Garnet meets Owen and Meurs. All three are party members in The Legend of Legacy.

Main Walkthrough

The Legend of Legacy isn't quite an open-ended experience, but it's close. You can approach the game's many areas in any order you like, assuming you know what you're doing. If this is your first go through the game, however, you may find wandering into the wrong areas a little perilous.

This guide provides a quick rundown of the order in which you should visit the maps of The Legend of Legacy on your first playthrough. Spend time fighting and leveling in each map and you'll almost always be ready to move on to the next.

1.) Forest Ruins (starting spot)

  • Clearing
  • Singing Grove
    • Northwest - Fight Dreadwing
    • Northwest - Collect Singing Shard (Water)

2.) Hidden Forest

3.) Forest Ruins

  • Forest Tomb
    • East - Fight Soul Legion
    • East - Whispering Shard (Hailstorm)
  • Fallen Cathedral
  • Altar Room
    • Northwest - Whispering Shard (Purify)
    • North - Fight Water Golem (drops Water Core)
    • North - Place Water Core in stone orb

4.) Roaring Valley

The three sections of Archwing Burrow are accessible via cave entrances spread throughout the Roaring Valley. This area is entirely optional.
  • Stinking Tunnel
  • Rancid Tunnel
    • Southwest - Whispering Shard (Bubble Launcher)
  • Putrid Tunnel
    • Northwest - Fight Nest Warden
    • Northwest - Whispering Shard (Water Shield)
6.) Valley Ruins
  • Propylaea
  • Courtyard
    • Northwest - Whispering Shard (Bee Stinger)
  • Tower 1F
    • Center - Whispering Shard (Bladestorm)
  • Tower 2F
    • West - Singing Stone (Air)
  • Tower 3F
    • East - Fight Air Golem (drops Air Core)
    • East - Whispering Shard (Lullaby)
  • Windflute Terrace
    • North - Place Air Core in stone sphere
    • Northeast - Singing Stone (Windsweep)

Map available for purchase in Initium once you've visited the Roaring Valley.
  • Coastal Hot Springs
  • Shoreline Trail
    • Southeast - Singing Shard (Enkindle)
    • Northeast - Exit to Seaside Ruins
8.) Seaside Ruins

The only way to unlock this area is to inspect the northern-most point of Scenic Ridge in Roaring Valley. Check the cliffs along the beach to find Whispering Shards for Purify and Healing Hands. Inspect the cairn in the north once you've placed all three elemental cores in the aforementioned ruins to unlock maps for two new areas in Initium.

  • Southeast - Exit to Tabletop Mountains - Southern Mesa
  • Northeast - Exit to Tabletop Mountains - Western Mesa
  • North - Exit to Ship Graveyard
  • Northwest - Whispering Shard (Bluster)
11.) Tabletop Mountains

The Tabletop Mountains consist of four unconnected maps, all accessible from the world map. They're all optional destinations, though the level boosts you gain from checking them all makes the next section of the game a bit more tolerable.
12.) Ship Graveyard

Although it is eventually a mandatory stop, the Ship Graveyard doesn't need to be completed quite yet. You may want to stop in regardless, as you should be in decent shape for defeating the enemies that live here.
13.) Bogsaur Marsh

The only way to reach Bogsaur Marsh is to buy the map from Initium's vendor. The map won't appear in his inventory until you've visited Great Crag.
14.) Bottomless Pit

This area is optional, and has the most difficult enemies in the game. There are two ways to unlock Shifting Sands:
  • Speak to NPCs in completed maps, after selling the maps in Initium
  • Visit Seaside Ruins and check to the west of the entrance
You don't have to visit Shifting Sands to complete The Legend of Legacy, though doing so will thoroughly prep you for the final boss. (If you find the enemies here too difficult you may want to move on to the Summit of the Gods.)
  • In the Desert...
    • Whispering Shard (Phoenix's Grace)
    • Whispering Shard (Berserker Rage)
  • Desert Hollow
    • Secret Oasis - Whispering Shard (Renew)
    • Lonely Grotto - Whispering Shard (Sunlight Veil)
    • Cave Mouth - Whispering Shard (Elven Shot)
    • Sandstone Chamber - Whispering Shard (Windsweep)
16.) Summit of the Gods

In order to unlock this area you need to acquire the Shadow Stone from Bottomless Pit. Take it to the Ship Graveyard and use the exit where you fought Bonesnapper, in the north of Sea of Spires. At any point on the Summit of the Gods you can fight the Black Dragon, a boss that moves around, though at no point is fighting the Black Dragon mandatory. 

Amelius and the Star Graal / the transformed Star Graal are the final bosses of The Legend of Legacy. If you can defeat these back-to-back enemies you'll win the game, and can move on to a New Game Plus.
  • First Stage
  • Third Stage
    • South - Fight Air Golem (drops Air Core)
  • Fifth Stage
    • West - Fight Fire Golem (drops Fire Core)
    • West - Whispering Shard (Bladestorm)
  • Seventh Stage
    • Northeast - Whispering Shard
  • Ninth Stage
    • Northwest - Fight Water Golem (drops Water Core)
    • Northeast - Whispering Shard (Prismatic Spray)
  • First Stage
    • Center - Place Water, Air, and Fire Cores into stone orbs to create an exit to City of the Unseen
  • City of the Unseen
    • Fight Cherubim
    • Fight Amelius and the Star Graal
    • Fight the Star Graal

Main Walkthrough