Part 11: Hilton

Main Walkthrough

Lacuer Region - Enemies

  • Black Balloon - 5,100 HP - Weak to Light
  • Cockatrice - 7,200 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Flyray - 4,000 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Kobold King - 6,000 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Savant - 5,550 HP
  • Sorceress - 2,400 HP - Resists Fire, Wind
Ahh, fresh ground. After you leave Hilton you'll be on a brand new continent, in the east of the world, and although the kingdom of Lacuer isn't huge there's still a lot to do over here. The enemies in these parts are the same as the ones in the Lasgus Mountains, though if you go too far south they will suddenly get tougher, so... watch yourself.

Your next stop is Lacuer City, a fortified settlement on a hill to the southeast of Hilton. There's not much ground between the two locations, but, hey, it can't hurt to check the area out a bit before proceeding with the story.
  • North of Hilton is a small cape. On the tip of the cape is a chest containing two pieces of Orichalcum.
  • The road splits off to the left as you walk towards Lacuer City. If you follow this path you'll wind up at a chest containing seven Shrimp.
It's also worth noting that if you head to the south you'll find the town of Linga. If you enter Linga and trigger Private Actions you can meet a girl named Precis. Precis is a potential party member, and you can recruit her right now, if you wish. This will prevent you from recruiting someone else, keep in mind, so hold off on the choice if you're not sure. We'll discuss the recruitment in greater detail when we reach Linga in the guide.

There's more nearby, but we'll save it for our other journeys on the continent. Lacuer City awaits.

Lacuer City

A bustling, fortified metropolis, Lacuer City is abuzz with excitement over something called the 'Armory Contest'. You'll be caught knee-deep in this competition soon enough, though for now, you should have a look around. There's a lot to see in Lacuer City.

We'll start with the services on offer:
  • To your right as you enter Lacuer City is Nede Publishing Co., a store that purchases any novels the group has written with the Publication Super Specialty. The better the story, the more money you'll earn.
  • Next to the book buyer is an Item Shop stall. Plenty of Item Creation materials here.
  • Next up on the east side of Lacuer City is the Inn. Nothing special here.
  • Outside the Inn is a stall that sells food and food-related items. Their Luxury Grape Juice is... great, but also way out of your price range. (The price of a bottle goes up over time. The quicker you get to Lacuer, the cheaper it will be.)
  • Lacuer's Guild is the last store on the right. Grab some Missions while you're in town.
  • There's a fishing spot as you cross the bridge towards Lacuer Castle.
The only treasures you can find at Lacuer are right by the entrance. Here you'll find the Statue of the 3 Warriors Unique Spot. Inspect the statue for three Scrolls of Power.

There are two more locations of note in Lacuer. First, if you take the western path through the city you'll come to a house guarded by a little girl. She won't let the group past, no exceptions. If you're playing as Rena you'll be seeing more of her in the near future. Second, as you head north through Lacuer you'll see a bundle of Weapon Shops. They all have items on offer - but they won't sell you anything until the Armory Contest is over. You'll be seeing more of this lot, as well.

Head straight north when you're done looking around to enter your next destination, Lacuer Castle.

Lacuer Castle

A bit bigger than Krosse Castle, Lacuer Castle also seems to be more welcoming. You don't need to check in with the receptionists to look around - though you'll need to do this to move the plot forward - and you can explore every room at will. We'll investigate the castle before signing in.
  • You can do some Fishing in the watery sections to the right and left of the main entrance.
  • Next to the castle's central stairs is a storage room. Pop inside to find a chest containing three Sour Syrups.
  • In the east wing of the first floor you'll find a library. Check the books sitting on the tables for what little information the kingdom possessess regarding the Sorcery Globe.
  • Also in the east wing of the first floor you'll find a laboratory. Inside this laboratory is a pint-sized researcher who stands out from everyone else. You'll be seeing a lot of him in the near future, so get used to his attitude.
  • In the east wing of the second floor you'll find Princess Rozaria's bedroom. If you completed a certain Celine-specific Private Action chain in Krosse Castle the princess will be here, though she's... a bit grumpy. There's a chest by her bed containing a Star Ruby.
  • In the west wing of the second floor there's a small, solitary room with a chest. The chest contains a Star Earring.
  • In the rear of the castle's top floor is the Arena. It's empty now, but not for long.

One thing to note. In the west wing of the ground floor is a small armory with a guard. If you walk inside and look around the guard will probably trap you in this room, and your own party members will keep him from moving out of your way. Either Fast Travel out to escape, or... just don't go in this room. (I think they've closed and locked this room since I first played. I'll leave this note here for posterity.)

Speak to the receptionists in the front hall once you're done looking around. The soldier on the right will tell you that Lacuer's king is not available for an audience until the Armory Contest is done. The soldier on the left is accepting admissions to the contest - and Claude will step up and sign in. Looks like you're a competitor. (And if you don't accept on the spot and leave the castle, you'll see an extra scene with Claude out on the bridge.)

Private Actions
  • Claude and Rena. Available until you've finished up in Linga by completing Bowman's request. On the street leading west in Lacuer City there's a Granny who wants you to do some shopping for her. She needs something from the Item Shop on the east side of the city. Speak to the merchant to receive Errand Gold. Bring it back to the woman for a Star Ruby and a Rainbow Diamond.
  • Claude and Rena. Approach the bridge to Lacuer Castle after completing the Armory Contest and acquiring at least four party members. Welch will fall out of the sky, then demand to join the party. If you agree you have a new party member.
  • Claude only. Available before completing Bowman's quest in Linga. Claude finds a paranoid Young Girl out front of the Inn. You have two options:
    • Leave her alone - This unlocks a scene in Linga.
    • Can't just leave her alone - This unlocks a scene in Harley.
  • Celine and Precis - Rena only. Check Laquer after the Armory Contest, and look down the western street to Gamgee's home. Celine and Precis are discussing Claude's clothes. As long as you don't choose 'Look who's talking' Rena's relationship with both women will improve, as well as with Claude.
  • Welch - Claude and Rena. Available until you complete Bowman's quest in Linga. Welch is arguing with one of the Weapons Shop owners in the north of Lacuer City. If you decide to stop Welch your relationship with her will improve. If you just sit back and watch you'll receive 50,000 FOL.
  • Welch and Dias - Rena only. Available in VR Expel. Look for Welch out front of the Inn. She wants to shop with Rena, and ropes Dias into the fun when he emerges from the Inn. If you let Welch and Dias argue their relationships will improve, while telling them to calm down hurts Rena's relationship with Welch.