Main Walkthrough

Salva Mines - Dragon's Lair - Enemies

  • Beastmaster - 4,620 HP
  • Gerel - 1,800 HP - Weak to Earth
  • Green Gelatin - 3,300 HP - Weak to Fire, resists Water
  • Sandglass - 7,200 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Werewolf - 2,850 HP - Weak to Wind
  • Witchette - 910 HP - Resists Fire, Wind

This guide covers the inner section of the Salva Mines. If you're looking for the section of the mines that you need to explore for the main storyline, please check this page instead.

During your first trip to the Salva Mines you'll likely come across a tunnel with a small work room and a sign at the end. This tunnel leads to The Dragon's Lair, and your characters will warn you off from entering. A good thing, too, as the monsters in these parts are way too strong at the beginning of Star Ocean The Second Story R.

You won't properly gain access to The Dragon's Lair until you complete the kidnapping story in Marze and make your way to the port town of Harley. Once there, an old man by the entrance will tell the party that a two-headed dragon is wreaking havoc in the Salva Mines. Warriors from throughout the continent have gathered in Salva to deal with the problem, and you can go back to help.

Return to Salva and enter the mines. A guard near the main entrance will tell you that another fighter just entered. Head north, east, north, west, past the Unique Spot, and then northwest to find the tunnel to The Dragon's Lair Past here you're entering new territory, though the enemies don't get nasty... yet.

Head north. Check on your right to find a chest containing a Sweet Potion, then backtrack and carry on north. The walls will change color ahead, signalling that the enemies are now much stronger. If your team isn't around level 17 you may not be strong enough to come through here. A few notes about the enemies:

  • On top of having nasty Spells, Beastmasters serve as Enemy Leaders. Target them first, but watch out for their close-range attacks that can rip your melee fighters to pieces.
  • Green Gelatin look relatively harmless, but they can unleash burst attacks that chew through HP like paper. Try to break them before using a load of normal hits.
  • Gerel can replicate themselves endlessly. Try to take them out before you're facing a small army of the things.
  • Sandglass are good at interrupting your hits with their own, whether you seem to be stunning them or not. Try to break them first.

Take a right upon entering these new tunnels to find a chest containing an Open Helmet, then head back west and go north. You'll travel beneath a bridge, and you'll see the aforementioned fighter cross overhead. You need to get onto this bridge, and the only way forward is further north. 

Up ahead is a clearing. Look on your right and you'll find a side path leading south. It'll take you to a chest containing a Brigandine. Backtrack north and keep going north. This will bring you to an open area that splits off in multiple directions. You have some options:

  • First, in the north of the clearing, is a chest. It contains a Gold Earring.
  • If you follow the western path from the clearing you'll hit another split. Go south at the split to find a chest containing Swords of Deflection. (You'll see who these are for soon.) Go north at the split and you'll find a lengthy eastbound path that joins up with another route. Along the way you'll find a chest containing Silver Greaves, though opening it will summon several monsters.
  • If you follow the eastern path from the clearing you'll loop south, then back west, cross the bridge, and wind up near a Save Point. To the right of the Save Point is a chest containing a Dragon's Ribbon.
  • If you follow the southwestern path you'll find a shortcut to the aforementioned Save Point, and can grab the Dragon's Ribbon. (Don't bother with the eastern path, in other words, unless you already took the western path.)

To the south of the Save Point you'll find the fighter you spotted earlier, and he's battling the dragon. The group will... encourage... him, which leads to a disaster. In the aftermath the fighter, whose name is Ashton, will demand the party help him out of his bind. If you agree to take responsibility, Ashton will join the party. If you don't, then you can run... though if you're too slow, Ashton will catch up and force his way into the party anyway.

(Ashton's a solid guy. If you came this far, you might as well recruit him - though you'll miss out on Opera and Ernest if you do. Choose wisely.)

Once you've recruited Ashton you'll be teleported out of The Dragon's Lair. Speak to the owner of the Weapon Shop and he'll give you some Twin Splicers for Ashton, on the house. Alas, by coming this far you've missed out on two treasures. If you walk aaaaall the way back to the room where Ashton was fighting his new dragon buddies, deep inside The Dragon's Lair, you'll find two chests in the rear of the chamber. They contain a Diamond and a Star Ruby.

You're technically done with the Salva Mines at this point. That said, if you want to help exorcise the dragons from Ashton, there's a side quest that will bring you back here for a short time.