Part 3: Salva Mines

Main Walkthrough

With Claude and Rena reunited - and Rena saved from a forced wedding, of all things - the adventure is ready to go on the road. Your next major stop is the kingdom of Krosse, to the north of Arlia, though you'll need to pass through the town of Salva before you get to Krosse.

We'll get to Salva in a moment. First, this may or may not be your first visit to the world map. (If you're playing as Claude, it isn't.) The world of Expel is sizable and treacherous, and you'll run into plenty of monsters between destinations. You can still get away with letting Rena fight on the front lines at this point, though eventually you'll want to set Claude as the Leader and let Rena focus on healing. 

If you open the world map menu (check the bottom-left corner of the screen for the button you need to press) you'll have the option to view the places you've visited on the map. This also allows you to Fast Travel between towns with the press of a button. Given that backtracking is encouraged in Star Ocean games, Fast Travel should come in useful.

One final note: You can save your game any time you like on the world map. Handy.

Arlia Region - Enemies

  • Lizard Axman - 135 HP
  • Thieving Scum - 100 HP

Pretty easy trip. You can find treasure chests among the terrain hereabouts if you take the time to look around. You'll find the following chests in the area between Arlia and Salva:

  • Look a little ways southwest of Arlia to find a chest containing five Blueberries.
  • There's a beach between Arlia and Salva which you'll notice if you stick to the south of the map. On the beach is a chest containing a Talisman.
  • On the northern bluffs you'll spot a chest that you can't reach. You'll need the Bunny Call Super Specialty to get at the chest, which contains five Engineer's Handbooks. Once you finish up in Krosse City, your next major destination, you'll gain access to the abilities needed to learn Bunny Call.

Salva is a quick trek northwest of Arlia.


A mining town, Salva was primarily a backdrop for the kidnapping that previously brought you here. This time, however, you should have a look around before moving on to Krosse.

Upon entering Salva you'll unlock a new feature: Private Actions. When this mode is activated your team will split up, and you'll find your party members engaged in activities throughout the town. Under certain circumstances you can trigger unique, one-time conversations with other characters in villages, towns, and cities throughout Star Ocean The Second Story R. Which PAs you'll find depend on when you visit a location, which characters are in your party, and which character you chose to lead your team when beginning a new game. Note that Private Actions disappear during PA mode.

Private Actions will be listed at the bottom of each guide pertaining to a village, town, or city. There are a lot of them in Star Ocean The Second Story R, and you'll never see them all if you only play through the game once.

The following services are available in Salva:

  • Salva's Save Point is right by the entrance. 
  • Across from the Save Point is a Jam Shop. These are decent, early-game restorative items.
  • Northeast of the entrance is the Inn. Here you can sleep for the night for a small fee, restoring your party's HP and MP.
  • Check on your right as you head north through Salva and you'll find the Jewelry and Weapon / Armor Shops in a single building. The Jewelry Shop also sells a large number of standard adventuring items, as well as stuff for item creation. The Weapon / Armor Shop has some basic equipment that you should probably buy for Claude and Rena. 

The following treasures can be picked up in Salva:

  • As you walk north through Salva you'll see a washing line on your left, west of the jewelry and weapon / armor shops. Near the washing line is a chest containing a Portrait B. (It's a picture of Rena.)
  • In the north of Salva you'll find the Salva Mines. If you bother to make the trip back to the altar where you fought Allen during your first trip you'll find a chest. It contains a Robe for Rena. (Not worth the trip unless you're a completionist.)
That's all for Salva, though you'll likely be coming back here a few times if you want to make the most of the game's PAs - as well as to recruit a new character. Take the northern exit to leave Salva.

Private Actions
  • Claude only. Visit the Inn after visiting Krosse City. There's a little girl here who asks Claude if he's the Hero of Light. Answer with 'That's right. I'm the Hero of Light' for a relationship boost to everyone in the party, or answer with 'I honestly don't know right now' to receive a Harmonica.
  • Rena - Claude only. Available before staying at Krosse's Inn. Rena is standing across from the Item Shop, and she's thinking about her father. Claude and Rena will discuss their parents a bit, and you'll get a brief chance to explore the command deck of the Calnus, during a flashback.
  • Rena - Claude only. Visit the Jewelry Shop to find Rena looking at jewelry. Admit that Claude doesn't know much about jewelry for a relationship boost, or offer to buy something (200 FOL required) to receive a larger boost, as well as a Leaf Pendant.
  • Claude - Rena only. Check the north end of Salva after resting at the Inn in Krosse. Claude is looking up at the sky. Respond to his question with 'Maybe there's another world out there' to receive a relationship boost between the two.
  • Celine - Claude and Rena. Enter the jam shop and you'll find Celine at the counter. The shopowner is missing. If you agree to find her you'll need to search Salva. Head to the entrance of the Salva Mines and you'll find Yuki, the owner, just inside. Encourage Yuki with 'You shouldn't give up so easily' to end the PA, and improve your character's relationship with Celine.
  • Celine and Ashton - Rena only. Enter the Jewelry Shop to find Celine and Ashton looking at the jewelry. Tell them you like jewelry for a relationship boost with both. You can then choose between one of three accessories: An Aqua Ring, an Emerald Ring, or an Earring of Readiness, in that order.
  • Precis - Claude and Rena. Enter the Jam Shop to find Precis testing out the jam. Any choice you make will have the same result. (The scene plays out a bit different if you're playing as Claude vs. Rena.)
  • Opera - Claude and Rena. Look for Opera outside the Jewelry / Weapon Shop. She wants to bet on whether a man or a woman will come out of the shop next. Betting the opposite sex of your main character gives you a better result. There's a chance of a draw, which has the best results, though it's not likely to happen.
  • Bowman - Claude only. Check for Bowman out front of Allen's Mansion. A young lady will relate the story of Claude's rescue of Rena... or a version of it, anyway. Claude's relationship with Bowman will improve.
  • Dias - Rena only. Available before proceeding with the attack on the Laquer Front Line Base. Dias is standing out front of Allen's Mansion, in the north of Salva. You can let him be or pressure Dias to go inside. Either choice has a positive result.

Part 5: Krosse City

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