Main Walkthrough

Field of Love - Enemies
  • Joypad - 50,000 HP
  • Magic Defender - 35,000 HP - Resists all elements
  • Master Wizard - 120,000 HP - Resists Fire, Water, Wind, Dark
  • Niquia HG - 13,500 HP
  • Rikki - 95,000 HP
The last of the four Fields that you're likely to visit, the Field of Love is located on a floating island to the northeast of the Centropolis, near Fun City. By far the coolest of the four Fields in terms of design, the Field of Love is also the most dangerous. You probably don't want to come here until your team has tackled the other three Fields... or at least has reached Level 60 or greater on average.

A few notes about the enemies:
  • The Master Wizards are almost indisputably the most dangerous enemies in the Field of Love. Not only can they Petrify targets and heal other enemies, their Shadow Flare Spell hits your whole team very hard. Ignore other enemies as best you can and focus on disrupting Master Wizards, before they can use Spells. 
The Field of Love consists of a series of circular platforms, connected by bridges. Follow the main path until you come to a glyph that will, rather cryptically, hint at the puzzle behind the Field of Love: You need to fill the Field with Flowers. There's an orb on this same platform that will kill all of the flowers you've sprouted, if that's your wish. (Basically, it resets the puzzle.)

Head north. As you cross to the central platform with the Save Point you'll find a bed of flowers at your back. This reveals the puzzle: You need to coat all of the bridges with flowers. The trick is that the flowers bloom as you cross, then disappear again if you cross back. You need to make all of the flowers bloom and arrive back at the central point in order to dispel the barriers that prevent you from accessing the full Field.

Start by crossing the bridge to the southwest of the Save Point, where you'll find a chest containing five Frui Syrups. Then take this route: 
  • Northwest
  • West
  • North, where you'll find a chest containing Resurrection Mist
  • Southeast
  • East 

This will bring you back to the Save Point, removing two of the eastern barriers in the process. They ultimately connect to the same path. (If you muck up any directions, use the reset orb near the beginning to get rid of the flowers and try again.)

Before we get started on the second step of the puzzle, head southeast of the Save Point by two platforms, then south and west. You won't trigger any flower roads along this path, but you will find a bunch of monsters guarding two chests. The chests contain a Silver Charm+ and a Serpent's Tooth for Noel.

Head back to the Save Point. Time for the second stage of the puzzle:
  • Head northeast from the Save Point, and continue that direction for two more platforms
  • Southeast
  • Southwest to find a chest containing 40,000 FOL
  • Southwest two more platforms
  • North
  • Southeast
  • North
This pattern will dispel two barriers, one just north of where you're currently standing, the other back near the Save Point. Once again, these pathways are connected. Note that hitting the reset button along this route does not eliminate the paths of flowers along the first section of the puzzle, so you won't need to redo the whole dungeon each time you need a reset.

Follow the final path along either of the routes you just opened. The path doesn't have any crazy deviations along the way - you just need to walk from one end to the other. On the west end of the path you'll find a route that leads north, away from the flowers, and up here you'll find a chest containing a Holy Rod and three Wonder Drugs.

Return to the Save Point after completing the nothern circuit around the Field of Love. The final barrier is gone, and you can head north to challenge the Field's guardian... such as she is.


  • 600,000 HP (Lavarre)
  • 100,000 HP (Sunbreakers)
  • Light (Lavarre)
This is a painful battle. Lavarre and her two Sunbreakers are spellcasters, and they will bombard your team with some terrible attacks. Lavarre herself is good at wiping out anyone who gets too close to her, but the Sunbreakers tend to cause more troble overall with their Star Flare Spells. Lavarre also places a slowed movement effect on the battle as long as she's alive, which makes it a pain to move around.

Lavarre generally retreats to the rear of the field, so use this fact to your advantage and immediately go after the Sunbreakers. They don't have nearly as much HP as Lavarre, and Star Flare is a painful Spell to endure over and over. Heal and revive as needed. Once the Sunbreakers are down you can focus on Lavarre herself, who takes a while to defeat unless you have three dedicated attackers whomping her at once.

Claude and Rena will receive another vision in the aftermath of the battle with Lavarre, and once that's over they'll receive the Orb of Love. If you've been following the Fields in order this will be the last of the four orbs, and you can move on with the story by heading to the Centropolis. If not, you have some work to do in the remaining Fields.