Main Walkthrough

Whether you decide to explore the Sacred Forest or not, your next stop in Star Ocean The Second Story R is Arlia Village, north of the woods. Rena will introduce Claude to the village (if you're playing as Claude you need to follow her to her house first), and you'll have a chance to tour around and check everything out. We'll have a quick look around before pushing the plot forward.

First, we'll check out people and areas of interest:
  • As you head north through Arlia you'll see a large waterwheel in the stream that runs through the village. If you approach it from the west side of Arlia you'll find a gleaming yellow spot. This is a Unique Spot, and it will give you a better look at the Rustic Waterwheel. You'll receive two Resurrection Elixirs for checking it out. The game is littered with Unique Spots that you should investigate for free items.
  • On the east side of Arlia is Mayor Regis' Home, though the mayor himself is out. You'll want to know where this house is for later.
  • In the north is Arlia Goods, an item shop. The owner sells a variety of restorative items. You don't have to pick up anything, though if you do, focus on Blackberries, Blueberries, and perhaps a few Aquaberries.
  • In the far north of Arlia is a Save Point. Next to the Save Point is the exit to the world map. You can't leave yet, though it won't be long before you get a chance to explore. (If you're Claude, anyway.)

Next, we'll pick up some free items:
  • In the west of Arlia is a church with a blue roof. You can climb up several levels via the stairs on the sides of the church. At the uppermost point is a chest containing a Magic Canvas.
  • In the northwest of the village is a home belonging to a newlywed couple. Check their bedroom on the second floor for chests containing Blueberries and Blackberries.
  • Next to Arlia Goods, in the north of the village, are three chests. They contain 250 FOL, a Resurrection Elixir, and Leather Armor. Note the different color of the chest containing the armor. The various chest colors dictate what the chest contains.
  • There's a barrel-shaped home with two kids inside next to Arlia Goods. On the left side of the home you'll find a chest containing Strawberry Jam.

All that leaves is Rena's Home, the house with the aquamarine rooftops in the south of Arlia. Approach and you'll trigger a cut scene. What you see varies a bit depending on whether you chose Claude or Rena, though Rena gets more out of the scene than Claude.

The pair split up after the scene, and you'll need to do something different to trigger the next section of the story, based on your lead character:
  • If you're playing as Claude you'll be in the Mayor's Home. Go downstairs and the mayor will give you a Longsword. Head north to the entrance and you'll leave Arlia for the world map. Travel north of Arlia to find the town of Salva. Head to the northeast of Salva to find a large mansion, then speak to the butler on the first floor. Head back outside to trigger a cut scene, then return to Arlia. (This streamlines some stuff from Rena's playthrough, and you'll spend less time wandering Arlia. We'll discuss Salva in a future guide, though you can explore it a bit as Claude, if you like.)
  • If you're playing as Rena you need to track Claude down. The various villagers won't be too helpful (though if you speak to the newlywed couple in the northwestern house you'll hear some juicy tidbits about another character), though if you speak to the priest in the church he'll say he spotted Claude. You'll find him in the south of the village. Find Claude, then head to the Sacred Forest for a cut scene. On the way back out you'll hit another cut scene.
Regardless of which character you chose, things will quickly spin out of control. The first dungeon is on the way.

Private Actions

This next section is strictly for later-game interactions in Arlia Village. Activate Private Action mode to see them.
  • Rena - Claude only. Return to Arlia before staying at the Inn in Krosse. Rena is in the village, on the second floor of her home, considering her past. Ask her 'What happened in the past?' for a relationship boost. (Apparently if you do this after the events in Marze you'll get a relationship hit answering that way, so choose 'You should focus more on the future' instead.)
  • Claude - Rena only. Return to Arlia before staying at the Inn in Krosse. If you check the fenced yard next to the church you'll find Claude. Approach him to hear his thoughts regarding life on an unknown planet. (Unknown to him, anyway.)
  • Claude - Rena only. Return to Arlia after visiting the King of Krosse but before completing the kidnapping events in Marze. Claude is out front of the church, and he asks Rena about her pets. Counter with 'What about you, Claude?' for a relationship boost.
  • Celine - Claude only. Celine is standing out front of the Item Shop, and she has a gift for Claude. Accepting it will boost Claude's relationship with Celine, and he'll receive some ?JEWELRY that you can Appraise for a Talisman. Talk to Celine again and she'll say that she wants a return gift from Claude.
  • Celine - Rena only. Return to Arlia after recruiting Celine but before completing the kidnapping events in Marze. Check the waterfront, near Rena's Home, to find Celine. The two women will discuss their love lifes, earning you a relationship boost with Celine.
  • Ashton - Claude and Rena. Check out front of the Item Shop to find Ashton arguing with his two dragons, who want him to buy an antique helmet, which is actually an accessory. The purchase costs 80% of your current FOL count, so you may want to spend your money before agreeing to buy this. (The minimum amount you need 1,000 FOL.) Buying the item will earn you a Dragon's Ribbon, and a relationship boost with Ashton.
  • Precis - Rena only. Check the second floor of Mayor Regis's Home to find Precis, looking at artwork. The ensuing conversation will improve Rena and Precis's relationship.
  • Welch - Claude and Rena. Look inside Bosman's home (northeast of the village) to find Welch speaking to some children. Listening in will improve your relationship with Welch. (Talk to Welch again after the PA for some added hilarity.)
  • Bowman - Clade and Rena. Check the newlyweds' home, in the northwest of Arlia, to find Bowman. Ask what he's doing there for a relationship boost - or ask if he's like this with his own wife for a bit of a hit, but to unlock another Private Action with Bowman's wife in Linga.