom on the right as you enter the university. He'll discuss cheating on tests with Claude, and as long as you don't advocate for cheating Claude's relationship with Ernest will improve. (The second option has a slightly better outcome.)
  • Ernest - Claude and Rena. Enter the university to trigger a PA between Ernest, Claude, and Rena, where they discuss the ruins on Earth. Everyone's relationship with each other improves.
  • Noel - Claude and Rena. Available before completing the Four Fields. Enter Noel's House, in the north of Princebridge, to find one of his students tidying up. Once the scene is done you can speak to Noel, though doing so only hurts your character's relationship with Noel.
  • Chisato - Claude and Rena. Check the library in Princebridge, on the second floor of the university. Chisato is here, and she's investigating the possibility that there's more behind the Ten Wise Men - and Nede itself - than is popularly known.