Part 7: Kurik

Main Walkthrough

With Kurik mostly underwater, the group needs to head to a different port town. Along the way is the town of Marze, where it's suggested they stock up for the remainder of the journey. Harley is pretty close to Marze, so the restocking seems unnecessary, but, whatever. 

Fast Travel back to Krosse City - you definitely don't want to walk the whole way from Kurik a second time - then cross the bridge to the east of the city and go north. Continue this direction until you hit a crossroads and the path splits. Go east and you'll be on the road to Marze. The town is on your left as you walk east, up a hill and surrounded by trees. The enemies along the way shouldn't bother you too much.

There are a few things to see near Marze, though you'll need the Bunny Call Super Specialty to get them:

  • Northwest of Marze, up in the mountains, is a small plateau with a chest. The chest contains  a Lunar Talisman.
  • If you climb the mountains to the southeast of Marze you can find a small cove with a fishing spot.


A town populated almost entirely by Symbologists, Marze is familiar ground to Celine - and you'll be seeing her here whether you recruited her earlier or not. Before we get on with the plot, which begins by looking in a house near the entrance of Marze, we'll have a look around the town. Check the bottom of the guide for a list of Private Actions related to Marze.

Marze's services include the following:

  • The Item Shop is the first building you'll come across as you walk east through Marze. The old woman here doesn't just sell items, however - she covers the whole gamut, with medicines, weapons, armor, and a few Bombs in her repertoire. Snagging a Flame Sword for Claude isn't a terrible idea, and Rena could use a Cestus. Get Celine a Ruby Wand if you recruited her, as well.
  • In the north of Marze is a restaurant where you can buy some cooking ingredients. Nothing terribly special over here.
  • There's an Inn in the southeast of Marze. Not much to say about it, though you'll visit the Inn a few times.
The treasures of Marze include the following:
  • Right by the entrance of Marze is the Monument of Truth Unique Spot. Inspect it to receive three Witch Powders.
  • In the north you'll find Celine's Home, because, yes, Celine grew up in Marze. Check the left bedroom on the second floor for a chest containing a Silk Robe.
In addition to all of the above, you can find the entrance to the Forest of Symbols in the north of Marze. This is the next dungeon you'll have to endure, and since you can't get very far into it now - stupid mud - you needn't bother entering. (Though if you want to build up some FOL for buying equipment, this is a good place to do it. There's still plenty of room to fight enemies.)

Enter the building to the northwest of Marze's Save Point once you're done looking around. This will trigger a cut scene, and you'll finally meet the infamous Dias Flac, Rena's childhood friend. (Celine will also be here, if she didn't join the party full time.) This scene will play out differently depending on whether you're Claude or Rena, and Rena will spend more time with Dias. You'll need to return to Claude and Celine to relay what Dias had to say...

... though in the end, it just splits the party into two groups. If you're playing as Claude, he'll be tackling the trials ahead with Celine. If you're playing as Rena, however, she'll be fighting alongside Dias. In either case you need to trigger a time change. Claude can do it by speaking to the Elder in the house where you witnessed the meeting, while Rena rests by speaking to Dias, on the second floor of the Inn.

Before you pack it in for the night, though, head to the Elder's Home, where the meeting took place earlier. Now that everyone has dispersed you can look the house over. There are three chests in here, two in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. They contain a Purple Amulet, a Silence Card, and a Sour Syrup.

All done. Get some sleep. The next morning your party will receive Mud Shoes, which means you're ready to tackle the Forest of Symbology.

Private Actions

  • Rena - Claude only. Available after arriving in Hilton but before completing the Lacquer Armory Contest. Enter the Elder's home, in the west, and Claude will bump into Rena. She's wondering about the nature of her powers. Either result will give a relationship boost. If Ashton is in the party there's also an option to razz him, though it hurts Claude's relationship with Ashton.
  • Rena - Claude only. Rena is inspecting the wares of an outdoor vendor in the north of Marze, and she asks Claude's opinion. Say 'You're right' for a relationship boost.
  • Claude - Rena only. Unlocked after a similar PA in Salva. Claude is between the restaurant and Celine's Home, looking at the sky. "A dark sky full of twinkling stars" is the best response you can give to Claude's question, though all result in a relationship boost.
  • Dias - Rena only. Available before proceeding with the battles at the Laquer Front Line Base. Dias is standing in the north of Marze. Speak to him and he'll talk about Claude a bit. This will improve his relationship with both Rena and Claude.

Part 9: The Forest of Symbols

Main Walkthrough