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An (in)famous Specialty present in the original Star Ocean: The Second Story, Pickpocketing makes its return in Star Ocean The Second Story R. Learned once you Improve two otherwise pointless Skills, Pickpocketing allows your lead character to steal items from unwary NPCs. This can lead to some extremely lucrative gains... and a lot of relationship damage.

This guide will teach you the ins and outs of Pickpocketing in Star Ocean The Second Story R. You can get started on Pickpocketing quite early in the game, and despite the heavy SP cost it's worth the effort - though maybe not on your first playthrough.

Pickpocketing Basics

There are three prerequisites to using the Pickpocketing Specialty:
  • Your character must know the Courage and Poker Face Skills
  • You must own either a Thief's Glove (first purchasable in Harley's Antique Shop for 40,000) or a Magician's Glove (created via the Machinist Specialty)
  • Your character should have the Nimble Hands Talent, which they can potentially unlock via the Crafting or Machinist Specialties - this isn't a requirement, but the chances of success shoot way up if your thief has Nimble Hands
You can fulfill these prerequisites shortly after gaining access to Krosse, if you perform a bunch of Item Creation and get into fights. Guild Missions will give you SP to build up the necessary Skills, and Challenge Missions dish out a ton of FOL for buying the Thief's Glove. 

Once a character knows Pickpocketing you can activate it in the IC / Specialty menu. Once that's done, walk up to NPCs whenever you're in a town. A button for Pickpocketing will show up on the screen. Press it and you'll receive a choice of three items that you can steal from the NPC, each with a varying chance of success. Your odds of success depend on your character's Pickpocketing level, whether they're using a Thief's Glove or a Magician's Hand, and whether or not they have the Nimble Fingers Talent.

Pickpocketing can only be performed three times on a single character. Run out of attempts and you can no longer steal from that NPC. That said, you can reset the number of attempts by using a Relax Perfume on the NPC. Relax Perfumes can be purchased in item stores, and are essential purchases if you plan to dedicate a lot of time to Pickpocketing.

Any character can learn and use the Pickpocketing Specialty. You should, however, focus on giving it to your lead character (Claude or Rena). Pickpocketing can be done during Private Actions, on your own party members, and only your lead character gets to run around during Private Actions.

You'll receive the Intergalactic Thief Achievement for successfully Pickpocketing twenty times.


Sound good? Alas, the life of crime is not without its perils. There are two major drawbacks to Pickpocketing:
  • First, there's a considerable SP cost to Pickpocketing, and if you want to make the most of the practice you'll want to start early. This can stunt your lead character and make the first half of the game more difficult.
  • And, second, the Pickpocketer's relationship with the rest of the party will occasionally suffer. This happens whether or not you're successful. If you want to build strong friendships with the other characters, you probably want to avoid Pickpocketing.
For these reasons you probably shouldn't mess with Pickpocketing until your second playthrough. Go right ahead the first time around, if you want, but rampantly stealing things may not be as fun as you're expecting.

Notable Pickpocketing Targets

Most of the stuff found in the pockets of NPCs is not worth mentioning. You'll find a whole lot of craftable items, pieces of minor equipment, food, and FOL. That said, there's plenty of stuff that is worth mentioning, and we'll do our best to list it all here. 

Some of this stuff is more important earlier in the game than later, so you may not see some things listed in, say, the Energy Nede section, which was included in the Expel section.

One final note. It is possible to speak to almost every party member in almost every town. The one exception is Precis, who occasionally likes to hide out in high spots, well away from speaking distance. If you can't find her, try looking along rooftops. (And give up on trying Pickpocket her. She won't come down.)


  • Dias (near the northern well - PA only - Silver Greaves+. Fine Shield+)
  • Westa (Rena's Home - Necklace+)
  • Mayor Regis (Mayor's Home - Resurrection Elixir, Sinclair, Ring Mail)
  • Elmyra, the Newlywed Wife (northwestern home - Rainbow Diamond, Earring of the Winds)
  • Ketil (near the northern well - appears after the Lacuer Armory Contest - Gold Ring)
  • Ashton (outside the Bar - PA only - Silver Pendant+)
  • Opera (out front of the Salva Mines - PA only - Silver Pendant+)
  • Ernest (next to the Jam Shop - PA only - Star Ruby)
  • Allen (second floor of Allen's Mansion - Ring of Sadness+)
  • Youth (near Jam Shop - Amulet of Freedom)
  • E. Watby (Inn owner - Secret Account, Forged Bill, Contract)
  • Talentless Youth (Bar - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Youg Girl (near the Salva Mines - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Woman (south of Salva - after the Lacuer Armory Contest - Music Box, Ruby Pendant, Prism Ring)
In addition to the usual bunch of NPCs, a bunch of mercenaries will show up in Salva during your first visit to Harley. They will leave once you recruit Ashton, or once the option to recruit Ashton is no longer available. (You're not missing out on much if you don't hunt them down.)
  • Combatant (Bar, right table - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Combatant (Bar, left table - Venomous Stingers)
  • Combatant (Bar, at the counter - Swords of Deflection)
Krosse City
  • Claude (western square - PA only - Round Shield)
  • Celine (eastern road - PA only - Rod of Jewels+)
  • Opera (small park near the entrance - PA only - Wave Clip)
  • Welch (outside the Weapon Shop - PA only - Sacrificial Doll, Fuzzy Handy Stick)
  • Bowman (western square - PA only - Resurrection Mist)
  • Ernest (outside the church - PA only - Prism Ring, Magic Armor)
  • Noel (small park near the entrance - PA only - Cat Fang+)
  • Traveler (near the Save Point - Resurrection Mist)
  • Wife (Bar - Hard Knuckles)
  • Elderly Person (western plaza - Treasure Card)
  • You (western plaza - Shield Ring)
Krosse Castle
  • Princess Rozaria (east wing bedroom, second floor - Silk Robe, Princess Ring, Star Necklace)
  • Youth (reception area - Magic Camera)
  • Soldier (east wing, first floor - Swords of Deflection)
  • Soldier (side room off the main stairs, second floor - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Maid (east wing bedroom, second floor - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Maid (west wing, second floor - Wealth Card)
  • Maid (west wing bedroom, second floor - Holy Ring)
  • Soldier (east side of throne room, third floor - Venomous Stingers)
Kurik (pre-destruction)
  • Philia (town square - PA only - Sprite's Bracelet, Moonlight, Magic Cross)
  • Ketil (by the docks, after completing his little storyline - Thief's Glove, Golden Brooch, Golden Bracelet)
  • Milly (Item Shop owner - Resurrection Mist, Ruby Wand)
  • Woman (by the lighthouse - Storm Ring)
  • Young Woman (east side of town square - Experience Card)
  • Girlfriend (east side of town square - Ring of the Accursed)
  • Boyfriend (east side of town square - Silver Amulet)
  • Grandpa (west side of town square - Silver Cross)
  • Sailor (by the docks - Green Bracelet, Purple Amulet)
  • Angry Sailor (by the docks - Berserker Ring)
  • Sailor (by the boat - Foot Insignia)
  • Sailor (by the boat - Treasure Card)
Kurik (post-destruction)

Many - but not all - of the NPCs listed above gather near the lighthouse after Kurik is destroyed, and they still have the same items in their inventories. Everyone leaves shortly after Kurik is demolished, and they all spread out to different towns.
  • Housekeeper (next to Ketil - Silver Earring, Silver Barrette)
  • Celine (Celine's Home, second floor - PA only - Amber Robe)
  • Welch (western entrance - PA only - Portrait M)
  • Ernest (Elder's Home - PA only - Battle Suit, Gauntlet of Air)
  • Noel (Inn - PA only - Beret)
  • Celine's Mother, Raveh (Celine's Home - Silk Robe+, Primavera)
  • Celine's Father, Egras (Celine's Home - Silver Cross+)
  • Abhima (north end - PA only - Purple Amulet)
  • Cecille (beside the Item Shop - gone during the Forest of Symbols event - Ring of Sadness, Purple Amulet+)
  • Elder (northeastern home - Faerie Tear)
  • Shopper (inside the Item Shop - Aqua Ring, Flare Ring)
  • Elderly Person (outside the Inn - Goodie Box)
  • Milly (north of Marze - after Forest of Symbols - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Claude (docks - PA only - Experience Card)
  • Ashton (docks - PA only - Ring of Resistance)
  • Welch (docks - PA only - Orichalcum)
  • Bowman (outside the Bar - PA only - Resurrection Mist)
  • Ernest (on the northern stairs - PA only - Sacrificial Doll)
  • Yoole (east of the entrance - Rena's playthrough only - Portrait B)
  • Eleanor (Eleanor's Home, second floor - Talisman+, Silver Cross+)
  • Traveler (by the Save Point - Storm Ring)
  • Man (near the Inn - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Newlywed (inside the Inn, east rooms - Ring of Happiness)
  • Young Man (inside the Inn, west rooms - Purple Amulet)
  • Bartender (inside the Inn, west rooms - Ruby Earring)
  • Bartender (inside the Bar - Intimidation Pendant)
  • Drunk Guy (inside the Bar - Ring of Sadness)
  • Henchman (inside the Bar - Seizure Warrant)
  • Henchman (Zandor's Mansion, second floor - Seizure Warrant)
  • Claude (marketplace by the Inn - Plate Greaves)
  • Celine (Inn - PA only - Velvet Tear+, Faerie Tear+)
  • Ashton (near the Bar - PA only - Amulet of Freedom, Ricochet Bracelet)
  • Welch (Inn - PA only - Sacrificial Doll, Blood Earring+)
  • Dias (Inn - PA only - Ring of Insanity)
  • Young Boy (outside the Inn - PA only - Locket)
  • Woman (by the docks - Ring of Absorption, Earring of the Winds)
  • Man (by the docks - Thief's Glove, Walloon Sword)
  • Combatant (Bar, rear table - Guthgwine, Plate Armor)
  • Combatant (Bar, right side - Walloon Sword, Fine Shield)
  • Combatant (Bar, south table - Taloned Knuckles, Splinter)
  • Adventurer (marketplace by the Inn - Meteor Ring)
Once you recruit Leon into the party and prepare to head to the Hoffman Ruins you'll find a cluster of four Soldiers on Hilton's docks. Their most notable items include Plate Armor, Plate Greaves, a Plate Helmet, and Safety Shoes+.

Lacuer City

The NPCs you can find in Lacuer City vary depending on the storyline, and the state of the city changes a few times. Below are the NPCs you'll find during your first visit, before completing the Lacuer Armory Contest.
  • Claude (near the weapon shops - PA only - Iron Greaves+)
  • Rena (south of the weapon shops - PA only - Hard Knuckles)
  • Celine (western street - PA only - Crested Rod, Star Ruby)
  • Ashton (outside Gamgee's Hut - PA only - Swords of Deflection)
  • Noel (between the weapon shops - PA only - Damascus)
  • Granny (western street - PA only - Star Ruby)
  • Youth (near the Statues of the 3 Warriors - Taloned Knuckles)
  • Young Woman (near the Statues of the 3 Warriors - Earring of Readiness)
  • Child (home on western street - Resurrection Mist)
  • Efficient Girl (western street - Foot Insignia)
  • Combatant (Bar, near the counter - Twin Fury)
  • Combatant (Bar, walking in the south - Oriental Blade)
  • Combatant (Bar, bottom-left corner - Cestus)
  • Nol (Item Shop owner, near the Inn - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Gorgeous Girl (outside the Inn - Gold Ring, Gold Earring, Golden Brooch)
  • Boyfriend (south of the weapon shops - Faerie Tear, Flare Ring)
  • Girlfriend (south of the weapon shops - Aqua Ring)
  • Woman (bridge into the castle - Velvet Tear, Ruby EarringStar Ruby)
  • Youth (bridge into the castle - Experience Card, Dream Bracelet)
A few new people will appear in Lacuer City once you begin the Armory Contest.
  • Lady (by food stand out front of the Inn - Thunder Ring, Silver Charm)
  • Tourist (bridge into Lacuer Castle - Magic Camera)
Once you complete the Armory Contest you can also steal from two more NPCs, with whom Rena will be familiar. They're both in Gamgee's Hut.
  • Gamgee (western hut - Maiden's Aria+, Veil Piercer+)
  • Sufia (western hut - Damascus, Orichalcum)
Lacuer Castle

Similar to Lacuer City, Lacquer Castle's NPCs change quite a bit as the story progresses. Below you'll find the first round of NPCs, before the Lacuer Armory Contest begins.
  • Precis (east wing, first floor - PA only - Steel Puncher)
  • Opera (north end of the Arena - PA only - White Clip+)
  • Dias (north end of the Arena - PA only - Shield of Algol)
  • Young Woman (east wing, first floor, exploring - Regeneration Ring)
  • Soldier (east wing, first floor, meeting room, left side - Amulets of Freedom, Flexibility, and Antivenin)
  • Girl (west wing, first floor, kitchen - Relax PerfumeTreasure Card)
  • Chiqasi (west wing, stairs - Ring of Lunacy)
  • Maid (stairs near throne room, third floor - Relax Perfume)
  • Soldier (guarding the king's room, third floor - Amulets of Freedom, Flexibility, and Antivenin)
  • Freeloader (throne room, third floor - Thief's Glove, Hammer Charm)
  • Soldier (registration desk, in front of the Arena - Revival Card, Wealth Card)
  • Maid (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Bracelet of Gambling, Amulet of Flexibility)
  • Soldier (guarding contestant entrance to the Arena, east side - Experience Card)
Although the castle gets largely closed off during the Lacuer Armory Contest, there are still plenty of people to check if you wander around.
  • Soldier (east wing, first floor - Star Ruby)
  • Soldier (east wing, first floor - Star Ruby)
  • Maid (east wing, first floor - Moon Earring)
  • Soldier (west wing, first floor - Star Ruby)
  • Soldier (guarding the stairs down to the arena - Amulets of Flexibility and Antivenin)
  • Soldier (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Rune Buckler+)
  • Soldier (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Rune Buckler+, Amulet of Antivenin)
  • Soldier (behind registration desk, in front of the Arena - Star Ruby)
  • Combatant (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Amulet of Flexibility)
  • Fan (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Relax Perfume)
  • Son (near registration desk, in front of the Arena - Harmonica)
(There are a bunch of people in the Arena whom Claude can't Pickpocket, since all of his items are taken away. I'll have to check them all in a Rena playthrough and refresh this list.)

Once you finish Bowman's quest in Linga and return to Lacuer City you'll find most of the population inside Lacuer Castle. Included are a few new NPCs of note.
  • Florith (laboratory, first floor - Triangle Flask)
  • Murdock (laboratory, first floor - Resurrection Elixir)
  • King of Lacuer (laboratory, first floor - Silver Robe+)
  • Youth (by the front desk, first floor - Intimidation Pendant)
  • Combatant (by the Arena registration desk - Amulet of Flexibility)
  • Man (north end of the Arena - Water Ring)
  • Soldier (king's room, third floor - Star Ruby)
  • Dagol (king's room, third floor - Cestus)
  • Claude (library - PA only - Farcutter+)
  • Rena (in front of Precis's Home - PA only - Metal Fang)
  • Celine (inside the university - PA only - Rod of Jewels)
  • Ashton (north end of the bridge - PA only - Plate Armor, Shield Swords)
  • Precis (Precis's Home, living room - PA only - Super Puncher)
  • Welch (university, west wing, first floor classroom - PA only - Damascus)
  • Opera (south end of the bridge - PA only - X Clip)
  • Bowman (Jeane's Medicine House - Blazing Knuckles, Ring of Happiness)
  • Ernest (library - Battle Suit)
  • Ninay (Jeane's Medicine House - Evening Gown, Ring of Trust, Magical Cap+)
  • Keith (Keith Krasner's House - Beret)
  • Youth (path to the university - Green Bracelet)
  • Female Scholar (out front of the university - Rune Cap)
  • Scholar (out front of the university - Velvet Tear)
  • Student (out front of the library - Silver Amulet)
  • Student (wandering the center of the library - Stardust Ring)
  • Assistant (university, behind front desk, first floor - Water Ring)
  • Young Girl (item shop - sent back via PA - Dream Bracelet, Resurrection Mist)
Lacuer Front Line Base
  • Soldier (entrance - Guthgwine, Plate Armor)
  • Soldier (entrance - Plate Helmet, Oriental Blade)
  • Squad Leader (north of the entrance - Soulbreaker, Crested Shield)
  • Soldier (north of the entrance - Farcutter+)
  • Soldier (north of the entrance - Shield Swords)
  • Soldier (north of the entrance - Guthgwine, Intimidation Pendant)
  • Soldier (near the Save Point - Metal Fang)
  • Soldier (near the Save Point - Oriental Blade)
  • Soldier (near the Save Point - Dragon Claw)
  • Soldier (armory - Amulet of Freedom, Blessed Plate Armor)
  • Squad Leader (next to Item Shop - Steel Helmet)
  • Soldier (near Item Shop - Blessed Plate Armor)
  • Gloval (Item Shop owner - Steel Armor)
  • Commanding Officer (meeting room, second floor - Plate Armor+)
  • Commanding Officer (meeting room, second floor - Plate Helmet+)
  • Commanding Officer (meeting room, second floor - Plate Greaves+)
  • Nurse (infirmary, second floor - Amber Robe+)
  • Commandant (office, second floor - Silver Fang, Golden Fang)
  • Melancholy Commander (ramparts, second floor - Shield Ring)
Once you've returned Leon to Lacuer Castle and headed out to the Lacuer Front Line Base you'll find a change in the available NPCs. The new arrivals have additional things for you to grab.
  • Dias (near Item Shop - Claude's playthrough only - Plate Helmet+, Storm Ring, Plate Armor+)
  • Combatant (armory - Ring of Resistance)
  • Combatant (near Item Shop - Green Bracelet, Lunar Talisman)
  • Combatant (near Item Shop - Chain of Might)
  • Nurse (hallway, second floor - Thunderclap Rod)
  • Doctor (infirmary, second floor - Silver Robe)
Eluria Settlement
  • Woman (outdoors, right side - Ring of Sadness)
  • Woman (outdoors, right side - Sacrificial Doll)
  • Man (outdoors, left side - Hammer Charm)
  • Chief (Mayor's House - Star Ruby, Thunderclap Rod)
  • Youth (Mayor's House - Maiden's Aria)
The Calnus

During your trip to Eluria Tower Claude will get beamed back up to the Calnus. If you're playing as Claude you'll get a brief chance to Pickpocket the crewers, before getting sent back down to Expel. You only get one chance, so bring lots of Relax Perfumes along and make it count.
  • Ronyx (lower deck - Mallet Charm)
  • Kurtzman (lower deck - Word Processor, Electric Stunner)
  • Officer (upper deck - Survival Kit)
  • Cadet (upper-left door - Battle Suit)
  • Cadet (upper-right door - Resurrection Elixir)
  • Officer (lower deck - Shock Gun)
  • Helmsman (lower deck - Graphic Tool)
  • Operator (lower deck - Academic Book)
  • Helmsman (lower deck - Music Editor)

Energy Nede

The Centropolis
  • Claude (in front of the Guild - PA only - Mithril Mesh, Searing Sword+)
  • Rena (central square - PA only - Ring of Sadness)
  • Celine (Item Shop - PA only - Holy Rod)
  • Ashton (central square - PA only - Ring of the Accursed, Twin Needles+)
  • Precis (in front of City Hall - Ice Puncher)
  • Welch (in front of the Bar - PA only - Lezard's Flask, Worrying Handy Stick)
  • Opera (Inn, bar - Ring of Trust+)
  • Ernest (central fountain - PA only - Rose Whip)
  • Dias (Inn, second floor - PA only - Silver Greaves)
  • Leon (outside City Hall - PA only - Encyclopedia)
  • Noel (Inn, second floor - PA only - Tiger Fang)
  • Woman (outside restaurant, near the central fountain - Breeze Earring+, Ring of Healing)
  • Woman (near bathrooms, by the central fountain - Faerie Ring, Earring of the Winds+)
  • Youth (near bathrooms, by the central fountain - Lunar Charm, Blue Talisman)
  • Madame (restaurant - Star Necklace)
  • Kim (Weapon Shop owner - Fire Ring)
  • Guildmaster (Guild - Triangle Flask, Philosopher's Stone)
  • Advisor (Guild - Sterile Glove)
  • Front Desk Clerk (Inn owner - Glittering Earring+)
  • Girlfriend (Inn, at the table - Faerie Tear, Stardust Ring)
  • Active Youth (Inn, bar, right side - Mystic Amulet)
  • Generic Youth (Inn, bar, right side - Ring of Trust)
  • Hyper Girl (Inn, bar, left side - Ring of Happiness)
  • Young Woman (Inn, bar, left side - Earring of Magnetism)
  • Young Woman (Inn, bar, left side - Mist Insignia)
  • Bunny Sign (northwest - Damascus)
  • Man (outside City Hall - Hammer Charm+, Ring of Mental Power)
And then City Hall, which is pretty large on its own:
  • Woman (first floor - Gale Earring, Ring of Fusion, Silver Charm)
  • Girl (first floor - Dragon's Ribbon)
  • Young Boy (first floor - Blue Talisman)
  • Woman (second floor, east side - Damascus)
  • Woman (second floor, east side - Wyrn King's Ribbon)
  • Youth (second floor, west side - Shield Ring)
  • Young Woman (third floor, north hall - Emerald Ring)
  • Editor (third floor, central desk - Meteorite)
  • Associate Editor (third floor, east wing - Resurrection Mist)
  • Editor (third floor, west wing - RIRICA)
  • Editor (third floor, west wing - Word Processor)
  • Chisato (third floor, west wing - PAs if recruited, normally if not - Shock Gun+)
  • Youth (fourth floor, north hall - Star Earring, Lunar Talisman)
  • Editor (fourth floor, central library - Academic Book)
  • Editor (fourth floor, west wing - Dictionary+, Emerald Earring)
  • Editor in Chief (fourth floor, west wing - Ring of Infinity)
  • Receptionist (fifth floor - Graphic Tool, Earring of Frenzy, Mind Ring)
  • Nall (fifth floor - Music Editor, Holy Cloak, Ring of Wisdom)
North City
  • Claude (central square - PA only - Metalcrusher)
  • Rena (Inn - PA only - Magic Knuckles+)
  • Ashton (Psynard Breeding Facility, tank floor - Dream Bracelet, Double Smashers+)
  • Precis (central square - PA only - Super Puncher)
  • Welch (Psynard Breeding Facility, tank floor walkways - Furious Handy Stick)
  • Bowman (outside Item Shop - PA only - Blazing Knuckles)
  • Opera (outside Psynard Breeding Facility, in the north - Magic Clip)
  • Ernest (Psynard Breeding Facility, lobby - Philosopher's Stone)
  • Dias (library - PA only - Crested Shield+)
  • Leon (library - PA only - All About ESP)
  • Chisato (Item Shop, second floor - PA only - Flame Gun)
  • Youth (outside Weapon Shop - Mystic Amulet)
  • Shop Owner (Weapon Shop owner - Saad Blade, Deadly Cleaver, Spark Puncher)
  • Shop Clerk (Weapon Shop - Hermit's Cap, Wizard's Armor)
  • Woman (outside Inn - Lunar Charm, Gale Earring, Emerald Ring)
  • Elderly Man (north side of central square - Ring of Wisdom)
  • Heath (Item Shop owner - Violin)
  • Youth (outside restaurant - Orichalcum)
  • Operator (library - Music Editor)
  • Young Girl (library - Prism Ring, Shield Earring)
  • Man (Psynard Breeding Facility, lobby - Ring of Resistance)
  • Receptionist (Psynard Breeding Facility, lobby desk - Ring of Avoidance)
  • Claude (in front of the university - PA only - Veil Piercer+)
  • Rena (university, first floor - PA only - Cestus of Poison+)
  • Ashton (outside Noel's Home - PA only - Twin Needles)
  • Precis (pool, town square - PA only - Super Puncher)
  • Welch (university, first floor - PA only - Fire Puncher, Fire Ring)
  • Opera (Bar - PA only - X Clip+)
  • Bowman (university, second floor, west wing - PA only - Sterile Glove)
  • Ernest (Bar - PA only - Flare Whip, Plate Greaves+)
  • Dias (north of central pool - PA only - Whirlwind)
  • Leon (Inn - PA only - Encyclopedia)
  • Noel (Noel's Home - PA only - Tiger Fang+)
  • Chisato (pool, town square - PA only - Lightning Gun)
  • Woman (pool, town square - Mist Insignia)
  • Gramps (north of pool, town square - Graphic Tool)
  • Gramps (Bar - Rune Metal)
  • Boy (Bar - Beret)
  • Abdra (restaurant owner - Keen Kitchen Knife)
  • Merchant of the Snow (university, first floor - Hammer Charm+)
  • Student (university, first floor, east wing - Metallic Launcher)
  • Professor (university, first floor, east wing - Magic Camera)
  • Female Student (university, first floor, east wing - Element Analyzer, Picture Encyclopedia)
  • Professor Parel (university, first floor, east wing - Philosopher's Stone, Rainbow Diamond)
  • Librarian (university, second floor, east wing - Encyclopedia)
  • Intern (university, second floor, west wing - Beret)
  • Claude (northern path - PA only - Searing Sword, Plate Helmet, Mithril)
  • Rena (Weapon Shop - PA only - Knuckles of the Moon, Rune Metal, Mithril)
  • Celine (town square - PA only - Silver Moon)
  • Ashton (outside the Weapon Shop - PA only - Twin Needles, Steel Helmet+, Orichalcum)
  • Welch (northern path - PA only - Goodie Box, Gauntlet of Air+)
  • Bowman (town square - PA only - Resurrection Mist)
  • Opera (Bar - PA only - Alpha Clip)
  • Ernest (Bar - PA only - Light Whip, Graphic Tool)
  • Dias (Weapon Shop - PA only - Hope of the Breeze, Silver Greaves)
  • Leon (Mirage's Home - PA only - Symbology Dictionary, Element Analyzer)
  • Noel (Weapon Shop - PA only - Dragon Claw+)
  • Chisato (Inn - PA only - Word Processor, Earring of Readiness, Experience Card)
  • Mirage (Mirage's Home - Force Sword+, Cestus of Poison+, Freeze Whip+)
  • Woman (town square - Ring of Fusion)
  • Young Boy (town square - Ring of Absorption, Ring of Absorption)
  • Young Girl (town square - Keen Kitchen Knife)
  • Elderly Person (town square - Chain of Might)
  • Dok (Bar owner - Barrier Shield, Regeneration Ring)
  • Woman (Bar - Moon Earring, Moon Tiara)
  • Kara (Inn owner - Meteorite)
  • Inn Guest (Inn - Damascus)
  • Peddler (Inn - tri-Emblum)
  • Locke (Weapon Shop owner - Resurrection Mist)
  • Guildmaster (Guild - Magician's Glove, Intimidation Pendant+)
  • Advisor (Guild - Sterile Glove, Evening Gown, Goodie Box)
  • Man (north end of town - Ring of the General)
Fun City
  • Party Members
    • Claude (near shop kiosk - PA only - Talisman+, Orichalcum)
    • Ashton (Inn - PA only - Aqua Ring, Flare Ring)
    • Opera (Inn - PA only - Earring of Frenzy, Bracelet of Gambling+)
    • Bowman (near shop kiosk - PA only - Resurrection Mist)
    • Ernest (Inn - PA only - Benefaction Card)
    • Dias (north end of the Arena - Swallowblade)
  • Outdoors
    • Entrance Staff (entrance - Ring of Insanity+)
    • Information Desk Clerk (shop kiosk - Onyx Earring)
    • Fun City Shop Clerk (Item Shop owner - Meteorite)
    • Staff (near shop kiosk - Ring of Might)
    • Boyfriend (near shop kiosk - Ring of Trust, Star Ruby)
    • Girlfriend (near shop kiosk - Earring of Magnetism, Ring of Lunacy, RIRICA)
    • Mother (across from the Bar - Rainbow Diamond, Earring of Readiness)
    • Boyo (near the Bar - Mind Ring)
    • Girlfrien' (at the Bar - Ring of Absorption)
    • Boyfrien' (at the Bar - Ring of Fusion)
    • Bartender (Bar owner - Mist Insignia)
    • Soldier (in front of the Arena - Chain of Might, Mithril Greaves, Steel Armor)
    • Soldier (in front of the Arena - Holy Ring, Gauntlet of Air, Hermit's Cap)
    • Gramps (in front of the Cooking Master building - Goodie Box, Shadow Cross)
  • Inn
    • Mariana (Inn - triggered by PA - Ring of Wisdom, Lightning Gun)
    • Man (Inn - Nectar of Ambrosia)
  • Fortune Teller's Mansion
    • Fortune Teller Woman (middle table - Benefaction Card)
    • Veteran Fortune Teller (right table - Philosopher's Stone)
    • Precocious Girl (left table - Moon Tiara, Moon Earring)
    • Dapper Girl (left table - Shield Earring, Ricochet Bracelet)
    • Tragic Girl (left table - Ring of Sadness+, Ring of Avoidance)
  • Fanfic Convention
    • SO Fangirl (central display - Ring of Lunacy, tri-Emblum+)
    • Fanfic Seller (convention owner - Seizure Warrant)
  • Fun City Arena
    • Girlfriend (south end of the Arena - Ring of Might)
    • Staff (south end of the Arena - Beret)
    • Strange Geezer (north end of the Arena - Primavera)
    • Man (north end of the Arena - Foot Insignia)
    • Woman (north end of the Arena - Benefaction Card)
  • Bunny Race
    • Receptionist (behind the front desk - Bracelet of Gambling)
    • Guy in Bunny Costume (should be obvious - Bunny Shoes, Cat Fang+)
  • Mariana (west wing - Tiara of Isis+)
  • Nall (basement dock - Cloak of the Stars, Rune Metal)
  • Mirage (basement dock - Sylvan Mail, Sylvan Helmet)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (out front - Mallet Charm, Moonstone)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (out front - Damascus)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (out front - Ring of Infinity)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (out front - Rune Metal)
  • Staff (aquarium - Mithril)
  • Nurse (east wing - Resurrection Mist)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (east wing - Mystic Amulet)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (basement - Meteorite)
  • Nede Defense Force Soldier (basement dock - Sacred Tome)