Part 24: Field of Courage

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Field of Might - Enemies

  • Athul Athul - 90,000 HP
  • Dark Crusader - 61,500 HP - Weak to Light, resists Water, Dark
  • Ghast - 117,000 HP - Weak to Fire, resists Water
  • Insane Lord - 95,000 HP - Weak to Light, resists Dark
  • Yeti - 114,000 HP - Weak to Fire

The third Field you're likely to tackle on Energy Nede is the Field of Might. Located on a snowy, mountainous island on the west side of the world map, the Field of Might forces you to make a treacherous climb up icy crags to claim your prize. First, though, you should have a look around the island:

  • Near the entrance to the Field of Might is a short path through the snow. Follow it a little ways and you'll find a chest containing four Potions of Might. You'll need to use the Bunny Call Super Specialty to get at this chest, which is on a very small patch of land.
  • Off the west coast of the larger island is a much smaller island with a forest. You can just barely land here, where you'll find a chest containing three Experience Cards. There's also a fishing spot near the chest.
The small island above is more than it seems. If you enter the forest near the chest you'll find For a Few Fol More, a 'shady shop' where you can purchase some powerful items at premium prices. Included among them is the Magical Rasp, which allows you to forge higher-quality equipment when using the Customization IC and the Blacksmith Super Specialty. It is highly recommended that you buy the Magical Rasp at some point, even if you don't grab it now.

The Field of Might has a frigid selection of foes, which should give you a clue as to what kind of elements you should use. A few notes:

  • The Athul Athuls, Insane Lords, and Dark Crusaders are not a big deal on their own. In big groups, however - and they tend to come in big groups - they can absolutely annihilate anyone caught in a crossfire. AOE attacks work nicely if you get stuck and need a way to stun them for a second. Summons can also save your butt if your character is unable to act.
  • The Ghasts have a quick melee attack that tends to interrupt normal attacks on a regular basis. Stick to quick, fiery Special Arts for the best results.
  • The Yetis guarded areas with explosives in older versions of Star Ocean: The Second Story, and you'd have to defeat them before the Yetis could trigger the explosives and block off areas of the dungeon. This is no longer the case, and you can fight the Yetis normally. (They're not a big deal.)

Upon entering the Field of Might you'll find a branch in the path. You can go three different directions. In each direction you'll find yourself locked inside a cave path, and in order to open the way back out you'll need to defeat all of the nearby enemies. (Hence the name, 'Field of Might'.) You will not need to fight all of the enemies in a particular area of the Field a second time to unlock the barriers, assuming you go through again.

If you head east you'll be trapped inside a two-pronged, dead-end cave. Take out the enemies to earn chests containing a Potion of Merlin (to the north) and an Armor of the Arc (east). You can't go any further this way, so you'll have to return to the splot. The other paths lead to different locations, so we'll address them individually.

Northern Path

If you took the northern route you'll find a direct passage to the exit. There's a chest containing a Holy Mist to collect in the spot where you'll fight the monsters, but not much else.

This path comes out in an area known as the Ravines. You'll hit another split here:

  • Head southeast and you'll find a chest, being guarded by a monster. The chest contains a Sword of Marvels+, which both Claude and Dias can equip.
  • Head northeast and you'll be trapped in a cavern. North of the entrance is a chest containing a Mithril Helmet+, right where the monsters have congregated. To the east is the Summit, your destination, while you'll wind up on the Mountainside if you go west.
  • Head northwest and you'll be penned into another cavern. There's nothing to do but fight enemies. This path will bring you to the Mountainside.

Northwestern Path

If you head northwest you'll find a branching cave with more monsters. In the northwest is a chest containing Knuckles of the Moon, for Rena, while the exit is in the northeast. This path will take you to the Mountainside, an area mentioned earlier several times. The Mountainside connects to the Summit if you take the northeastern path. You can also find the Sunlight on the Snow Unique Spot at the northernmost point of the Summit, which will earn you five Hot Syrups when inspected.

If you check the map you'll see an exclamation mark on the tip of the Unique Spot. If you approach it you'll have the option to shout as loudly as possible. If you do this, then walk back south, the team will be swept back to the entrance of the Field of Might by an avalanche. Well done?

The quickest path through the Field of Might, in summary, is to take the northwestern path from the entrance, go north when you reach the Mountainside, and head east through the next cavern. This will bring you to the Summit with a minimum of fuss. (Though you'll still have to fight a lot of enemies along the way, and will miss out on a few items.)

Follow the path up the Summit until you reach a divide, which will take a bit. If you go northeast from the divide you'll find a dead-end with a chest, protected by two Enemy Leaders. The chest contains a Ring of Might. If you go northwest you'll eventually wind up at the end of the Summit, where a Save Point waits near a bridge. Save and heal, then cross the bridge. You can guess what's waiting.


HP: 555,000
Weakness: Dark
Resists: Fire, Water, Earth

Didn't we just fight this guy? The Guardian of the Field of Might is virtually identical to the Guardian from the Field of Courage. The only caveat is this Guardian seems a bit quicker to pull out his cannonball-slinging ranged attacks, making it slightly more difficult. Still, the end result is the same: Three forms that culminate in an immobile lump that sticks to one powerful AOE attack. Use Spells, ranged Special Arts, or summons to deal with the final form.

Once the Guardian is out of the way you can proceed across the bridge to find the shrine of the Field of Might. Another vision strikes Claude and Rena (the visions differ between characters) and you'll receive the Orb of Might. This brings your time in the Field of Might to an end.

Part 26: Field of Love

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