This is one of the trickier maps to reach - and appropriately so, since it’s also one of the last. Summit of the Gods can only appear after you’ve collected the Shadow Stone from Bottomless Pit. Once you have it, proceed to the Ship Graveyard and wander through the area until you reach the portal where you faced Bonesnapper previously. Walk through with the Stone in your inventory and you’ll unlock Spiritfall, a tiny map that leads to Summit of the Gods.

(Oh, and after you unlock it, visit the King of Adventurers. He’ll give you 1,000 St. Nice.)

Summit of the Gods - First Stage

- You’re closing in on the end. There enemies hereabouts are almost as strong as what you’ll face in Shifting Sands, but without the highest tier available. Still, stay on your guard. You’ll face a few new foes here:
  • Armored Stalkers. Holy crap. Not only do these dudes attack twice in a turn, they has several AOE moves that will decimate your party, especially if they appear in groups. Your strongest attacks are, as ever, recommended, but luck will play a major role in keeping you safe. If you're near the entrance, I... say you might want to consider running, to be honest...
  • Runefox Fanatics. Another Death’s Reaper level, strong as ever, and capable of using charms. Challenging - but not an insta-death encounter. They’re mainly annoying because they like to throw up Fire Shield for their team.
- The first area of Summit of the Gods has open areas to the left and the right, with a pedestal straight ahead. The pedestal is no use right now, but I recommend exploring it when you first arrive, because once you leave this area it’ll be occupied by a deadly Black Dragon. Ouch. More on the Dragon below.

- To the east you’ll find an ancient device that will freeze the water to the north. This will create a pathway to a cave exit leading to Third Stage. To the west is another exit, this a simpler cave that also leads to Third Stage. 

- (No, you can’t complete this map yet. You’ll find a way to do so later. Forget about it for now.)

Black Dragon

Another one of these? Yep, another one. Black Dragon is virtually identical to Green Dragon from Bogsaur Marsh, except for one major difference: rather than using Poison Breath, Black Dragon has Acid Breath. It doesn’t poison you, but it does lower your defences. This is worse than it might sound, because each subsequent Acid Breath is going to do more and more damage until you repair the defence drops. Renew and Rejuvenate will help in this regard, and I recommend allocating repair duty to one of your characters, only allowing them to attack when you’ve brought everyone back up to spec. 

That aside, Black Dragon is just as hard as Green Dragon, and your tactics will more or less be the same: steal the elements, put up Shields (Water Shield is probably your best choice), and hack away at it whenever you’re not healing. It’s imperative you not let it keep water elements to itself for any length of time, as Black Dragon will heal 999 HP per turn. Make no mistake, the battle is going to take quite a while… but it can be won. Given how often the Black Dragon attacks physically, any moves that counter will make your job a lot easier.

(Though I haven’t won yet. Fortunately, this doesn’t appear to be a compulsory fight. Give me time. I apparently didn’t raise a great team for fighting these stupid Dragons…)

Summit of the Gods - Third Stage

- More cave. There are some other, newer enemies up here you’ll wind up fighting:
  • Oblivion Souls. These little bastards don’t hit hard, but they like to debuff and poison your team. Quite a pain. Take them out with AOE attacks if you can.
  • Twilight Lynxes. You’ve fought their like before, and they haven’t changed a whole lot. Watch out for fire charms.
- If you went through the eastern exit of First Stage to reach this floor you’ll find some potential Sparkles to the south, as well as an ancient device of fire. In the far south is an exit to Fifth Stage. (Weird numbering is weird.)

- If you went through the western exit from First Stafe you’ll find a plain, southbound path that leads to a platform where a familiar boss awaits: the Air Golem. It’s, ah, just as strong as it was before, which is to say that it is now rather pathetic. Steal the elements and pummel it. More health to dig through, but… easy. You’ll get an Air Core for beating the Air Golem.

- Go back downstairs. Assuming you got the Air Core, the Black Dragon will be gone. (If it’s not, and you don’t want to fight it, leave the area and come back.) Use the Air Core on the green sphere on the pedestal.

Summit of the Gods - Fifth Stage

- There's one new potential enemy you may fight up here:

  • Ghastly Stalkers. Hey, look, upgraded versions of Armored Stalkers! That... that couldn't possibly be bad. Not only do they have normal Armored Stalker moves, they're also likely to smack your physical attacks away, so stick to magic or a bow. They're pretty rare, so don't fret over Ghastly Stalkers too much.

- If you haven’t beaten the Black Dragon you’ll find it up here after gaining the Air Core. Beside it is an ancient device of air, and just north of it is a possible Sparkle

- The path splits here. If you head north and follow the pathway west you’ll find several possible Sparkles, as well as an ancient device of water. Activating it will create an icy pathway to the south. You need this to progress, so go this way first. North of here you’ll find an exit to Seventh Stage.

- Head west from the previous split and, across the ice, you’ll find a small stage. On the stage is a singing stone that passes you the Whispering Shard of Bladestorm. I think. There’s also another Fire Golem! It’s as weak as the Air Golem you just fought, and will drop a Fire Core. This, too, gets placed in First Stage’s pedestal. (Make sure you do this, or the Black Dragon will be blocking the path through the next area.)

Summit of the Gods - Seventh Stage

- You start in the northwest. There’s a possible Sparkle down the dead end to your right, and another against a pedestal to the southeast. Follow the southern path through here to find an exit in the southeast. This leads to Ninth Stage.

- There’s another section to this area which leads to an ancient device of air, as well as a singing statue that will pass on a Whispering Shard that contains… some… charm. Hell, I can’t even tell. Does anybody know? Let me know in the comments. At any rate, you won’t be able to reach this ’til you finish up with the pedestal in First Stage, ‘cause the Black Dragon is too busy blocking your way.

Summit of the Gods - Ninth Stage

- You’ll pop out in the southeast of the area. Head north to find an ancient device of water, then head west along the southern edge of the map. In the east you’ll find the last pedestal, including the Water Golem. Slag it for the Water Core. There’s also an ancient device of air here, and activating it will turn on a teleporter that will take you back to First Stage. (And the one little area that you couldn’t reach earlier. Activate the ancient device of fire here to return to the pedestal.)

- Don’t leave here just yet. To the east of the platform you’ll find an ancient device of fire at a dead end. Activate it to remove a cluster of rubble in the northeast. (If this path is blocked by the Black Dragon, you can get rid of it by using the Water Core on the pedestal.) Beyond you’ll find a singing stone, one that will give you a Whispering Shard for Prismatic Spray.

- All done? Return to First Stage. Using the Water Core on the pedestal will trigger a cut scene, and when it’s done you’ll be in the last area of the game: City of the Unseen.