Part 29: Minae Cave

Main Walkthrough

Having procured LEA Metal from Minae Cave, the team must head back to Armlock and give the precious mineral to Dr. Mirage. She'll take the LEA Metal and set to creating weapons that can combat the Ten Wise Men - and while the party waits, they're assigned a mission. Mirage gives the team an N.P.I.D., which allows you to enter Fun City without paying the entry fee.

(Fun City has a lot to do, and you won't be doing any of it in this next section. This guide provides some details on how you can put the N.P.I.D. to good use during subsequent visits.)

Travel to Fun City and the attendant out front will take you directly to the Fun City Arena, which is normally used for prize battles. This time, however, the team is directed to train against virtual monsters in order to build up their strength. Mirage will show up in the middle of the training and give the group the Godslayer, a weapon for Claude; the Knuckles of Hope, a weapon for Rena; and Void Matter, which allows any weapon you equip to harm the Ten Wise Men.

Equip the weapons you've just received (assuming they're better than what you've already got), save your game at the Save Point in the arena, then speak to the attendant. You have three options:

  • Train, which pits you against more simulated monsters
  • Rest, which restores the party's health
  • Visit Mayor Nall, which ends the sequence
If you choose to go see Nall the party will decide to fight a simulated Wise Man one last time, but, er... there's an interruption.


HP: 512,500
Resists: Fire, Earth, Dark

The first of the Ten Wise Men shows himself. Zaphkiel is, as before, a powerful melee combatant, and his sword combos can make quick work of your characters. The difference here is that your team can now damage Zaphkiel, and being able to stun him will stop a lot of his attacks. Surround the first Wise Man and pummel him. So long as you keep Zaphiel well away from your healer - and he does try to go after your healer - you shouldn't have much trouble taking him out.

You'll receive a Faerie Elixir, as well as the A Crack in the Seams Achievement, for defeating Zaphkiel. That's one down.

Leave the Fun City Arena. The second Wise Man is having fun shooting at bystanders. Time to teach him a lesson.


HP: 450,000

Far more mobile than Zaphkiel, Jophiel jets around the arena, using ranged energy balls to hit in a straight line and occasionally grabbing your characters for a close-up blast. This fight isn't difficult, per se, but it can be frustrating to keep up with Jophiel if you don't have any Bunny Shoes. Ranged Special Arts and Spells work well here, and once you manage to stun Jophiel he'll go down quickly when surrounded.

You'll receive a Velvet Tear for defeating Jophiel. That's two down... though the third is MIA. Use the Inn in Fun City, chat with the NPCs - they all have something new to say, given what just happened - and leave via the front gate. Save your game after the cut scene, then zip over to Armlock. Check out Mirage's Home to 


HP: 600,000
Resists: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light

The first Wise Man you faced is the third you get to take down. Metatron is the strongest of the trio, with combos that match Zaphkiel's in ferocity but better defenses. Pin Metatron from the start and batter him until you see a shield go up around his body. At this point Metatron is invulnerable for a short time, and he'll charge towards your healer. Switch characters and outrun Metatron until his shield goes down, then return to the offensive. Metatron won't last long.

You'll receive a Potion of Merlin for defeating Metatron. Three down.

Return to the entrance of Armlock after the battle and a rep from the Centropolis will show up, telling you to report to L'Aqua. Try to enter L'Aqua's front door and you'll trigger a cut scene. Another one goes off if you speak to Nall, in L'Aqua's infirmary. Nall will ask if you're prepared to go into battle.

This isn't quite a point of no return. Once you head off to Phynal you'll still be allowed to return to the rest of Energy Nede. This will likely lock off a bunch of Private Actions, however, so you may want to check Energy Nede's various cities to make sure you've seen everything. 

Once you tell Nall that you're ready for battle you'll also trigger a special cut scene that reveals whom your lead character is most likely to end up with in the ending. If you want to see Claude or Rena cozying up with someone in particular - including each other, the easiest outcome to obtain - you'd best work on their relationship first. Note that this does not lock in the pairing, and you can continue to tweak relationships up to the final battle.

You'll unlock The Final Battle Awaits! Achievement for setting out to Phynal. Nall will give you the Symbol of Divinity, an important item for what is to come, and moments later you'll be standing on Phynal Pier once again. Ready for the final battle?

Part 31: Phynal

Main Walkthrough