Part 27: L'Aqua

Armlock Region - Enemies
  • Otiph - 49,500 HP - Weak to Earth, resists Water
  • Red Balloon - 22,500 HP - Weak to Light
  • Rikka - 78,000 HP
  • Shockray - 30,000 HP - Weak to Fire
Home to the weaponsmiths and armorers of Energy Nede, Armlock is an innocuous little town on the east side of the world map. You can visit this place immediately after taming the Psynard, but you don't have to come here until you've completed the four Fields. You should check Armlock out early, however, if only for its selection of powerful weapons.

Before we get into Armlock we should have a quick look around the surrounding terrain, which is surprisingly broad:
  • If you check the hilly terrain directly east of Armlock, via Bunny Call or Psynard, you'll find a chest containing three Star Rubies.
  • Northwest of Armlock is a sizable plateau. Atop the plateau you'll find a chest containing six Artemis Leafs.
  • Further north of Armlock is a beach, on your left. In addition to a fishing spot you'll find a Unique Spot on the south end of this beach. Inspect it to reveal the A Serene Garden in the Sky, earning you an Aphrodisiac.
Head far enough north of Armlock and you'll find Fun City, Energy Nede's one and only amusement park. Fun City is an expansive topic that deserves its own section of the guide. If you go this far north, though, check behind the mountains to the east of Fun City. In addition to a Raid, which you should avoid, there's a chest containing ten pieces of Rune Metal.


Armlock is far from a massive town, and you won't need long to look the whole thing over. (It helps that a few locations are more or less locked until you've reached a certain part of the story.)
  • On the east side of Armlock is the home of someone named Mirage. She's part of the story, so don't worry about her just yet.
  • In the northeast of Armlock is the Inn, which is on the second floor of the Bar. Near the Inn you'll find a woman who serves as the town's Item Shop.
  • The Guild is on your right as you head north through Armlock. Always worth checking to see if there are new Missions available. Further north of here you'll find a Restaurant, though it has a rather limited selection. (Don't buy anything in the Restaurant for quite the reaction from the owner.)
  • In the northwest of Armlock is the Weapons Shop. This is the reason to come to Armlock early, as the shop sells a bunch of extremely powerful weapons. If you're struggling with any of the four Fields - and have money to spare - you should upgrade your MVPs here.
In addition to all of the above, you'll find The City of Weaponsmiths Unique Spot if you check out the central square in Armlock. Inspecting this Unique Spot will earn you two Meteorites and two pieces of Mithril.

Assuming you first arrived in Armlock as part of the main story, you'll be locked into the town until you meet with Nall. Head straight through Armlock, heading north, to find Nall. He's in front of the Sealed Door, which he'll open to reveal a teleporter.

The teleporter takes the party to the Symbological Weapons Laboratory. For the most part this section is on rails, and your concern should be listening to the plot. There are a few things to collect, so without spoilers, follow these steps:
  • Head northeast into the lab
  • Travel through the lab until the path splits
  • Head faaaaar to the north until you find a room with the Space-Time Travel Relics Unique Spot (earns you five Re-Creation Gems and five Factor Energies), as well as a chest containing a Moonlight+
  • Head back south to the split, then keep going south to find Nall
  • Run back towards the teleporter (both Claude and Rena players need to do this)
You cannot return to the lab after you've triggered the final step, so make sure you check out the Unique Spot and grab the Moonlight+ first. You'll receive The Warmth of Long Ago Achievement for doing all this, and return to Armlock.

Head to the eastern-most home in Armlock, next to the Inn. This is the home of Dr. Mirage, and she'll agree to use the information from the Symbological Weapons Laboratory to create weapons for the party. First, though, she'll need some LEA Metal, and the only place you can get LEA Metal is a place called Minae Cave. Nall will give the team a Minae Cave Key Card so you can get inside. Sounds like a plan.

Private Actions
  • Claude and Dias - Rena only. Available if Claude and Dias have a high relationship score. Check the Restaurant in the north of Armlock to find Claude and Dias eating parfaits. Choose to stick around to improve their relationship.
  • Precis - Claude and Rena. Available after unlocking the Symbological Weapons Laboratory but before training in Fun City. Precis is inside Mirage's Home, gawking at all the machinery. She'll ignore Rena, but Claude can explain the machinery. Discuss the nature of the machines for the greatest boost to their relationship.
  • Precis and Welch - Claude and Rena. Available after unlocking the Symbological Weapons Laboratory, and only if Welch knows the Iron Fist Special Art. Precis and Welch are in Mirage's Home, goofing off. Welch will invent the Mithril Fist Special Art in the process.
  • Leon - Claude only. Available after visiting Phynal for the first time. Leon is in Mirage's Home, contemplating how far everyone has come. Claude's relationship with Leon improves as long as you don't choose 'Well, a lot has happened'.