There are two ways to reach Bottomless Pit. The first is to purchase a map in Initium. It will appear on the list once you enter Great Crag for the first time, selling for a whopping 7,000 St. The wiser way to get here is to head north through Bogsaur Marsh; you’ll find the exit to Bottomless Pit on Land’s Navel, the final map. (You still have to pay for Bogsaur Marsh, mind, but it’s cheaper.)

Though you can access Bottomless Pit relatively early, I don’t recommend doing so until you can defeat enemies that appear in foggy areas (Claw of the Shadow or Hex of the Shadow, in other words) relatively easily. Everyone should be capable of healing, as well as restoring status ailments. This is a long, difficult area, and you need all the help you can get.

Bottomless Pit - B1

- Bottomless Pit is a nasty place. The first thing to note is the introduction of a new trap in the form of spikes that jut out of holes in the floor. Give the spikes a chance to peek out before crossing, just in case. You’ll also run into the following new enemies:
  • Wandering Souls. These little creeps like charms, particularly fire charms like Firebolt. They’re not too dangerous, but the way they steal fire elementals for the baddies can be troublesome.
  • Frozen Souls. Despite their names, they seem more or less identical to Wandering Souls in using fire charms. Shrug?
It’s also worth noting that Bonesnapper, a previous boss, appears here as a normal enemy. Not much you can do besides fight, but… still.

- You’ll start in the northwest. Head south to start; you’ll find another eastbound path and a chamber in the south with a potential Sparkle and Chest combo. The second eastbound path is a dead end, so head back to the first and take a right.

- In the middle of the map is a clearing, and you can find possible Sparkles on both sides of the room. In the southwest corner is an ancient device of fire that will drive enemies away from the area.

- In the northeast corner of the area the path continues, splitting to the east and the north. To the north (ignore the left path, it’s a dead end) you’ll find a path to B3. Go east instead and the path goes south; to the far south is an air elemental ancient device, and down the first right is another exit to B2. Activating the air elemental ancient device also creates a moving platform back at the clearing with the torches; crossing it will take you to a potential Chest and a singing stone. The Whispering Shard you receive contains the Hypnosis charm.

A map to Bottomless Pit - B2 in The Legend of Legacy.

Bottomless Pit - B2

- You pop out in the east. As you travel through here you’ll see glowing green spots on the ground; avoid these at all costs, as they’ll drag you to a dead end near the beginning of the map. You may run into a new enemy down here:
  • Death’s Assassin. A slightly-stronger Death’s Reaper clone. Basically the same. (That name is silly. Kill death? Can you do that?)

- Take a left when you head north from the entrance, then head south around the next corner. Follow the path as it weaves south and back north, winding to the west. You’ll find three potential Sparkles when you’re forced back north ‘round the midpoint of the map. Take a left in the south. (Going all the way south leads to a dead end.)

- The path splits to north and south in the west. To the south is a dead end; to the north you can find an ancient device of water. There’s an exit to Lower Stratum on your left in the north, as well.

A map for Bottomless Pit - B3 in The Legend of Legacy.

Bottomless Pit - B3

- Despite the numbering, you’ll probably come here before B2. Shrug?

- You start off in the northeast. To the southwest you’ll find a small clearing with a possible Sparkle to your left. This clearing splits off in several directions; you can, at least, ignore the two paths leading east, as they’re both dead ends.

- Go south from the clearing. The path splits as you’re forced west. If you go all the way west you can find a small chamber with a potential Chest and Sparkle. Go north through this southern passage and you’ll find a wider chamber at the end, within which is a singing stone. The Whispering Shard it gives you contains the Winter’s Embrace charm.

- Head to the west. You’ll find another open chamber, this with an ancient device of air. The passage in the northwest of this chamber leads to another, smaller chamber where you’ll find a potential Sparkle, as well as a Yellow Platform. This Platform is of special interest, though, as it can trigger a semi-boss battle.

Hex of the Shadow

This dude can be encountered in maps that have been enshrouded by darkness, but unlike those battles, you can’t run away here. The Hex of the Shadow isn’t too strong - at this point it’s more of an advanced enemy - but its ability to poison your character can nevertheless be a pain. Steal elements and set up a Shield to maximize your survival capacity, then smack it down with your strongest attacks. So long as you can Purify away the effects of Miasma Touch you should be fine. The ability to stun can make this a really one-sided fight, if you have the appropriate Skill. (Hamstring for a bow jumps to mind.)

You’ll receive the Shadow Core for besting Hex of the Shadow. You’ll need this item, so make sure you snag the Core before proceeding too far into Bottomless Pit.